Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


6. chapter 5

-1 week later-
I survived a week with these people! Well besides getting the 'talk' the night i came home when Alec walked me home. I already knew that stuff but hearing it makes me want to stab my ears. I'm still in bed dreaming about ice cream, ponies, food, Alec, Piz- Wait! Did i say Alec? Whatever. i feel a someone poke my cheek, i swat my hand, then i feel it poke me again. now i feel 3 fingers poking my face, the hell? i open my eyes and see Luke, Calum and Ashton
"WHAT!" I yell
"Nothing geez" Luke says
"Sorry, im just tired" i mutter and rub my eyes
"Where's Michael?" i ask
"He went to get food and Mitchell went with him" Ashton says and i nod
"So what do you guys want?" i ask
"Do you trust us?" Calum ask
"Why?" i ask
"Just answer" He say
"I guess i do, why do you ask?" i ask
"Do you trust us with your hair?" I grab my hair
"Why?" im starting to get scared
"Would you let us cut and dye it?" Luke ask
"NO!!!" I Yell
"Please! We do Mikey's" The 3 of them pout and give me a look a lost hungry puppy would give. Fight it! Fight it! Figh-
"Fine" i mutter
"What was that?" Luke ask and i smile
"Fine" I say louder and they cheer
"We have 1 hour before they get home" Ashton said
"Why an hour?" i ask
"We sent Michael to get breakfast at this place an hour away" Luke says and i nod
"Lets do this!" And they pick me up and sit me on a stool
-One hour later-
"You can always dye it back to your natural hair color when this color is faded" Luke tells me as i look in the mirror.
"This Is So Cool! I love it!" I yell and hug all 3 of them
"Now the clothes" They grab like 5 bags from 5 different store, they are really big bags and really full!
"Guys you didnt have to spend your money on me! im fine with the clothes i have" i whine
"We don't care! We are going to spoil you rotten! Me and Luke got you these stuff because we don't have any younger siblings to spoil, Ashton does so we kick him out of spoiling you!" Calum yells and throws the bags into my clothes
"Well then" I say and Luke hand me a little bag
"Your wearing these today, Go to your clothes and change" Luke says
"If i am not back in 10 minutes that means i went to Narnia!" I yell and they chuckle. i change then walk out
"She does look like a little Michael" Ash say to the boys
"Guy we got food!" We hear Michael and Mitchell yell. We walk down stairs but i stay behind them and they make a wall
"Where is Maddy?" Michael ask
"Right here" I say and the guys move out of the way and Michael and Mitchell's jaws drop
"Your hair! Your clothes!" Michael say
"Oh yeah, Maddy we might have burned some one your old clothes" Calum says to me
"Gee, thanks" i say
"I like it" Michael say
"You look like a little Michael" Mitchell said and i laugh
-Later that day-
"Hey Mitch. Im going over to Mason's, Want to come?" I ask him
"Yeah, let me grab my shoes" He say, getting out of bed
"And a shirt" I say, he is only in sweats
"Find me one?" He ask and i nod going to his closet. i find a white v-neck and throw it at him and he puts it on
"Lets go" He said and we walk down stairs
"We're going to Mason's" i say
"Be back beofre 5 for dinner" Michael says and we nod and walk to Mason's house. i knock and Ethan opens it
"Little M, Mitch. Come in" Ethan said stepping aside so we can walk in. i see Mason and Alec playing on the PS4
"Where's Ella?" I ask
"In here!" She yells from the kitchen and i walk in
"Hey" I say
"Hey Madison" She is cooking food
"Turn around" i say and she turns around and see my look
"Oh my god! i love your hair and your new look! What happened?" She ask
"Let me just say, i must really trust Ash, Cal and Luke to let them do this" i laugh and she smiles
"Is Mitchell here?" She ask and i nod. We walk back to the living room and Alec, Ethan and Mason finally see something different
"Your hair and clothes" Ethan says
"What about?" i ask
"It's different" Mason says
"I like it!" Alec smiles at me and i smile back
-Time skip-
Me and Mason are see who is the better twin. Ethan picked me, Ella picked Mason and Mitchell didnt want to be apart of this.
"Come on Alec! just pick" I tell him
"If i have to then i pick Madison" Alec said and i cheer
"Ha! im the better twin!" I yell in Mason's face
"Shut up" He says and tackles me on the ground
"Oh, you want to fight" I say flipping us over but then Mason flips us over again and now he is on top of me. He lays back and wraps this legs around on shoulders. so i wrap mine around his, he try's to get up. He does but i am still wrapped around him
"Get off" He say and i do. but i get on his back and wrap my legs around his wait and my arms around his neck
"Go horsey!" I yell and he run outside to the backyard and jumps into the pool with me still on him, we both rise up and laugh
-Time skip-
We get home and i am laying on the four of them. They are sitting on the couch. my legs on Calum, butt on Luke, stomach and chest on Ash and Head on Michael.
"You have school in 4 weeks" Michael said playing with my hair
"I know, but foe now let me be free" i say and yawn.
Then darkness takes over.
"Night baby girl, i love you"

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