Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


4. chapter 3

*Madison Pov*
After that incident this morning i went to take a shower then changed into clean clothes
As you can see this is Mitchell's sweatshirt and it goes under my knees. Yup that's how small i am, he is like 6'4 (So he's tall as Luke probably) and i am 5'4. ONE FOOT APART! I walk down stairs to see the guys talking
"Hey" i say and they all look up
"You better have shorts under that" Mitchell and Michael say together
"Maybe" i sat and the both give me a glare, i lift the sweatshirt up and show them shorts
"You need to stop wearing my clothes" Mitchell tells me shaking his head and i give him my innocent smile
"I'll be in my room" i say and walk up stairs and into my room, i lay on my bed remembering of Mason
This is when me and Mason were 7 and Mitchell was 11. Me and Mason were walking around the part of the orphanage we have never been to and we have been here for 3 years now.
"Mason i don't think this is a good idea" i tell him
"Why you think that?" He ask
"Other kids tell me this is were the big kids rooms are" He knows what i mean, i don't like older men. That's all i am saying.
"I'll protect you, im your brother." He hugs me
"I will NEVER leave you" He say
-End of flashback-
I have tears falling down my cheeks. i know i shouldn't do this!
'Do It!'
But i can't! its been 5 weeks.
'That's good enough! Just one!'
'Yes! Nobody will pay attention! No ever does to you, everyone leaves. Like Mason!'
If i do it will you leave me alone?
'Yes! When i tell you to stop.'
i walk to my bathroom and look for that box i have that's full of lady things, razors to shave and all under that a small knife
How many?
'5, each wrist!'
I do cut myself 5 times on each wrist
'Good! That's it for today.'
I sigh in relief. i clean up and pull Mitchel sweatshirt sleeves down and stay in my room the whole day
"Can i come in" Michael ask, knocking on the door
"Uh, yeah" i mutter but load enough for him to hear, he comes in
"What's up?" He ask sitting in front of me on my bed
"Nothing just thinking" i shrug
"About?" He ask
"Mason" Shit i shouldn't have said that!
"Who's Mason? Like a ex-boyfriend, cousin, best friend, brother?" When he said brother i got tense
"So it was a brother" he tells me
"Yeah, i guess i should tell you" i say looking up at him
"He was my twin brother, we did everything together. but when we were 9 he got adopted and i didnt want him to go but it looked like a nice couple and a once in a life time thing for him so he left and i have never been the same since then. not like i haven't been like this before he left" i whisper that last part
"Oh, im sorry" He hugs me
"Its ok" i tell him
"Me and the lads want to take you and Mitchell to the mall tomorrow since its already late, you up for that?" He ask
"Yeah" i yawn
"Get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning" He say
"Night" i start to cuddle with my bear
"Night" He closes the door as he walks out. i didnt even change into PJ's, i just toke my shorts off since this sweatshirt is like a night gown on me
-Next morning-
i woke up but didnt want to get up from bed and have to face Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael. i don't want to face Calum, Luke and Ashton because i didnt see them the whole day yesterday after me vomiting the food i ate and Michael because he knows little of my past and if they knew about my past i would be back in the orphanage. You might be wondering what if they knew about Mitchell past? They'll probably call the police. i finally get up and change
i walk down stairs and just see Luke and Michael
"Morning" They say
"Where's everyone else?" I ask
"Ashton, Since he always wakes up first we like tide him down so he can sleep loner since we had to do some song writing, Ashton stay up all night finishing a song so we didnt let him get up. Calum is Calum and doesn't get up till noon and Mitchell came home from the bar late so we let him sleep" Luke says
"But yesterday was Tuesday" I tell them
''He told us his boss need him to work tonight" Michael says and it hit me. He's selling drugs again!
"Be right back" i say and run up stairs to Mitchells room. i don't care what i might see but i walk right in then slam the door close
"You're selling again?" i ask
"No!" e says
"Mitch i know by now! i wasn't born yesterday! the only time you have to work on the days you don't is to deliver or sell drugs" i say
"Ok maybe i am but i am getting good money that we could use" He said and i roll my eyes
"Whatever but don't come to me when you get arrested" i say and walk out of his room back to the kitchen
"You can get the amount of food you can eat but please try to eat a little more" Michael says handing me a plate. This is why i didnt want to come out of my room. i serve the amount of food i know i can hold and finish it all
"You okay?" Luke ask
"Yeah" i mutter taking my plate to the sink and wash it.
"Morning" I hear Ashton's voice
"Who let you out?" Luke ask
"So he's awake?" I ask
"No he just hand to pee and i called for him" He answers
"Can you wake him?" Michael ask me and i nod going upstairs to Calum's room. i knock no answer, i knock again still no answer so i walk in and see him sleeping. i walk up to his bed and shake him
"Calum" i say and he groans moving under his pillow
"Caaaalllluuuummm!" This time i am laying next to him poking his face
"Cuddle" He says and wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him and goes back to sleep
"No cuddle!" I say
"Hey, Hey Madison" He said
"What?" I ask
"Hey" He starts poking my cheek
"Go away"
"I don't like you" i say
"I hate you"
"I love you"
"Stop" i giggle a little
"I love you"
"I don't like anything you do"
"I love you" He say and keeps poking my cheek
"You're in a gay band"
"I love you"
"You're band sucks"
"Cuddle?" He ask
"No" i giggle
"Well then i guess its time to get up" He finally lets me go and i can breath
"I'll be down stairs" i say and walk to the kitchen
"Is he up?" Ashton ask
"You don't even know" i mutter and Calum comes down
"So, food?"
-Time skip-
We just finished shopping get much because i don't want these guys spending a lot of money on me
"Maddy! We got you a present" Calum sang holding a bag in front of me. As you can see me and Calum got close but i can feel Michael is a little jealous since he adopted me and i guess that makes him my dad but i am not ready to call him dad
"Guys! i don't need a phone!" i whine to them taking the box out of the bag and open it to see a white IPhone 5c
"To bad" Calum said
"Oh my and Luke bought you cases" I look in the bag and laugh
Maddy Phone-
"We already put our numbers in" Michael said
"Wait! Give me your phone" i hand it to Mitchell. he does something
"Ok i put mine in and Ethan's" He tells me. He already bought a phone earlier and is none stop texting someone, must be Ethan. He is part of the gang Mitchells in. i met Ethan before. He's a nice guy and the time i met him for the first time i was scared of him but he told me about himself, that's he has a younger sister and brother but i never met them. i don't remember there names because the last time i saw Ethan was when i was 13 and Mitchell started teaching me to protect myself and Ethan moved away to Sydney. Wait! i might get to see him again! Probably not because i have these 4 to take care of me now and the whole Gang thing is really serious now. You might be wondering why i used to see Ethan a lot before. When Mitchell has important meeting between him and there boss and Mitchell didnt like to leave me alone when he has to go to these meeting so Ethan watched me.
"I need is number, why?" I ask
"You never know" He resounds and i shrug
"Mason! We got to go there going to call the cops!" Someone yells behind us. It couldn't be? i turn around and see a mature Mason and older Mason and a hot kid next to him buts that not the point!
"Mason?" I ask to myself but he must of heard me
"Madison?" He ask
"Maddy!" I run to him and hug him, he hugs me and spins me around like he did when we were younger. Yeah i was that small and he was that tall
"Mason we have to go!" The kid yells
"Meet me at the park on Hill Avenue" He said and runs

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