My brother

Mal Styles. The lonely twin of the famous Harry Styles. Mal has a lovely voice, much like her brother. only, nobody knows about her voice infact, nobody really knows about her...

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2. ch 2

Mals pov

i get to Ash- sorry- Erins house, laughing about the look on Harrys face. he would never allow this! i go up to Erins door, unlock it with the key under the mat, and walk in. i see the normal mess along with a young lady around my age on the couch. 

"uh, wheres Erin?"

"who are you?" she asks instead of answering me.

"His girlfriend, Mal Styles." i say proudly 

"uh, im his girlfriend, Emma. i have been for 3 months!" she yells.

"ive been with him for a year!" i yell back

"ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we scream in sink. we glare at each other until he comes down. 

"whats the matt- oh..." he awkwardly stands there.

"who is this? and why does she cliam she has been your girlfriend for 3 months?" i ask angirly.

"cause she is?" he shuggs.

"youve been cheating? FOR 3 MONTHS????" i scream.

"Mal, i can expla-"

"save it!" i walk out the door in tears, start my car and drive away. good thing he only lives 3 blocks away cause i need to get home. i make it and finally get into the house. the boys are on floor playing a board game and they all stare at me as i dash upstairs. i storm into my room, locking the door once i got in.

Harrys pov

"sh*t!" i say once i see Mal. her face is red and she was crying hystericaly. i run after her and the boys follow. we come to  the door and knock. 

"go away!" she yells.

"Mal, let us in." Niall says. "please?"

"ONLY niall." she commands. we turn to Niall and he goes red. the door unlocks and Niall scurries in. the door shuts behind him and we hear mummbles from the door. 

nialls pov

"what happened?" i ask once i find a seat on her bed. i look into her green eyes, pull a stand of her brown curly hair off of her face, and smile.

"Erin was c-cheating on m-me for t-thr-three months!" she cries. she starts to bawl and i hug her. she hugs back and keep crying. after about 10 more minutes, she stops and says, "i need Jade." she looks at her phone across the room and i go and get it.  i give it to her and rub her sholders and she texts Jade. 

mal: can you come over? :(

Jade: yea ! ill be there in 5 minutes.

Jade: make it ten, with ice cream.

she turns off her phone and puts in her lap. she looks and me and she smiles. she turns around so she is straddling me. 


i straddle Niall and look into his beautiful eyes. he leans in closer and closer until i feel his lips against mine. i kiss back, grabbing his head and pulling him closer. we kiss longer and longer until we brake to breathe. we smile and here a knock at the door. 


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