Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


26. chapter 23

*Madison Pov* -Same day but an hour later-
So Ella and Chloe are drunk. Emma is getting there and i am still sober because someone needs to get the bubbles
"Come on Maddy" Ella says
"Wait for the bubbles" I say and the 3 of them laugh
"Bubbles" They giggle
"How many did you get?" Emma ask
"I don't know like 6" I say
"But there are-" Ella counts us like 3 times- "9 of us, that's not enough" She saw and i laugh
"We'll find a way" I say. then there was a knock on the front door, i run down and open it and see a guy
"Sorry im late, i had to get some to these guys, they were all drunk" He laughs. Wow, he is really cute. Wait!
"Who called you?" I ask
"I dont know if i can give that information" He said
"Please! It was it Mason Clifford, he's my twin" I said
"Oh! Your not single" He blushes
"Aww! No he's my twin, came out the same day by the same person" I said and he laughs
"Oh, you dont mind if i ask you out?" He ask
"Not at all" I said and he smiles at me
"Here" He said and gives me the box and a pease of paper
"Bye" I said and close the door. What did i just do?
"That my young student is called flirting" Emma said
"I did that?" I ask
"Yes" She said
"I didnt know i was capable of that" I said
"Then how did you date Alec?" She ask
"He asked me and i said yes, nothing really changed" I said
"Man your weird" She said and i laugh
"Lets go up starts and get theys things ready" I said and we run to my room
*Mason Pov*
So i went from me and Michael not getting drunk to everyone getting drunk. There was a knock on the door
"I'll get it!" I yell and try to get to the door, i finally open it
"Hello!' I said
"Mason Clifford?" The guy ask
"Yup!" I said and take the box
"20.45" He said and i give him 40
"Keep the change" I said
"Dont you need it?" He ask
"Google Michael Clifford later" I said and close the door
"Where too?" Luke ask
"Somewhere where there is no cops because we might get arrest" I said
"how many you get??" Alec ask
"Like 20" I said and we start getting them ready
-Time skip-
We put tollet paper on 4 houses, egged 4 cars and now are on our way to the beach. We are still in the bubble. they have sleeves so get can grab things
"How are we going to get into the water?" Anothey ask, we kinda sobered up
"We get out of the bubbles, take our shoes, socks, shirt and pants off. We'll just get in with our boxers" I explain like they are 5 year olds
"Oohhh" They all say and we start getting out of our bubbles and our clothes but boxers
"Lets hold hands and run into the water" Alec says and we grab each other hands and run into the water like little girls. We hear girls and guyslaugh and we look up and see Emma, Ella, Chloe, Chris, Vic, Tony, Ryan, Aiden, Jack and Maddy in bubbles. Ella, Ryan and Aiden are sharing one. Emma and Jack, Chloe and Chris, And Maddy, Vic and Tony are sharing one
"Get in!" We yell
*Madison Pov*
"I think we should take bags and put like towels in it and other things we need" Emma said
"We're going to the beach?" I ask a little nervous, i havent cut in a while but you can still see my scars
"Yeah! It might be fun!" Emma said
"How many bikinis did you bring?" Chloe ask Ella
"Only 3, Me, You and Emma. Maddy do you have one?" She ask
"Yeah, lets just wear our clothes over it because we cant run in bubbles in our bikins, we might get arrest" I said. Im the only sober one. They're starting to sober up.
"Ok, Chloe and Emma change in hear and you'll change in your bathroom and i'll change in your closet" Ella said and we nod
"Dont take my clothes!' I yell. We change and go to the front yard
"We should get the other guys" I said
"Chris and them?" Emma ask and i nod
"Who's house first?" Ella ask
"VIC AND TONYS!" We yells and we get into the bubbles and run to there street. We get to there house and start screaming since we are to lazy to go to the door
"WHAT!" The two of them yell as they walk out the door
"Come to the beach with us" I say
"You can share with Maddy" Ella said and i unzip it so they can get in
"You sure we can fit?" They ask. There not twins. Vic is a years older then Tony. Vic is 18 and Tony 17.
"I hope" I said and they get in. We fit fine
"To Chris house?" Emma ask and i nod we roll to his house. After picking them up and sharing bubbles we go to the little town next to the beach.
"What are we going to do?" I ask
"What we want" They yell and they go rolling off somewhere. i look at Vic and Tony
"What to see if we fit through a door?" I ask them
"Yes! Can we but warheads?" They ask and i nod
"There" I said and we roll to a store, we start trying to get through. Some girls come behind us
"Can you push us?" I ask facing them and they freak out
"Your-your" One of them tries to say something
"Yes she is Madison Clifford, now can you help push us in?" Vic ask and they nod and push us in
"Thank you"! We yells and roll to the candy section
"Where's the boy band?" They ask me
"Left for a week or 2, to see there familys" I said
"They'll be back?" They ask and i nod
"Over there!" Tony points to the warheads
"How much money do we have?" I ask
"I have 5" Vic said
"I have 10" Tony said
"I think that enough for 10 packs" I said and slip my ands through the sleeves and grab 10 and we roll to check on
"13.50" The lady said we we give her 15, we get our money back and i put them in my bag and roll back, we meet up with the others and we hear guys yelling, we look at the beach and see the guys, Holding hands and running into the water, we laugh and they notice us
"GET IN!" They yell and we get out of the bubbles, me the girls take our clothes off, we have bikinis under. The guys clap, cheer and whisple
"Oi! Thats my daugther!" Michael yells and they stop, Vic, Tony, Jack, Aiden, Ryan and Chris take there clothes off and leave themselfs in boxers.

