Clockwork Kisses


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Take a hammer to your fake nails
I'll blunt your on point eyebrows
Straighten lies like your hair
Lengthen lives, lengthen lashes
Dust the cobwebs with your powder brush
Frame your eyes, hang them up
Hang your smile up to dry
Pretty picture, pretty pain
Lick your lips and spit your life out
Hair extensions, puppet strings
Plastic queens for plastic kings
Sun kissed tan like a brown paper shopping bag over your head that's choking you up till you can't see or feel or love or breathe
Needles in, needles out, sewing up your spine
Clockwork kisses, crystal tears
Every untruth keeps you real
2000's boy on your neck
2001's name on your wrist
All the cigs you ever kissed
All the steps you ever missed
Breathe in, breathe out
Is the high worth the fall?
You thought perfect didn't have a label
But it has cost you more than life
Paid for pretty in blood and tears
Eau de toilette 'cause your life's down the drain
Soaked in perfume - can you swim?
In the deep end, it's a dead end.
Dried off in the curls of cigarette smoke
And left alone to choke on the fumes
Life's on fire, cash the fuel
In Heaven's court, who's the fool?
Who's laughing now?
Who can tell when the anonymity of plastic and the way we're moulded by our makers straps us down to the operating table and sews us up as barbie dolls?
Smiles stretched until the curtain drops
A smile for the crowd; the audience always loved a good laugh
So let them laugh - make them laugh
At the end of the day, you're just a joke.
Souls up for sale - how cheap will they go?
Magazine models; magazine masks
Clones and copies: Change now while stocks last.
Wait in line, weight for the scales
Step in line, run in circles
The racetrack never ends
Bet online, bet on lives
Wait and wonder: The stakes are getting higher
All in this round.
Manipulation, sophistication
Stiletto heels that storm the nation
Dior galore, Chanel in Hell
Send letters to the devil and wish him well.
Give him your heart for the dead to sell
Diplomats, aristocrats
Lose the Queen and you've only got your pawns left
Castles, cities, built to fall
Can't risk everything when you've got nothing at all.
Wedded to your sweetheart with Haribo rings
And Facebook notifications
Just wanted you to know
That the fallen were once angels
And I know.


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