Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.


10. dumb bitch run

All through out the movie I felt a pair of eyes watching me. Maybe it was just the scary movie making me paranoid, but it was extremely uncomfortable. Jenna was wrapped in Ethan's arms. They looked cute, it made me wanna gag. The boy with red hair, I found out his name was Michael was in the recliner a blanket pulled up to his chin as he jumped at the suspenseful music. Ashton was laying next to me on the couch. " Are you okay?" He whispered. I turned to face him. I couldn't see him clearly in the dark, but I am pretty sure his adorable dimples were poking out his cheeks. " Yeah I am just a little scared." I answered as I jumped at the scary ass witch thing jumped out of no where. " Come here." He chuckled as he opened his arms up. I shyly scooted into his arms tense from the awkwardness. After a while I relaxed and melted in to his touch. He smelt like mint. The last thing I remember is Michael yelling out, " Dumb bitch run!"

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