Adopted By Michael Gordon Clifford

What happens when one day you twin brother is adopted without you? You had to live in a cold room without him? Your older brother tried to help but nothing worked? One day a man came looking for a girl age 10-16 and adopted you? You wouldn't go without you older brother?


13. chapter 12

hey guy sorry for not updating but it is no the holidays so you have my full attention i'm also think of making a new story comment what you think. oxox Bambi120 Xx  

*5 Months Later*
-Mitchell's Pov*
These last 5 months have been going fine. Alec and Madison are had there 6th month annivercery last week and lets say things got heated, they didnt have sex but uh, um, this is hard to say as her older brother but let me say these 5 words, fingers, tounge, sucking, mouths and marks. Dont ask how i know. Please dont ask!! Moving on to another subject...
Emma and Mason are doing fine. They are the most ackward couple ever! But when they are alone, it looks like they are trying to suck there faces off, Emma is 14 and Mason is 15, come on guys you are to young, so are Madison and Alec. Whats going on with there generation! Me and Ethan are still baby's and Ethan wont ask Chloe and i wont ask Ella, A fucking 15 and 17 year old got the balls to ask girls out but 2 freaking 19 year olds dont. Michael, Ashton, Luke and Calum are on a 2 month tour rught now, they left the beging of January so we couldn't celebrate Calum's birthday as a family but in November we celebrated Alec's birthday on the 7th, he turned 17 and is now part of the gang, Maddy's was pretty pissed off for likr a week but got over it. On the 20th we celebrated Mikey's 20th birthday. The 4 of them are coming back Febuary 26, On Febuary 30th is the twins birthday, they are turning 16. We were going to have a big party but Madison and Mason said they just wanted a little party in the backyard with Me, Luke, Ashton, Michael, Calum, Ella, Emma, Chloe, Alec, Ethan, Christan, Vic, Tony, Ryan, Aiden and Jack. Luke's Family if coming for the party so Me, Mason and Madison get to meet his mum, dad and 2 older brother. Ash, Cals and Michael's couldn't come. Not having Mikey, Cal, Ash and Luke is pretty boring. All Mason and Madison do is go to school and come back an do nothing, Well they do something, they go out with Alec and Emma. Chloe and Ella are busy with school and go to diffrent places to see collages, Me and Ethan could go to collage but we have the Gang and we did graduate high school with strait A's. The guys wont be back for another 3 weeks, i should throw a party this Saturday, i would do it tomorrow since it is Friday but Mason and Maddy have friends over for a project they have to do and its due on Monday and they had 3 weeks to do it, Kids. i call Ethan
-Phone call-
"Yo" Ethan said
"You bored?" I ask
"Yes! I did have to work this week since its my week off and i am home alone bored out of my mind. i could die!" He said
"Right! Since Ella, Emma, Chloe, Mason and Maddy winter break ended and went back to school, its pretty lonely around here. And without the guys it boring, Me, Luke, Cal, Ash and Michael would be doing wierd dares and is we didnt do it or finish the dare we would take shots" I tell him
"I remember the day i came over and found you and Michael drunk in the the front yard. You screaming 'This is my dad' and Michael screaming 'This is my son' Then both of you screaming/Singing 'We are drink but having a father/son time'" He tells me
"Oh yeah and didnt Luke eat all of the brownies you brought and started saying things about his ex and started calling her" I laugh
"When she was at the door step all dressed up getting ready to go on a date with Luke because Luke was stupid and said he wanted to get back with her and he ask her on a date" We are both laughing
"He did get lucky but woke up the next morning screaming and yelling for her to get out" I tell him
"Really?" He ask
"Yup and if i remember these were his exact words 'Michell, get the hell out what the fuck are you doing in my room!' Everyone woke up when they heard that, Maddy and Mason were pounding on his door to shut the fuck up they are trying to get there beauty sleep" Me and Ethan were dyeing
"Shut up, i cant take this anymore. im stomch hurts" He laughs
