The Civil War of Annesia

The kingdom, once a beautiful and prosperous land, has fallen. Thousands of years of unrelenting war has shattered it into three new lands, and their history is all but forgotten. The now ruined capitol of the kingdom of old has been found, and myth claims that it holds a gemstone so powerful, one kingdom could destroy the others, and rise up to become the most powerful in existence.


9. Learning from Friends and Enemies

    Saeflod had decided that it would be counter-productive to go all the way back home. Instead, he went to the Agrolininian division, with Brocke. He was staying in her home, until it was time to begin their mission. He had slept overnight in her bed, after being warned not to wake her, unless he wanted to incur her wrath.
    While he conducted what little research he could on earth magic, and he experimented with his stolen pendant, Brockelle trained him in the complexities of how her division worked, and taught him about infiltration techniques.
    "There are two main kinds of stealth: concealment and deception. Concealing yourself is short-term and much easier. Deception is long-term and more effective. To get into the city, you're going to need both of them. You already seem to be pretty good at concealment, but I need to teach you to deceive your enemies. You need to become a different person, in a way, in order to blend in. They must never know your true identity." Had been the first thing she told him.
    Along with her teachings of the secrets of coversion, he had to learn how to use earth magic, which was beyond difficult, considering the pittance of material concerning the subject in the base. Regardless, he was learning, and could just manage to manipulate and sense plants. He had ended up using up so much of the energy in the pendant, he had had to ask Brocke to steal an Hierdelician mage's wand and back up emerald, which she did gladly.
    He and Brocke were planning out how they were going to conduct their infiltration. Going into the city with a partner seemed too risky. Rather than risk drawing unnecessary attention to themselves, she would accompany him only until they were near the wall, where she would then assist him with entering it from a safe distance. Then, she was going to return to headquarters, and monitor all of the surveillance equipment that had been safely placed within the border, while communicating with him via sapphires implanted in his ear and tooth, which sent and received transmissions to and from him. Maintaining such connection was difficult, but Saeflod planned to hide other reserve crystals to be retrieved after passing throughe the gate, along with a wand, a dagger, and other assorted weapons and items in a cache he would somehow get inside.

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