Werehog In Love - Sonamy FanFiction

He always felt that he was very lucky to be the super hero. He loved the attention so much that sometimes he gets jealous when he sees one of his friends get more attention than he has.

One day, his enemy had a genius idea that made him being hated by everyone that once loves him: His family, his friends and even his girlfriend.

She, who wants everyone to refer her as Amy, was one of his first fans. She always greats him with an "I love you!" or one if her tight hugs. But she overcome her love to him four years ago.

One day, the evil doctor had a crazy idea that made her the unique one with no fear for this wild beast.

And suddenly, the wolf become obsessed with only one word: "Amy"

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2. First Chapter

Playlist: 01. Beyoncé ft. Jay Z - Crazy In Love

"Arrogance is weakness disguised as strength."




I was doing my usual run to clear some thoughts. But my mind would always drift to all the things that changed.

'My name is Sonic T. Hedgehog, nineteen years old; hot guy and proud! I'm as called the fastest thing alive and the "hero" and known by a lot of people. My best friend is a young genius blond named Miles Power but I like to call him Tails due to him always wearing his long yellow scarf that looks like two tails. 

There is Knuckles, a twenty three years old hot-heated guy. He has a very short temper but he's overprotective of his sister and the Master Emerald from a twenty one years old Rouge The Bat, his fiancé. They would always fight for the stupidest things.

There is Sally Acorn, my nineteen years old girlfriend and the princess of Mobius. She is a tomboy redheaded and hasa nice figure, yet, she would cause some unecessary attention towards other males.

Anyways, there is Charmy, Vector and Espio but they already leaved to Spain for an important mission that they didn't want tell me about. There is Silver T. Hedgehog, one of my brothers and the youngest. He has shockingly long silver hair, despite his young age. He has a giant crush on Blaze the cat, a purple headed sixteen years old girl with golden eyes.

Also, there is Shadow and Manic, my two other siblings. Manic is younger than me while Shadow is twenty. There is Cream T. Rabbit, a fifteen years old girl with an always cute smiley face; and her mother Vanilla T. Rabbit; who will eventually marry Vector.

And in the end, there is my first fan girl who now become an only memory. She is named Amelia Rose but prefers people calling her Amy Rose. She has to be now eighteen years old now. If you ask me what would she look like, I would answer you with I don't know. However, she had a bob style pinkish hair and emerald forest green eyes and always wore her red dress, white and red boots and had a headband. Sadly, she left Mobius three years ago. We still don't know how did she vanish in one night or how but we are sure that Rouge and Cream were the only people who saw the farewell. all that Cream stated was that Amy leftus for some serious business but she didn't tell us the reason.'

Suddenly, my phone ringed bringing me back to reality, I took it out of my pocket to see Tails' photo.
"Hey, buddy! What's up?" I asked answering the phone with a smile found its way on my lips.
"Sonic, we need you now! Dr. Eggman kidnapped Cream and we need to save her faster!" Tails said from the other line and from the tone of his voice, he was shouting, nervous and terrified. Of course, after all he have a crush on little lucky Cream.
"Okay, Tails! I'll meet you there!" I said and hung up then smirked and run as fast as I can towards Albert's den.

I run and entered faster thought the doors without the robots noticing and run towards a door said Don't Go In. I pushed the door open and saw Cream tied up in the corner of the room and shacking her head with a no while tears were falling from her eyes. I run towards her and untied her. Eggman was really stupid for keeping everything unsecured!
"Sonic, run! It's a trap-" Cream said but was cut by the closing doors and Albert's evil laughing. I clenched my fists and run towards the doors and tried to break them but couldn't. Then, some robots showed up and took Cream and tied her up again and put her in the corner of the room. I tried to run but I was cough in between four robots. I tried to kick them or punch them but I ended up hurting my hands even more because well, I'm not like Knuckles.
"Gave up or not, blue hedgehog?" Albert, or as we call him Dr. Eggman, asked to no one and started laughing again maniacally then told his robots to tie me up. I tried again to punch them but I only knocked out four or five of them while the others took me by my hands and feet and tied me up then throw me on a chair and on top of it was a very big laser that I couldn't see all of it from here, all I see was a red small dot. I started to panic.
"Now, Sonic do you want to hear my evil plane this time? Of course! Well, you are today my experience's mouse and I'm going to use this laser on you to see if you are going to change into an ugly beast!" He said to himself before laughing again.

'No! I don't want to be ugly! I don't want to be a beast! Anyone help me! Someone help me please!'  I screamed thought my head then looked at the laser again. Eggman pushed a red button and the small red dot turned into a crimson red huge ball of red and white lights before hitting me.

After some seconds, I heard a crash next to me and Eggman running away. I turned my head towards Tails who was panicking before drifting off to the darkness.


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~The Black Rose

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