"Check to see if you finially got that 8-pack" I say
"Nope, still just have a 6-pack" He tells me
"Okay. the real reason i called was to ask if you wanted to help me throw a party on saturday?" I ask
"Hell yeah! Im coming over right now" He said
"See you in 10?" I ask
"Yup" Then he hung up
*Madison's Pov*
We are in our last class but me, Alec and Mason finished all of our work so we are just talking
"How old was Mitchell when he joined the Gang?" I ask
"Ethan and Mitchell joined the same age and Ethan joined when he was 13 because our dad died and he had to replace him and Ethan said he would only join if Mitchell joined" Alec tells me
"Remember, Ethan babysat you when he was 14 and you were 10" He adds and i nod
"When i was 10 Ethan and Mitch tought me how to shot a gun, That was 6 years ago, i dont really remeber, all i remeber was me holding a gun and shotting a bird" I say and Mason and Alec laughed
"What?" I ask
"Im just imagening a little Maddy holding a gun" Mason said
"Yeah" Alec agrrees
We grabbed our stuff and left the room
"Meet you guy at out lockers" Mason said and walked to the 9th grade hallway, must be getting Emma
"Finally" Alec said and pulled me closer to him and kissed, i would kiss him back but i started laughing
"What?" He ask
"Nothing" I said giving him a peck on the lips and walking to our lockers
"Oh, no you dont" Alec said, pulling me by my wrist with one hand and wraping the other around my waist, he crashes my lips to mine and pinning my against someones locker
"Uh? Can you guys move!" Someone snapped, I pull away but Alec starts kissing my neck. Alec, what am i going to do with you? I see Alice and her 'friends'
"Alice?" I ask
"No its santa" She snapped
"So you're calling yourself fat?" I ask and Alec chuckles as he stops kissing my neck and stands next to me, putting his arm around my should
"Oh! Hi Alec" She said, pulling her shirt down a littler and puffing her chest out, doing that wierd thing with your eyes that making it look like you are about to take off flying.
"If you pull your shirt down more your going to flash the whole school" Alec said
"Oh" She said pulling it up, not really
"Yeah, so we going to go" He said and we walk away
"I wound why she is so stupid?" I ask
"The world may never know" He said and i laugh, we get to our lockers and she Emma and Mason making out, Pour Ella and Chloe, having to see that
"So you guy finally wanted to show the world you guys are dating" I smirk and they pull away blushing
"Aww, little Mason is blushing" I say in a baby voice and pinch his cheeks
"Stop!" He whined
"Never!" I yell
"Im older!" He said
"Yeah but you act like a 5 year old" I say
"I do not" He said stoming his foot, crossing his arms around his chest and pouts
"Your my 5 year old" Emma said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. I start sneezing like crazy then start coughing. i finally stop
"Whoa! You okay babe?" Alec ask and i nod
"Must be alergys" I say but i feel somthing comimg up
"Oh no" I mutter and run to the bathroom, Thank god it is empty, i run into a stall and puke. Someone pulls my hair back
"Let in out" Emma said, i finally stop and look up and see Emma, Ella and Chloe
"I dont think it is alergys" I say and they laugh alittle
"Here" Chloe said, giving me two sticks of mint gum
"Thanks" I say and put bith in my mouth
"Have you been like this all day?" Ella ask
"Yeah, yesterday and the day before my thoat was hurting and i had a runny nose, my thoat stop hurting but i start coughing and sneezeing and still had a runny nose" I say
"Come here" Chloe said and feels my forhead
"Damn, you're burning up" She said
"Come on, i'll take you home, but first we need to stop at my hpuse so i can get some things" Ella said
"Yeah, i would take you to mine but my mom is out of town for this busness things and my dad is a doctor but he is in Melbourne for this surgery and just becuase my dads a doctor doent mean i know shit" Chloe said and we laugh
"Yeah and i had to learn to take care of Mason, Alec and Ethan when they look like they were dyeing" Ella said and i nod
"Lets go" I say and we walk out
"Are you ok? are you dyeing? please dont die! i am never going to love someone as much as i love you!" Alec said hugging me