We run into the water but before i get in i feel someone put me on there shoulders, i look down and see Christian.
"Chris! Put me down!" I giggle (If you dont remember them go back to Extra People)
"Never! I dont ever get time with you" He smiles
"Because you dont come over like the others do" I said and he blushes. He might be 18 and a 'tough' guy but he's the most shy person ever!
"I'll think about it" He said and i smile. I hear someone mubble something. I look up and see Anthony and Alec's face red and there glaring at Christian.
"Someones jelous" I say to myself
"Are you going to put me down?" I ask and he shakes his water hair and it gets on my legs, since i didnt get in its really cold
"Chicken fight?" He ask and i look and see Ella on Mitchell, Chloe on Ethan and Emma on Mason.
"I want to go agenst Memma" I say and he walk/swims over to them
"Chicken fight?" I ask and they nod, all of us go to the really deep end
"Ok, there's only one rule, Chris and Mason cant touch each other. Ready! GO!" Ashton yells and we start. Emma know all my weekness and i know hers but she makes the first move and stabs my with her figers on my sighed, i start laughing as she tickles me. i fall over and Chris cant grab me in time so i fall in, i forgot to hold my breath so i sucked water in and now i am struggling, I start feeling sleepy and my eyes close.
*Christian Pov*
After Maddy falls off Emma and Mason cheer
"We won! We won!" They yell
"Maddy" I say
"She's probably swimming around, she doen that alot" Mason said, after a while she doesnt come up
"MADDY!" I yell and i go under and see her passed out, she is flotting around. I grab her and swim up. I finanlly get up and see everyone around us
"Come on Maddy, wake up!" I shake her
"Give me her" Jeremy said and i pass her to him and he go to the sand, Jeremy starts trying to wake her, he looks for a pulse and then starts doing CPR. Maddy starts coughing water up and opens her eyes
"Oh baby girl!" Michael says and hugs her
"Thank you" Michael says to Jeremy
*Madison Pov*
Michael hugs me
"What happen?" I ask
"You drowned" Mason said
"Oh" I mutters
"I think its time to go home" Michael said and we grab our things and go out seprate ways after saying bye
"Are you okay?" Chris asked as he ran to me
"Yeah just a little shocked" I tell him
"Im sorry i didnt hold on to you, i thought you know how to swim" He said
"Its not your fault, and i know how to swim, i just forgot to hold my breath and i paniced" I told him
"Come here" He said and pulled me into a hug
"Here, you towel must be socked and its pretty cold" He said and gave me his sweater
"Thanks, i'll give it back tomorrow" I said
"Keep it, i have like 5" He said and i smiled
"Maddy, time to go!" Mason yelled
"Bye" I said
"Night Maddy" He said and i walked to Mason
"Yoy good?' He ask and i nod
"Hope you dont mind but Alec and Anthony are staying over" He told me. Well fuck. WAIT!
"Guys we need to go to Sunshine care" I said
"Why?" Luke ask
"We left Miley there" I said
"Lets go" Me, Alec, Anthony, Luke, Michael, Cal, Mitchell and Ash went to that daycare. They didnt want to give us to her but when we called Emily they finally gave her to us
"You are so wet" Miley said to me
"Thats what she said" Mason said and i slapped him
"Oww! Sorry" He said
"Who she and why she say that?" Miley ask and we laughed
-Time skip-
We put Miley to bed and everyone went to sleep. Im in my room with April next to me.
"How does this sound?" I ask her
"If I'm too young to fall in love
Why do you keep runnin' through my brain?
And if I'm too young to know anything
Then why do I know that I'm just not the same?
Don't tell me I won't
Don't tell me I can't feel
What I'm feeling is real
Cause I'm not too young"
"Wow" Someone said. I look up and see Alec at the door
"Oh, hey" I said and April barks at him and jumps on him
"Hey April, you like Maddy? Yeah she's nice" He talks to her in a baby voice and i laugh
"Did you write that?" He ask
"Yeah, it just comes to me sometimes" I said
"You're really good" He said and i smile
"Thanks" I said
"Maddy, can i tell you something" He said
"Good" I said
"Uh, i cheated on you" He said
"What?" I ask
"Uh a week after we started dating, when i went to a party i kissed someone" He said
"Oh, wow! Who?" I ask and he mutter something
"What?" I ask
"Alice" He said. This little fag!
'Oh! Alice! The girl that made me want to kill myself, i almost died from what she used to do to me!" I yell
"I know, im sorry!" He said
"No! Even if i told you like 5 days after it happen, i still told you! You waited 7 months to tell me!" I said
"Maddy it ment nothing to me" He said
"Thats what i told you, but you broke up with me! Just get out!" I said
"Maddy please" He said
"Get out!" I screamed
"Madison dont do this" He begged
"MITCHELL!" I yelled and he came running
"What" He ran to me when he sa my tears
"Alec, get him out" I said
"Alec, come on. She doesnt want you here" He said
"Maddy please" He said
"Get out!" I yelled and something happened i never thought that would of happen.........


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