M..m..michael clifford?

Jane is a girl who hides behind different personalities on an app online while chatting to strangers but then one day she goes by her real name when she is talking to someone. they decide to meet up and that moment changes her life forever


4. sure

 the rest of the concert was awesome. i had time of my life.  when the concert ended Michael brought me backstage again to meet  the  rest of the boys. i was really nervous what if they dont like me or thinks that i`m  crazy? well i am crazy but they don`t need to know that. i got backstage again and sat in the dressing room waiting for the boys since they had to changes clothes and stuff like that. i took out my phone and went on snapchat and tried out the different filters trying to entertain myself. i got bored of snapchat so i decided to make a musical.ly. i made one and was making my second when someone must have sneaked inn cause suddenly 5sos was on my phone screen. i screamed and dropped my phone since they scared." OMG! you guys scared me" i said and picked up my phone luckily it didn`t break. " sorry we didn`t mean to scare you we just wanna suprise you" Ashton said." so you are the famous Jane we been hearing all about" Calum said making both me and Michael blush. "not sure about the famous part but Jane that`s me" i said. " i know who you are." luke said. " you do?" both  me and Michael asked. " yes i seen your musical.lys and your tweet`s " he answerd. the rest of the time we just talked and played some games before i had to go since it was really late. i was about to go out the door when someone grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the persons arms. i realized it was Michael and hugged him tightly. " can u stay i don`t wan`t u to go out when it`s so late" he said while his head was in the crook of my neck." but won`t i just be in the way" i said wanting to stay but not wanting to be in the way. " and don`t you have to move on with your tour" i said pulling away a bit looking into his beautiful green eyes. " we have a 2 week hiatus and i wan`t to be with u can`t we like go on a vacation or something" he said hopeful. i didn`t want to take away the light in his eyes." sure. but where 2 go and i have to talk to lucy and pack.." i didn`t get to say anything more since he cut me off. "we`ll worry about that tommorow let`s go to sleep it`s late" michael  said.  i yawned and nodded i actually was really sleepy. we went to his hotel room. he shared one with luke but he had fallen asleep on calum and ashton`s couch so we shared the bed. he gave me a t-shirt i could wear. i went into the bathroom, changed and washed off my make up. i then went into the bed and cuddle up to michael who was half asleep. he put and arm around my waste and soon enough both of us were asleep.


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