Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


32. chapter 28

*Mason Pov* -Same day-
After Maddy left with Nick on there date i ran to my room and got ready to go to Emma's, I've been there before but when her parents are not home. I put on blank skinny jeans, this makes me sound like a girl but Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton do it and there older then me, I put on a light but also kinda dark blue botton up shirt with the sleeve rolled up and fix my hair. I just did it the normal way i always do it but not messy. I have these clothes but like all the way in the back of my closet. I need to be at her house at 6 and its almost 6 so i beeter get going, better early then late. Ethan said they dont like him but let Chloe date him. But they didnt keep it a secret for 6/7 months. And they met Ethan before when they were friends and they never met me. Everyone met Emma's parents but me. Well of course not Michael, Cal, Ash and Luke. I think? I run down and Tell them im leaving
"If they call the cops dont call me" Mitchell said and i glare at him
"To early?" He ask
"I not even in my car yet!" I said
"MY car, your lucky im letting you borrow it" He said, i dont have my licese but i have my permit.
"Be careful, we dont want the cops catching you" Michael said and i nod
"Bye guys" I say and walk to Mitchell's car. I get in and drive to Emma's house. I stopped at this store to get flowers for her mum and Emma.
-Emma's House-
Emma live in a good neighborhood, full of kids that are think they are better because there rich. So are we and live in a good neighborhood were rich people live but some people that live there are bad, maybe like 2 or 4 but there are people getting robbed, But people dont know where we live and i hope they dont find out becasue if they do then we are dead. I stop infront of big gates. The fuck! Michael, Luke, Cal and Ash are freakin 5 seconds of summer and we dont have gates or a securety gaurd! I stop and roll my window down and see a man
"Name?" He ask
"Mason Clifford" I said and he types something and picks up the phone and dials a number
"Hello Miss.Parker someone by the name Mason Clifford is here" He said
"Ok" He responds and hangs up
"You may go in" He said and opens the gate and drive in and go down this long drive way then park next to a car. I get out, grab the flowers and walk up the stairs and knock on her door. And lady answers
"You must be Mr.Clifford, Miss.Parker told me you we're coming" She said and i smiled
"Yes, but please call me Mason. My dad doesnt even like being called Mr.Clifford" I said and she laughs
"Come in" She said and i walk in
"Your Miss.Parkers boyfriend?" She ask and i nod
"I'll get her" She says and walks away
"Diana please stop calling me that, i been telling you since i was 10. Call me Emma" Emma says and walk in. She's wearing a baby blue skirts with a white shirt, her hair curled and white flats.
"Hey" She said
"Hi beautiful" I smiled and gave her flowers. She looks down and blushes. I hug her and she hugs back. She looks up
"What did i say about wearing make-up" I said
"Sorry if you dont like it but i do" She says and i chuckle
"Come on! Lets go" She pulls my hand like a little girl but she cant make me move. She's so small, im like a foot taler then her
"You so short" I tease her
"Im only 4'10" She said and i laugh
"Come on" I said and hold her hand and she leads me to the living room where her mum and dad i think? Chloe and Ethan. Thank you for being here Ethan!
"Mum, dad this is Mason" Emma said and they look our way and walk to us
"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs. Parker. These are for you" I said and hand Emma's mum flowers
"There beautiful, thank you. But call me Marry" She said and i nod
"So your Mason?" Her dad ask
"Yes sir" I said
"Your dating my daugther" He ask and i nod and he glares at me. Her mum must notice
"Lets go eat" She said and the 6 of us go to the dinning room, I pull the chair out for Emma and sit next to her. Everyone is seating and the food is past out and then we eat and talk
"Tell us about yourself" Emma's Mum ask
"What do you want to know?" I ask
"Family, what do you do, what are you going to do after high school...." Her dad just kept asking and asking i kinda got scared
"Uh, I live with my dad and uncles, My dads girlfriend and there daugther-"
"What do you mean 'there' daugther, wouldnt she be your sister?" Her dad ask and i look down
"Dad stop" Emma said
"No it's ok Emma" I said and look at her dad
"I was adopted by him, me, My older brother and twin sister" I said and he nod
"I also live with my dad and uncles friends" I said
"Is your sister Madison?" He ask, i was about to answer but he added something
"That girl is just a mess, she just something.." He goes on and on about how he hates her. Ethan looks like he's about to snap but i give him and look
"Uh no, her name is Brooklyn" I said
"Oh" He said
"Tell me about your family" He really want to know my family!
"My dad is named Michael Clifford. My uncles, Luke, Calum and Ashton. My dad's girlfriend Emily and there daughter Miley" I said and he nod. After so many lies dinner ends and it time for me to leave
"I like you, Call me Dave" Dave and and i shake his hand
"Thank you si- I mean Dave" I said and turn to Marry, she hugs me
"Come more often" She said and i smile. They walk away and i turn to Emma
"Why did you lie?" She ask
"I want your parents to like me and let me date you" I said
"I dont care if they dont like you, i would still date you" She said
"There's no going back now" I said and kiss her. We pull away
"See you tomorrow or at school on Monday" I said and give her one last kiss and leave to go home


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