Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


22. chapter 19

*Madison Pov*
It's Saturday, Mine and Mason's 16th birthday party. I didnt talk to Anthony or Alec this whole week, i only told Zayn what happen on Monday and he told me to tell Alec but i know two things would of happen. Alec would break up with me and beat the shit out of Anthony. To be honest i dont know anymore what is happening. Right now i am at home with Emma, Ella, Emily and Chloe. We are getting ready for the party.
"Guys i have something to tell you guys" I say
"What?" They ask
"Me and Anthony kissed" I mutter but they could hear me
"WHEN!" They asked
"Monday" I say
"And you tell us now" Emma said
"I was scared you guys would stop being my friends, especally Ella since he's you little brother" I said
"I know but im not, you going to tell him?" She ask
"Im scared he'll leave me" I say
"He might not talk to yo for a couple of days but he'll no it didnt mean anything to you, right?" She ask and i didnt say anything
"MADDY!" She says
"I dont know! When i kissed him i didnt know what i felt" I say
"Ok, you still love Alec, right?" She ask
"Of course i do! He is my first boyfriend!" I said and Everyones mouth is hanging open
"What?" I ask
"You know how everyone says the first is not the one?" Emma ask
"Yeah, so?" I ask then it hit me
"Oh! No! I know i love him, i never felt that wat for anyone" I said
"You never know" Emily said
"Wasnt my dad your first boyfriend?" I ask
"And look how that turned out, he left me" She said
"But i saw you on Monday making out" I said
"We were having a moment, but that kiss met nothing to me, he even told me it felt nothing to him" She said
"Fuck" I mutter
"Can we not talk about this" I said
"Sure, lets get ready for the party" She said
-Time skip-
I dont remember changing, or people coming to the party? Whatever. Its mine and Mason 16th birthday party and i want to have fun! No one can stop me. We are at this lake and its pretty cool
"Happy birthday baby girl" Michael said and hug me
"Thanks dad, where's Mason?" I ask
"Over there" He points to a direction and i go. Someone pulls my away and into a dark place of the lake
"What the hell?" I say and look up and see Anthony
"Oh, uh Anthony. Hi" I said
"Maddy, i need to tell you something" He said
"What?" I ask
"I like you" He said
"I like you to Anthony" I said
"No Maddy, I like you, Like you" He said
"Oh" I mutter
"Do you like me?" He ask
"I-I dont know" I said
"Maddy, i need to know" He said, putting his finger on my chin and making me look at him
"Do you like me back?" He ask
"I-I dont know Anthony" I said
"Lets see then" He leaned in and kissed me, i need to know if i like him so i kissed him back. The kiss get more heated
"What the fuck!" I pull away and See Alec walking away
"Shit. ALEC!" I yell after him but he starts running. i run after him and he's gone
"What did i do" I say
"Maddy, its time to cut the cake" Mason said and dragged me to the table
"Happy birthday day to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Maddy and Mason! Happy birthday to you" My phone rings as Mason blows the candles out, Everyone i cheering and i answer
"Hello?" I said
"Is this Madison Clifford?" A man ask
"Yeah, who's asking?" I ask
"Its Angle Hospital. Im sorry to infor you but Alec Reec has been hit my a car. He died on the way to the hospital"

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