"Stop over reacting, she just has a fever!" Ella said, smacking him
"Oh" He said and i laugh
"You sure you are okay?" Mason ask and i nod
"Yeah" I tell him
"But dont be suprice if you get sick" I say
"I know" Mason said
"As long as he doesnt make contact with you then he will be fine" Ella said
"No! Its a twin thing" Me and Mason say together and we look at each weirdly
"When ever one of us gets sick, the next week on the same day the other twin got sick, the other one gets sick and have the same symtoms in the same order" We say togther agaun and start moving away from each other
"We dont know why but it happens" We say again.
"Pizza!" We say togther
"I love music!" We say together
"Puppy!" Again
"Michael!" Again
"Luke!" And again
"Ashton!" And again
"Calum!" And again
"Cunt!" And again
"I love rainbows and unicorns and food and Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens and Of Mice & Man and Bring Me The Horizan and Simple Plan and Fall Out Boy and A Day To Remember and Green Day and All Time Low and our dad and uncles band 5 seconds of summer!" We yell together
"Stop!" And again
"No You stop!" And again, someone slaps a hand over my mouth and one on Mason
"It was funny at first but now its creepy" Someone says, i turn around and see Christan
"Chris!" I yell
"Aiden!" Mason yells
"Hey Violet" He said to me
"My hair is not Violet!" I yell and he laughs
"I know, i just like messing with you" He said, pinching my cheeks
"Stop!" I whine
"Never!" He laughs and walks away
"See you Saturday" He said and him and Aiden walk away, Saturday?
"Come on we have to go" Mason said and we leave
We get home and Ella has a bad of shit
"I Thought i just have a fever" I say
"Never know" She said and i kinda got scared
"Come on!" She said and pulls me away from A;ec and drags me into my house
"Im *sneeze* Home!" I yell and Ethan and Mitchell come down stairs
"Whats wrong with her?" Ethan ask as i couch
"She has a fever" Ella said, sitting me down and wrapping me in a blanket
"Ella *Sneeze* Im fine *Sneeze*" I tell her
"You dont look great" Mitchell said, feeling my forhead
"Shit, you're burning up" He said
"No we have to cancell the party for saturday" Ethan said
"What party?" I ask
"We were going to have this party with all the gang members and soon to be in the gang and there plus one" Mitchell said
"I'll just stay in my room, its not like there is going to be alot of people and this house is really big" I tell them
"You havent met everyone in the gang" Ethan said
"There's more?" I ask
"123 members, 26 soon to be in the gang, then the plus one they can bring. Do the math" Ethan said
123+26=149 149+149=
"298 People" Me and Mason say
"And we already invited all the members and soon to be members, we cant really cancel it" Ethan said
"I'll just stay in my room, lock the door" I tell them
"I'll stay with you" Alec said and i nod
"So *Sneeze* *Cough Cough* Who are you guys plus one" I ask
"Here" Ella said, giving me a water bottle and 2 pills
"Thanks, no tell me" I say as i take the pills
"Mine is little Chloe" Ethan said and Chloe rolls her ees
"Mine is innocent Ella" Mitchell said and Ella gives him the finger
"What about you Mason?" I ask and we all look at him, we see him and Enna making out
"That answers the qustion" I mutter and they laugh
"Well Ella, Emma and Chloe dont really need to be our plus ones because people think they are in the gang" Mitchell said
"Why?" I ask
"Like 3 weeks before you came, we had a gang party but we couldnt bring plus ones to this party but at the party you had to wear the clothes we usally wear for fights, meeting, anything that had to do with the gang" Mitchell said
"White shirt, dark color jeans and leather jacket" Ethan said.
"How cliché" I mutter
"Shut up" Ethan laughed and i roll my eyes
"But you guys still our our plus ones" Ethan smirked
"Just say date, its not that hard!" I tell him and Mitchell, there cheeks turn a light shade of pink and Ella and Chloe smirk
"Uh, yeah you can call it that" Mitchell stuttered and i laughed
"I might not be 'going' to the party but i want to help" I say
"You have a fever, you need rest" Mitchell tells me
"Rest is for the weak. Lets do this" I say

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