Drifting apart

People change its just human nature as you get older you change and so do your friends. I was too naïve to think that he would drift apart and meet new people. I never forgot him. He was always in the back of my mind.


13. chicken fight

I walked out, everyone was out in the pool. " There you are!" Luke yelling smiling seeing me. I laughed as he came running towards me. He picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder. " Luke don't do it." I giggled knowing he was gonna throw me in the pool. " Give me a good reason I shouldn't throw you in this pool?" He asked laughing. I tried wiggling out of his grip, but it didn't work. The next thing I feel is the cold water all around me, and a body pulling me up. I took a gasp of air and opened my eyes to see Luke and his flat hair. " Luke don't jump in the pool with her it's dangerous." Jenna snapped. Luke just rolled his eyes and set me down on the icy water. " Let's have a chicken fight!" Ethan yelled everyone jumped to pick a partner. " I'll take pictures." Michael said getting out the water and grabbing his phone. " Jenna be on my team." Ethan yelled to Jenna. She swam over to Ethan about to get in his shoulders. " Hey." I felt a deep voice whisper in my ear and hands grabbing my waist. I already knew it was Ashton. " On my team?" And I nodded blushing. He was about to place me on his shoulders when I stopped him. " Ash I am too heavy." He just gave me a funny look and began laughing. " What are you 105 pounds, come on." He hoisted me up in my shoulders and I screamed as he balanced my by grabbing my knees. Just as we we were about to fight Luke whined, " Hey me and Calum wanna play." " Okay hope on his shoulders I guess there's gonna be three teams." Ethan stated. Calum hopped on Luke's shoulders and balanced himself. " On your mark get set go." I don't know who counted off but I felt Ashton move and I help on to his shoulders. Ethan and Jenna came towards us and I reached out my arms to push Jenna off, but she was strong. I giggled at how serious the boys holding were. " Jade push her off dig deep in to your elbows." Ashton grunted. Me and Jenna started laughing and that's when I pushed her off and she fell into the pool. " Yes good job baby!" Ashton praised. I blushed at the name as we charged towards Calum. This is going to be very awkward. Calum wasn't smiling at all, but his arms out ready to attack. He began pushing and I was loosing balance. Ashton step back from them to let me catch myself, but Luke followed and Calum. It happened so fast. The last thing I heard was. Michael yell, " SHIT." Before my face came in to contact with the concrete on the edge of the pool.

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