Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.


7. My ex

We pulled up to our driveway, everyone piled out of the car. I grabbed my backpack hopping out of the car. Ethan had unlocked the door holding it open for us well let's be honest for Jenna. I locked the door and threw my backpack by the door too lazy to carry it up the stairs. I walked Jenna walked up the stairs trailing right behind me. We walked into the roomJenna threw her bag on the floor and plopped on to my bed. " What are we going to do bestie?" Jenna asked sighing at the end. " Wanna watch criminal minds ?" I asked smirking knowing she would say yes. We ran downstairs eagerly searching for the remote. I found it and turned on criminal minds while sitting down on the couch next to Jenna watching the opening credits. " I am going to the bathroom pause please?" Jenna asked. I nodded and paused the tv. The doorbell rang. " Probably Ethan's stupid friends." I mumbled while walking towards the door. I opened the door and saw Ashton and some boy with red hair, and pretty green eyes. I blushed and smiled at Ashton. " Hey umm the other boys are on there way is Ethan around." Ashton asked smiling showing off his dimples. I blushed again damn I must look like a tomato right now. " Umm yeah he's upstairs come in ." I opened the door wider allowing the two boys in. "Ethan you're friends are here." I yelled embarrassed. Heavy footsteps could be heard above our heads , fading away as Ethan came into view. " Sup guys where are the rest of the guys?" Ethan asked. " Luke and Calum are on there way." The boy with the red hair spoke. " Let's go play Fifa." Ethan said. The boys all went upstairs laughing at something Ashton said. " Who was that?" Jenna asked making me jump. " Jesus lady don't sneak up on me like that ." " It was Ashton and some other guy." I shrugged and sat back on the big couch resuming the tv show. Jenna walked towards the kitchen . I paused the show and stood up once again following her into the kitchen. " What are you doing?" I asked giggling. " Looking for some damn food I haven't ate since lunch." Jenna replied tearing open the fridge door. " We have some chips in the pantry we can go get some food later." She smiled and nodded her head grabbing us both a bag of chips. We finally began the show. Just as Agent Morgan was going to catch the sick physco the doorbell rang once again. " I'll get it." Ethan yelled from upstairs. He came crashing down opening the front door. " Hey Luke, Calum." I looked down scared to face Calum. I felt like crying, I was so embarrassed. Meanwhile Jenna looked like she just saw a ghost. " What's wrong?" I asked. She leaned in to whisper in my ear.( hey lil mama let me whisper in ya ear lol I need a life) " It's him." She said turning paler by the second. " Who?" I asked so confused. " It's Luke." I turned to look at Luke. Luke was hella tall and had blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes, not to mention his lip ring. I still couldn't understand why it was such a big deal. Jenna probably read my mind and said, " Luke's my ex boyfriend." I covered my mouth in pure shock. I turned around a realized that the boys already went upstairs. "Tell me everything!" I demanded.

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