Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


8. chapter 7

hey guys so here's another one for you XX

-4 Weeks later-
Alec is walking me home from school today, he is trying to make me stop crying
"Come on Maddy, please tell me wants wrong so i can make it better" He said and i just keep shaking my head
"You w-wouldn't u-understand" I stutter
"Madison Clifford! Who did this to you?" He asks and I just shake my head. We walk up to my door
"Come here" He said and I hug him, crying into his chest. The door opens
"What happened? What did you do!?" It was Michael
"I don't know sir, She just ran out the school crying" He tells her
"Baby girl, tell me what is wrong" Michael said. I look at Alec, and then at Michael
"I just want to be alone" I say and run up to my room. I close the door and lay on my bed. You might be wondering what's wrong, let’s go back to 1 hour
-One hour ago-
I was walking to my last class and these girls came up to me. Like 4 of them. I know the girl in the front’s name, its Alice, the most popular girl in school! Her and her older sister that's in 12th.
"So I found out you were adopted" She said
"Yeah, and?" I ask
"Found out your mom and step dad abused you when you were little" She adds
"H-how do you know?" I ask
"I have my ways" She said and I roll my eyes
"I also found out you were adopted 8 times but always brought back, I would ask why but I already now, nobody wants you, the people that adopted you know must of just felt back for a ugly little girl like you. Nobody and I mean NOBODY loves you!" She pushes me to the ground
"Stay away from Alec! He's mine, he's not into girls like you" She kicks me and I hold my stomach which was the worst idea because the foundation came off
"Oh! Look at this, she cuts herself!" She and her friends laugh
"Go cut yourself! Go kill yourself! Nobody wants you! Nobody will care! Not Mason, Alec, Emma, Chloe, Ella, Aiden, Vic, Tony, Ryan and Jack. Nobody!" She yells before kicking me again, laughing as she walks away. I get up and run out
"Madison!" Alec yells coming after me
Yeah, that's happened. Maybe Alice has a point. Maybe they won’t care. I get up from my bed and walk to the bathroom; I grab my small knife and start cutting my wrist. After like 10 cuts on each hand, I try and clean it up, it won’t stop bleeding! Shit did I cut to deep? It’s never hurt this much before!
"MICHAEL! MICHEAL! HELP!" I cry out in pain, I hear footsteps run up the stairs to my room
"Madison!" He yells
"It won’t stop! Make it stop!" I cry out as more blood comes out. Calum sits next to me and picks me up to sit on his lap. Luke, Ashton and Mitchell went to get the first aid and Michael gets a wet cloth and clean it up
"This never happened before, it’s never hurt this much. It should have stopped bleeding" I say
"This is not the first time?" Michael ask and I nod
"I feel sleepy" I say
"No! No! No! Maddy stay with me, Look at me. Maddy!" Calum said
"Wake me up when it’s all gone" I mutter
"Maddy! NO!" Is all I hear before I see black spots and everything goes black?
-Time Skip-
I wake up in someone else bed. I look around and see it is Michael's room. I see a sleeping Michael lying next to me, Luke and Ashton on the couch he has in here, Calum at the end of the bed and Mitchell on the floor. I look at my arms and see it all bandaged up.
"Michael" I said poking his cheek
"Morning baby girl" He said sitting up
"Don’t I have school today?" I ask
"We gave you this week off so you can get better" He said and I nod
"I’m hungry" I say
"I'll bring food" Michael said as he gets up, Calum wakes up
"Where you going?" He asks Michael
"Getting food for Maddy" He said and Calum nods
"Cal, can you cuddle with me?" I ask and he comes to lay with me
"My head hurts, so do my arms" I say
"‘it’s okay baby, the bleeding finally stopped after an hour after you blacked out" He said
"You scared me, all of us. We thought we lost you" His voice cracked
"Well I am a fighter" I says and he chuckles which woke up Luke
"Morning Maddy" He said coming to lay on the other side of me, now I am in the middle of Calum and Luke
"Morning Luke" I say, hugging him.
"You feeling okay?" He ask and nod/ the door opens
"Food!" Calum and Luke say and shot up from the bed
"No. it’s for Maddy, you can go down stairs to get your own" Michael said, handing me a plate of eggs and Bacon with a glass of water and pain killers
"Thanks" I say
"I smell food" I hear Ashton and Mitchell say
"Down stairs" Michael said and Cal, Ash, Luke and Mitchell went to get food.
"Are you going to eat?" I ask him
"I already ate when I woke up to make food" He said and I nod
"Madison, why?" He ask
"Because, nobody would have cared, nobody would have cared is I died. Nobody loves me" I say looking down
"Maddy, I care and love you, the guys love and care for you. Mitchell and Mason love and care for you. Ethan, Ella, Alec, Chloe and even Emma care and love you. Who told you we wouldn’t?" He ask
"Alice" I mutter
"That girl you, Ella, Emma, Chloe and the guys always complain about?" He ask and I nod
"I’m going to your school" He said
"No! No one knows you’re my dad!" I say
"Well they are now; it’s almost been a month! I’m finally going to tell the world about you, after I adopt-" He stops talking
"Adopt who?" I ask
"It was going to be a surprise but I guess you want to know now" He said
"Uh, yeah" I say
"I was going to adopt Mason, me and Ethan already have the transfer papers sighed and Mason was support to move in on Saturday" He said
"REALLY!?" I ask and he nods
"You don’t even know how happy I am!" I yell and he laughs
"That was the point, you've been sad lately" He said
"I think I am ready" I tell him
"For what?" He ask
"To tell you, Luke, Ashton and Calum my past, here goes nothing..."

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