M..m..michael clifford?

Jane is a girl who hides behind different personalities on an app online while chatting to strangers but then one day she goes by her real name when she is talking to someone. they decide to meet up and that moment changes her life forever


1. what?!!!

I walked into my room and laid on my bed. I went on my phone. I decided to scroll to Twitter before going on this app were you could chat with people. I loved the app because I could chat with people that don't know who I am and I can be someone else. I was scrolling when I got a notification. I checked it and screamed. "Aaaaah!" I screamed. My roommate came running into my room" are you okay?" She asked breathing heavily. " yeah! But hey look " I said and showed her my phone. "@Michael5sos is now following you" she read out" omg" she added. " I know I'm so happy" I said and started to jump around happily. 5sos is my favourite band and my favourite just followed me on Twitter. " congrats!, well I have to go. I have a date with Jackson" she said with a huge grin. " God luck" I shouted after her. I then took a picture of the notification and tweeted " is this a joke? If not thanks. @Michael5SOS. I locked my phone and laid down on my bed again. I couldn't stop smiling. I snapped out of my daydream when my phone vibrated. I looked at it and almost dropped my phone. He responded to my tweet, people rarely responded to my tweets. " no joke babe. @janeisa5sosunicorn" omfg I thought.

By the way my name is Jane, 18 soon 19. Looves music and 5sos. I live with my roommate Lucy in Norway.

I went on the chatting app and saw that I had a request. I accepted it and started to think about who I was going to be but was interrupted. The stranger sent me a message.

(J: Jane, m: mysterious man)

M: how u doing babe

J: fine handsome. How u doing?

M: 50/50.

J: what's wrong?

M: well I don't know the name to the girl I'm talking to and she doesn't know mine.

J: well my name is Jane.

M: mine is Mike

J: sooooo feeling better?

M: yup😜

J: hahah😂 weirdo🦄

M: says the girl who uses unicorn emoji.

J: that's because I'm a unicorn😎🦄

M: and I'M the weird one😂.

J: yup.

M: how did u know that I'm handsome?

J: what do you mean?

M: u called me handsome.

J: well u called me babe and I just assumed u were handsome.

M: okay. Well I have to go.

J: why

M: I have a plane to catch.

J: oh okay. Goodbye and goodnight handsome stranger😘

M: bye. But why good night?

J: because in the country I am in its midnight.

M: oh. Which country are you in?

J: Norway🇳🇴

M:hah cool I'm going there in a few days

J: awesome. Maybe we could meet up?

M: yeah maybe

J: okay bye.

I turned off my phone and went to brush my teeth. I changed into my pjs. It was an oversized tee.

Next day

I woke up and got in the shower and washed my my brown and purple hair. When I got out of the shower I changed into my favourite 5sos tee and some ripped jeans with my rainbow coloured converse. I was going to meet my parents. I don't think my dad is going to be thrilled at my decision to get a nose piercing and dye my hair purple ( kinda like Michaels galaxy hair) well I'm old enough and I hope he doesn't gets to mad.

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