Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


20. chapter 17

*Madison Pov*
"Alec! Stop!" I push him off of me
"Please?" He ask
"No! Alec this is the last time i am saying this, No!" I say
"Its been 6 months, usally couples do this by now" Alec whines
"Alec no, i dont want to" I say
"Why? I do" He hugs me
"Alec, i am not getting in that horse suit with you" I say
"And what couple does that?" I ask
"My cousin and his girlfriend" He says
"Well your cousin and his girlfriend need help" I laugh
"Yeah there a weird couple" He said
"And there 8" He added
"Since you parents died, have you see any of your family since then?" I ask
"Yeah, we saw then like 2 years ago" He said
"Oh" I mutter
"We dont see them alot because they moved to America but we stayed here because of the Gang and this is home to us, we cant leave home" He said and i nod
"Maybe we could give this horse suit to Emma and Mason" I said
"Now thats a weird couple" He said and Mason comes stumbling through my door of my room
"Mason?" I ask
"She left me, she broke up with me" He said
"Emma broke up with you?" Mason asked
"Yup *Hiccup* She said something about our ages, she just turn 14 and im going to turn 16 and it doesnt seem right" He's drunk, i can tell by the way he is talking and stumbling around
"How did you get drunk?" I ask
"I saw these guys and they offered me a drink so i drank" He giggles
"How much?" I ask
"Only 3" He said
"Cups?" I ask
"Shots?" Alec asked
"Bottles" Mason said and smiles
"Mason, you need to sleep. Its like noon" I say
"Oh shit" He runs to my bathroom and vomits in the toilet
"Let it out" I rub his back, he finishes
"Mason, lets go to your room" I say and he doesnt move
"Mason?" I shake him then i hear snoring
"Help me carry him" I say and i grab his feet and Alec grabs his legs and we take him to his room.
"Sleep tight Mason" I say and shut his door as we walk out
"I dont think thats why Emma broke up with him" Alec said
"Yeah" I say
"Maddy! Awec!" Miley runs down the hall
"Hi Miley, you like you new room?" I ask her
"Yeah, it big and i small" She said
"You'll get used to it" Alec said
"Guys come eat!" Emily yells from the kitchen
"FOOD!" Mason yells
"NO!" We yell
"Oh, wake me up whe-" He must off fell back to sleep. The guys from One Direction run from up stairs to all the way to the kitchen, they all toke the extra room from up stairs since there was 5 left up stairs they toke those five with Luke and Ash but Zayn told me they cant stay away from each other because they love each other but then Harry told me they cant stay away from each other or they will blow up. Miley and Emily toke the last two rooms on the second floor where me, Mason, Mitch, Michael and Cal sleep so we have a full house its kinda full since Luke, Michael, Ash and Cal are not here but when they get back it will be a mad house.
"Whats wrong with Mason?" Miley ask
"He's sick" He said
"So he wont come and see daddy?" She ask
"WHO?" Me and Alec ask
"I hear Niall and Hawwy saying Wuke, Caw, Mikwy and Ash are daddy" She said
"Ooooohhhhh!" Me and Alec said then looked at each other
"Eww, dirty pigs" We laugh
"Come Miley, lets go eat" I say
"When are you going to call me daddy?" Alec whispers in my ear
"When i feel like it" I smile and walk away
"When will that be!" He yells and i laugh and we walk to the kitchen
"I made lunch" She said and we sit down and eat
"This is better then Harry's food!" I say
"Hey!" Harry says and i laugh
"Where's Mitchell?" Emily asked
"With Ethan picking up Ella and Chloe from the airport" I say
"I thoought they came back" Liam said
"They went to see another school but this is there last one" Alec said
"Is Emma coming over?" I was busy eating so i didnt see who ask
"Uh, she kinda broke up with Mason" I say
"Why?" They ask
"He told us that she said the age diffrents but we dont think thats the reason" I say
"Its olny 2 years" Alec said
"We've only been here a week and we already now everything" Zayn said, we finally told them everything and yesterday night at dinner we told Anthony and Emily since they told us everything
"What time are we leaving later?" Emily ask
"Around 6" I say
"Ok" She said
"Do you still want Miley to go, we already have the headphones" I ask
"Yeah, but im not tell her how her D-A-D is" She spells out dad
-Time skip-
"Sit" I order Emma and she sits on my bed
"Whats the real reason you broke up with Mason" Ella asked, Chloe and Ella got back and we told them everything
"I just turned 14 and he is going to turn 16, it doesnt feel right" She says
"Emma, we know when you are lying, your voice is deeper" I say
"Im not lying" She covers her mouth since her voice when deeper
"Emma, please tell us why" I beg
"Fine. Some girl from school were telling me he was going to leave me since im only 14 and i wont be able to give him what he wants since he is 16. So he was going to leave me for a girl that know how to please him" She said
"I would never do that" Mason said, we turn around and see Ethan, Mitchell, Mason and Alec at my door
