1. Prolouge


Justin's POV

I watched her as she danced and sang to Drake I remember her obsession over him.

But as the song ended I guess she thought it was time to go light one so she quickly exited the house I was hot on her trail.

She stood with her back to me as she lit her cigarette.

I knew she could feel my presence " What do you want Justin ?" She said turning around after puffing out a cloud of smoke.

"You still smoke Carrie?" I said admiring her features.

"You know why I do it Justin don't act innocent!" She said quickly raising her voice somewhat.

" you know every time you yell you turn me on baby I can still here you yelling my name." I said being my obnoxious self

"Screw you!" She said

"To late you already did!" I said smirking once again

"All you do is get drunk and go around screwing different girls every week Justin! All you do is play them that's why everyone calls you danger!" She yelled at me I just smirked even though on the inside I knew it was true I'm just a player people know that but I've got just the right looks to make them fall for me.

So this is my life I forgot to introduce myself I am Justin, Justin Bieber. I go to North Shore High School I am in 12th grade and so is my lovely friend Carrie we kinda have a rough relationship who am i kidding she hates my guts. I love her but this is all new to me love I've never experienced it before but I just mess up everything so here I am now talking to her as she spits rude things at me. If you're wondering why she's mad you'll just have to ask her yourself because she hates my guts and she isn't the only one there are many other girls who hate me they all call me Danger. You'll find out my story if you keep reading Danger.

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