Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.


11. double date

I woken up to laughter and the clanking of spoons against bowls. I sat up and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. I could see the boys sitting around the bar table eating cereal. I laid back down hopping they didn't notice I woke up. " Good morning Jade." Jenna chirped opening the windows in the movie room making me hiss. The boys laughed and I blushed forgetting they were there. " Are you hungry we got some cereal?" Ethan asked. I shook my head no and rolled of the couch and walking to the kitchen. " How was the movie?" Michel asked smiling. " Oh yeah I forgot you were too busy sitting in Ashton's lap." Everyone began laughing except for Calum he stood there with no expression on his face. I could have sworn he rolled his eyes, but maybe I am still tired and seeing things. I was gonna comment on how Jenna was doing the same with Ethan, but I was feeling generous today. " I was thinking that we should go swimming in the backyard." Ethan suggested smiling. The boys all agreed, but I was not all to excited on wearing s bikini in front of all the boys. " Umm okay let's go change." I informed the boys. Me and Jenna walked to my room as soon as we got in I shut the door making sure it was locked. " Guess what!" We both sang in unison. " You first!" I offered. Jenna smiled snd began, " Last night me and Ethan were sitting in the couch when he asked me out on a date!" " No way Ashton asked me out on date too we should double date!" We both began jumping up and down like we just had a whole bag of skittles.

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