Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.


21. Ebola

I woke up to my brothers stupid music blaring. I groaned and got out of bed and walked to my bathroom. I turned on my shower and quickly bathed. My mom left flew back to work and I had to return to school

When I got out the music had gotten louder and I heard cabinets being slammed in the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and went to my room to decide on what to wear. I was feeling a little lazy and just put on some dark denim shorts and a royal blue t- shirt with matching converse. I didn't bother styling my hair I just threw it up in a bun. I would deal with it tomorrow. I grabbed my phone and backpack and headed downstairs.

Ethan was sitting at the table stuffing his face with powdered donuts from Quick Trip. " Good morning ready to go?" He asked powder spilling out of his mouth. I was already a little grumpy and him being a nasty pig wasn't helping at all. " Let's go I don't wanna be late." He wiped his hands on the table and grabbed his keys. We got in his truck and drove to the prison also know as school. As soon as Ethan parked I hopped out the car and walked towards the front doors.

Once I got to my locker and started getting my things for Math I heard people whispering and I caught my name slipping from their mouths a few times. I am not really surprised the rumors could vary from me being pregnant, to me having Ebola. I just slammed my locker and walked to math.

Hey guys can a girl get some likes ❤️ lol jk hope you guys enjoy I am going on a road trip so I'll try to update a lot before I leave


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