The Civil War of Annesia

The kingdom, once a beautiful and prosperous land, has fallen. Thousands of years of unrelenting war has shattered it into three new lands, and their history is all but forgotten. The now ruined capitol of the kingdom of old has been found, and myth claims that it holds a gemstone so powerful, one kingdom could destroy the others, and rise up to become the most powerful in existence.


7. A Friend in an Unlikely Place

    Saeflod's break was over, and he had resumed walking toward Hierdelician land. In the distance, the sound of monkeys, birds, and bugs was heard. A brook gurgled far off. I'm almost to the jungle. Now he was on high alert. The Hierdelicians took security very seriously.
    Darting into the undergrowth, he listened intently, searching for the sound of footsteps. Nothing.
    Using a spell he had been taught in magical stealth training, he searched for all of the water in the area around him. A rough mental map started to form in his head. Things that had very low amounts of water, like the air itself, were mostly disregarded. He felt the veins of all of the trees, the bigger animals and plants, and the water under the earth. Still no people.
    He crept from his hiding place, hurrying further into the jungle, where he then hid in a bush. Again, he listened. Again, he reach out with his mind. Where are all the patrols? Wait, what is that? There was an oddly shaped object somewhere in a nearby tree. He directed his attention to the shape.
    A sentry! He used the map he had created to come up with a general route to follow over to the person. Always making sure to keep himself concealed within underbrush and behind trees, he snuck up on them. When he had come to within twenty feet of the tree, he again looked for the watch. They were almost impossible to see, having camouflaged themselves expertly to the leaves and bark that hid them.
    It was strange that they were using camouflage, which was rarely done by anyone but the Syrenesians. That's odd. He put one of the small sapphires from his bag into the slot in his dagger, casting a recon spell on it. He then drew his wand, and levitated the knife. Making sure to avoid moving it into the other person's field of view, he made it fly over to the tree, and forced it deep into the bark near the sentry.
    He tuned in to the sound feed of the bug, and listened to the soldier. He heard her, as the voice was one of a young woman, whispering something that seemed like complete jibberish. He strained his ears, until he could hear nearly every word. Is that? It can't be! It sounded like the coded language that the operatives of his own kingdom used to communicate in enemy territory.
    Of course! She must be an agent of our Hierdelician division! I wonder if she could help me out? He used his own pendant to call his own home base.
    "Come in red division, come in red division," he called, just above a whisper.
    "This is red division. Red 7b9-az, what do you have to report?" came the response.
    "Patch me to green division." The line went silent, before coming to life again.
    "This is green division. Red 7b9-az, what do you need?"
    He tried to recall the designation the woman had been using. "I need to speak with green 2p7-qt."
    "Green 2p7-qt is currently on a mission."
    "Code yellow."
    "Understood." Again, there was no sound, which was replaced by a slightly irritated woman's voice.
    "Who is this?"
    "An agent from the Thaelbracunan division who's very near your location, and could use a bit of assistance."
    "What is it?"
    "Too complicated to discuss over comms."
    "Fine. Come up to the tree I'm in."
    He hurriedly darted to the tree, which he clumsily ascended, until he was on a branch near the agent. She turned to face him, and looked at him as if she had seen a ghost.
    "What are you doing in enemy territory without camouflage?"
    "My division is much less skilled with that."
    She pulled out a container of face paint, which she used to smear a thick layer of brown, black, and green on his face.
    "What the heck?" he whisper-shouted at her.
    "Just because you're suicidal doesn't mean I'm going to let you get me spotted."
    "Fine. How are you so good at that, anyways?"
    "I'm not. It's a requirement before I come into Hierdelicia."
    "Oh. So, I'm trying to find an emerald amulet to take from an Hierdelician."
    "Um, why?"
    "Trust me, I need it."
    "You can wait here with me until a patrol comes by. I'm stuck here anyways."
    "What are you going to do about those clothes?" She gestured to his black and gray outfit, that was much more suited to the scorched rock of Baelbruca than the browns and greens of the surroundings.
     "I dunno. I won't be here for much longer, so it should be fine."
     She had finished painting his face, and was now putting her camouflage paint away. He recalled the dagger, and looked for it. It was above his head, closer to the woman. He took out his wand, and levitated the dagger back into his hand. Removing the stone from it, he put it into its sheath.
    "How did that get there?"
    "I was trying to figure out if you were an enemy, so I bugged my dagger, and used my magic to stick it up here."
    "Gotcha. By the way, what's your name?"
    "I'm Brock."
    "Nice to meet you."
    "You too."

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