A love story based on a girl who has finally found someone she thinks as irreplaceable, he changes her world bringing her closer to new people and drawing her further away from her closest friends. The girl is so blinded by his love that she just can't let go even when she knows he manipulating her into his ways, she's so blind to how he really is that she's desperate to make him happy.


1. How it all began

   Sitting on my friends couch, my phoned pinged. I was so concentrated on the film we was watching that I just glanced to see whom it was however little did I know that one message would change my life completely. I looked over to Megan and she just glared at me as if to say who is it.

"It's one of the lads mates," I replied to her glance "Kealen, it's Kealen." Meg stood up and ran over to the couch I was seated on and stared down at my phone, after pausing the film obviously. Not long before me and Meg had started thinking about considering having a Halloween party, we had added everyone we spoke to including the lads we hung around with into a groupchat to see who'd be interested. If you knew them, you'd understand they like huge gatherings so we agreed they could add a few more of there mates to the chat and Kealen was one of the people they added. When he was added we was laughing a little as we had seen messages between him and one of our other mates where he had came across as a bit of a beg, that didn't surprise us though... We always had random lads messaging us and the large majority were ignored which I was planning to do to Kealen.

"You going to message him back?" Meg asked with a excited type of tone in her voice. I just stared at her with my resting bitch face, it didn't come as a surprise she was used to it by now.

"Do you think I should, I mean don't you remember all the stuff with Meg V?" I replied.

"Well obviously, I think you should reply! It might be important?" She pointed out.

"Meg, come on. He's probably just going to beg it, I can't be bothered for all that... me and Greg have not long broke up either, and you know what he's like." I proclaimed.

"What did he even put?" Meg asked.

I read the message out to her, "All he put was 'Hello'" I said showing her the message.

"Reply, what's the worst that can possibly happen?" She said to me.

"Fine, you win!" I exclaimed. I typed into my phone "Hey" and placed it back down with my head turned to Meg I asked "Put the film back on now, I had tears strolling then!"

Sorry about the first chapter being a little short and dull, things will soon heat up, promise xo


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