"Oh god" Emma hides her face in her hands
"Yeah, lets leave them" I push everyone out
*Mason Pov*
I was finally sober and Mitchell, Ethan and Alec came into my room
"How you doing?" Mitch ask
"My head hurts a little but i am fine" I say
"The girl are talking to Emma, want to spy?" Alec asked
"Im not going t- Are they talking about me?" I ask
"Yup" I get up and put my ear to Maddy's door
"Emma, please tell us why" Maddy begs
"Fine. Some girl from school were telling me he was going to leave me since im only 14 and i wont be able to give him what he wants since he is 16. So he was going to leave me for a girl that know how to please him" She said, i open the door and walk in
"I would never do that" I said, they turn around to see us
"Oh god" Emma hides her face in her hands
"Yeah, lets leave them" Maddy pushes everyone out
"USE PROTECTION!" Ethan yells
"NOT IN MY ROOM!" Maddy yell and then they laugh
"Emma, look at me" I say and she looks up
"Do you really think i would leave you?" I ask
"Yeah, just look at you. Im not worth it" She said
"Emma, i love you since the day i first saw you, i am never going to leave you. Those girls are justt jealous of you since you have all this" I say and she laughs
"There's that smile" I say and she blushes
"Did i ever tell you, you look cute when you blush" That makes her face turn bright red
"No" She said
"Well you do" I kiss her cheek
"Mason?" She said
"Yeah?" I ask
"Can i kiss you?" She ask
"You dont even need to ask" I crash my lips on hers
"Not on my bed!" Maddy yells and we pull away
"How long have you been there?" I ask
"Mitchell?" Ethan mockes Emma
"Yeah?" Mitchell say
"Can i kiss you?" He ask
"You dont even need to ask" and the both off them make kissing noise
"You guys suck" I throw a pillow at them
"Now, get out so we can get ready to leave" Maddy kicks all the boys out
"Do we need to get ready?" I ask
"Nah" We say together and go watch TV and mess around with Miley
"Give me her, Maddy wants to dress he up. Just mess with Anthony" Emily said and they walk to Maddy's room
"Anthony, Did we ever tell you we love you" Alec said
"Shit" He mutters and we jump on him
*Madison Pov*
-Ring Ring-
"Go wash your hair and then do what you want with it" Chloe said, i wanted to dye my hair back to brown so Chloe helped me. After showering, drying my hair and doing shit with it i changed into my clothes. I walk out and see the girls waiting for me.
"Come on Maddy you have to blend in" Emma said
"Fine!" I say and stomb over to my desk which make Miley giggle, i chase my phone case to this case that have Calum's face on it, i got it for Chrismas by Calum and i put some braclets on
"There" I say
"Good enough" She said
"I think Miley looks cute" I say and pick her up and rest her on my hip
"We need to go" Emma said and we walk down stairs
"Oh my god! Guys i think some fans got into the house" Mason says
"Oh and Maddy" Alec said and i stick my toung out
"You hair!" They yell and the guys start messing with it
"Yeah i know" I said
"We need to blend in" Mitchell said and him, Ethan, Alec, Mason and Anthony all put on a black beanies with white words, Mason and Mitchell's say Clifford. Anthony out on a Hood, Alec put on Hemmings and Ethan put on a Irwin
"Oh god" I mutter
"Lets go" They yell
-Magical time skip-
We get there and we have front row, Zayn, Liam, Lou, Niall and Harry went backstage with Miley. Emily, Me, Mason, Mitchell, Ethan, Alec, Emma, Ella, Anthony and Chloe got front row right in front of Luke
"Are you Mason, Mitchell and Madison Clifford?" A girl ask
"Yes" I say and a bunch of them freak out
"Can we get picture?" They ask and we nod and take picture with them. Mason is lucky Emma didnt see that one girl asked for a kiss on the cheek and he said yes.
"Can you sign my boob?" One girl ask Ethan
''Ethan dont get too excited" Ella said and we laugh
"Sure" Ethan said and sighed her boob
"Its starting" A girl yelled and everyone started screaming and yelling
"Emily?" Michael said when he got to his mic and she just waved
"This is going to be a long concert" Mason said and i nod
-Another magical time skip!-
"Maddy!" Luke yells into the mic
"What!" I yell over the screaming fans
"Get on the stage, you and Mason!' He yells back
"No!" Me and Mason yelled, the crowned goes all crazy and i notice Ashton and Calum are gone.
"Fuck" I mutter and i feel someone pick me up
"Put me down!" I yell
"Sorry babe, i like you hair!" Ashton said, i look up and see Mason beging dragged by Calum, i am put down but on a stage and Michael comes next to me
"You have a lot of explaining to do when we get home" He said to me
"You too!" I say
"Did you dye you hair back?" Luke ask and i nod
"It looks nice but i miss the color" He said and i roll my eyes
"This is our last song of the night and we want these two fags to sing it with us" Luke said
"LUCAS! NO CUSSING!" Ashton yells and i laugh
"What song?" I ask
"Wherever You Are" Michael said
"Uh, ok then. This is Wherever you are" Luke said

