Welcome Distraction

[ haikyuu!! fanfiction for the competition ] ☀ It's supposed to be a "sleepover", but all Kenma wants to do is level up on his new downloaded game. It takes everything Hinata's got to provide a distraction.


1. ☀ One






“Sleepover” didn’t seem quite the right word to use, Hinata thought. ‘Chilling’ was too casual – too cheesy. ‘Informal social affair’, as his mother had suggested, wasn’t quite along the right lines either.
Hinata’s fingers hovered over the keypad uncomfortably. Texting Kenma was proving to be far more difficult than he’d first imagined. It was all coming out wrong. It all sounded stupid, somehow. The boy scratched his head absently, letting his fingers slide through his sunshine hair easily.
Get-together? Did that sound okay? Damnit. No. What about ‘let’s kick it’? Hinata ran his thumb over his chin thoughtfully, and then brushed away the thought. No, no, no, no.
Hang out? “Hey, Kenma, want to hang out?” “Want to hang out Kenma?” “Hey, want to hang out Kenma with me?” “Do you want to hang out with me Kenma?” Hinata deleted all the texts, and then started afresh.

Hinata  >> Hey its Hinata. Do you want to hang out this evening?

Hinata sent the text quickly, and then read it through repeatedly. Wait- wait- He missed out the apostrophe in ‘it’s’ – would Kenma think he was too uneducated to spell properly? And maybe he shouldn’t have said it was from Hinata, because obviously it was from him if it was coming from his number.

Hinata  >> *it’s
Hinata  >> I just put my name on just in case you thought someone else was texting you
Hinata  >> but it doesn’t matter
Hinata  >> ignore all of these texts apart from the first one
Hinata  >> and the second one

Hinata blanched. Now he’d sent a whole stream of embarrassingly lonely texts on his side of the phone, whilst Kenma hadn’t replied at all (which he absolutely should’ve done, even though Hinata sent all six texts in a matter of minutes). He dropped his phone on the bed beside him, and fell backwards onto his pillow. Ah! Sending texts to people he didn’t know really well was so difficult. Every letter, every capital, every missed out apostrophe, every emoticon (or lack of emoticons) was judged by the reader, and Kenma was a very judgmental person.
The boy puffed his cheeks out and made some funny noises to amuse himself. It was so boring waiting for someone to text you back, and Kenma seemed like the person who’d get your texts right away and then not message you until the next morning when it was too late. Or maybe that boyfriend who never even got the texts because his phone was out of power and left inside his locker (or perhaps, in Kenma’s case, the boyfriend too busy playing games to notice a message even if he hears the beep).
Hinata rolled over lazily, and tapped his fingers on the bed post. He seemed to have so little energy recently – maybe the lack of volleyball over the past few weeks was already getting to him. He wanted to get up and find someone to toss for him, but Kageyama was away on some stupid holiday because somehow he thought it was okay to leave Hinata alone without a setter for three weeks. Did Kageyama actually think he was allowed a life outside of tossing for Hinata? Selfish.
Hinata practically jumped right out of his skin, orange hair standing right on end. Beep meant text, text meant Kenma was actually answering his phone. He fumbled around the duvet and grappled by the edge of the bed until his fingers closed around the cool metal. After getting his lock code wrong six times in a row, Hinata opened up his messages.

2016 Offers >> get a free top up after you use your phone-

Hinata dropped his phone, mouth set so tightly it looked like less of a mouth and more of a straight line. If it wasn’t for the fact he wanted to get Kenma’s text so bad, he might smash his phone up here and now. That would serve automated messaging services right, wouldn’t it? Ha! Wait- maybe not. Hinata would have to pay for a new phone, and his pocket money stash was already running low as it was, seeing as how many times he had popped into the corner shop after volleyball practise.
Hinata looked at his phone suspiciously. Maybe it was an automated texting service, or maybe it was Kenma agreeing to “hang out” this evening. Or maybe it was his Mum telling Hinata not to forget dinner was in the oven, or maybe it was even his little sister messing about on his Mum’s phone.
Hinata picked up the phone, and scrolled gingerly through his unopened messages.

Kenma  >>sure

Hinata blinked. “Sure”. That was all he was getting? After he spent twenty minutes thinking up the text to send to his friend? “Sure”? Hinata sighed heavily: it probably took Kenma a matter of seconds to send that. No capital letters, no punctuation, not even more than one syllable.
So, did this mean Kenma would just come round whenever? Or maybe Kenma expected Hinata to give him a time? Or maybe Kenma didn’t actually read Hinata’s text and just replied to shut him up?

Hinata  >> so wot time
Kenma  >> *what

Hinata almost smacked his head against the bedpost with frustration. Baka! Kenma had the audacity to send “sure”, and then correct him on his text talk five seconds later?

Kenma  >>7
Hinata  >>great
Hinata  >>I mean, okay
Hinata  >>it’s good u can come over, but I’m not that bothered really
Hinata  >>tbh I’m not bothered either way
Hinata  >>u can come over whenever
Hinata  >>just text me. You know my number
Kenma  >>stop texting me baka
Hinata  >>whatever

Hinata’s fingers hovered over his keypad, his tongue sticking out with concentration as he waited for Kenma’s next reply. A couple of seconds passed.

Hinata  >> kenma?

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