M..m..michael clifford?

Jane is a girl who hides behind different personalities on an app online while chatting to strangers but then one day she goes by her real name when she is talking to someone. they decide to meet up and that moment changes her life forever


2. fine by me

 i drove to my parents house in my silver range rover. when i got there i parked my car and calmed myself down. i turned off the music which i was blasting all the way there (its a suprise i`m not deaf) i walked up the driveway and rang the bell. " come inn" someone yelled. i walked inn. my parents were inn the living room and my sister and some dude were there too. " hi" i shyly said since i didnt know the guy. " hi, Jane this is my fiance jack" my sister mandy said. " hi nice to meet you" jack said. we shook hands." hi i`m jane" i said back. i sat down on the couch next to my mom. " nice hair jane" my dad said. i was shocked." hahahahah! i knew you would be shocked" mom said. okay what is going on, my parents are acting weird." uhm whats going on?" i said. " i`m pregant"  mandy said. "OMG!  are you kidding with me?" i yelled and jumped of the couch. " no i`m really pregnant" mandy said all calm. "omfg" i said " language" mom said. " sorry, congratulations" i said and hugged mandy. " now you better not hurt her" i told jack before squezing the shit out of him 2.  after that i went home and found my roommate making out with Jackson on the couch so i grab my purse and left. i went to the park and sat down on a bench and decided to chat with mike. we talked for hours before he had to go. i walked a bit around the park and i bot an ice cream before i went home and gladly the were no longer on the couch but had went to his place ( thank god)

1 week later

me and mike had really gotten to know eachother, we had alot in common. like we both love pizza. he also told me mike were short for Michael. and we`re going to meet eachother on the 5sos concert i`m going to. he isnt a fan but said he would go there to meet me. how sweet! it think i may have a crush on him <3  

J: how u doin?

M: great, cant wait 2 u. you?

J: fine but bit annoyed since you won`t tell what u look like and i have already told u but fine by me i don`t need know since its not like i need to know how u look so i know who to look for when we are going  to meet. and  you cant just walk up to me and say you`re Michael since maybe some other guy named Michael hit on me and i think that is you but its not. 

M: Jane?



J: you think you`re funny don`t you

M: yeah and im not the only one

J:really who?

M: you and my mates. anyway about the whole look thing what if you ask me a question that only i know the answer.

J: ok. the question is .... which song is my favorite that 5sos have coverd?

M: american idot by green day.

J: yeah how u know

M: you would always listen to that one when we were skyping and you told me once.

J: oh anyway i got to go since im going out with lucy for dinner.

M: okay bye see you tommorow <3

J: bye babe<3

omg what did i just do. Why did I call him babe. Before I could continue my overthinking he responded

M: babe? What about I call you babe instead.

J: sure but what shall I call you?

J: I got it! Kitten!

M: kitten? How about bae?

J: oki doki😜❤️

M: well bye babe❤️

J: bye bae❤️

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