-Luke and Madison-
For a while we pretended
That we never had to end it
But we knew we'd have to say goodbye
You were crying at the airport
When they finally closed the plane door
I could barely hold it all inside

-Michael and Luke
Torn in two
And I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are

Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Every night I almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

-Calum and Mason-
I could fly a thousand oceans
But there's nothing that compares to
What we had, and so I walk alone

-Luke and Calum-
I wish I didn't have to be gone
Maybe you've already moved on
But the truth is I don't want to know

-Michael and Luke-
Torn in two
And I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are

Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Every night I almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

-Luke and Madison-
You can say we'll be together
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing stays the same
So why can't I stop feeling this way

-Calum and Mason-
Torn in two
And I know I shouldn't tell you
But I just can't stop thinking of you
Wherever you are

Wherever you are
Wherever you are
Every night I almost call you
Just to say it always will be you
Wherever you are

The whole time Michael was looking at Emily. Michael with tears and Emily in tears. Mason was looking at Emma and i was looking at Alec
"Thank you all! Goodnight!" Luke yells and we run off stage
"Luke, who wrote the song?" I ask
"Mostly Micheal" He said (Lets do this magical thing called pretend)
"Oh, ok" I say and Michael pulls me aside
"You brought Emily?" He asked me
"Well we met her at a place and Alex told us what happened then i found out you were him" I said
"Maddy theres a reason why i left her" He said
"Why?" I ask
"Her parents told me to leave her alone or they will call the cops on me, i was about to turn 18 and she was still 15 so they could of lied and said i raped her, when she called me and told me she was pregnat i used that as an excuse to leave her because is i told her the real reason then her and her parents would have a bad relationship" He said
"Well you made them have a bad relationship" I say
"How?" He ask
"By getting her pregnat, her parents kicked her out of the house, she was lucky her aunt let her live with her till she had enough money for her own place" I said
"I didnt mean to, she told me she was on the pill" He said
"Michael that stuff doesnt alway work"' I say
"Did she move on?" He ask me
"Yeah, to a fucking biggest asshole i have ever met! He abused her both physically and emotionly, Miley had to see all of that and she is only 3!" I say
"She named her Miley" He smiled
"Yeah" I said
"We were talking one day that if we ever had a girl we would call her Miley" He said
"What he abused her!?" He yelled
"Shut up Michael! And yes he did" I said, he kicked the wall
"Is it Derek?" He ask
"You know him?" I ask
"Yeah, he always tried to date her" He said
"Michael we need to go" Luke said and we walk back to the others, Michael stops walking when he sees Emily and Miley in her arms sleeping
"Emily, is that her?" Michael ask and she nod
"C-can I h-hold her?" He ask and Emily pass her to him
"She looks like you" Emily said
"But got your hair" He said
"Mommy" Miley yawns
"Who he? Is he wike Derek?" She ask
"No! I am never going to be like him" Michael said
"What you name?" Miley ask
"Im Michael" He said
"Oh! You Mikwy! Niall and Hawwy were taking about you, Wuke, Cawum and Ashton" She said
"I want to hold her!" Luke said
"No! i do! Pick me! Pick me!" Calum jumped around
"You guys always get to hold the kids, i want to this time. Why cant i hold her!" Ash whines
"Because you will crash her with you big hand" Luke said
"Mikwy, who they?" Miley ask
"The blonde one is Luke, the asian looking one is Calum and the curly one is Ashton" Michael said
"Hi!" The 3 of them said
"Does he know you are her you know?" Ash asked and we all look at Emily
"No" She said
"Guys time to leave!" Someone yelled
"See you at the house" Michael said and handed Miley back to Emily and the 4 of them walk away
"Are you going to tell her?" Anthony asked
"I dont know" She said

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