Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


16. The Outburst

Chapter Sixteen: The Outburst


Reggy was awoken the next morning by his alarm clock beeping cheerfully. He swiftly turned it off and turned his attention to the man curled against him who had stirred slightly at the sound but was now fast asleep once more. Reggy liked nothing more than waking up to find Kriss in his arms; his days of waking up cold and lonely now seemed to belong to another lifetime.

Kriss's chest was rising and falling slowly as he slept, and there was a hint of a smile around his mouth which was open slightly, expelling warm air across Reggy's skin. Reggy loved to watch him sleep and did so whenever the opportunity arose, even though Kriss teased him about it when he caught him. There was something about seeing him completely relaxed by his side, the innate trust which it symbolized, which made his heart flutter every time and whisper mine.

He really didn't want to move from that spot but he had to get ready for work so reluctantly extricated himself from Kriss's embrace. He started to get up but an arm around his waist pulled him backwards so that he ended up back where he started. Kriss hushed his protest with a firm kiss, testing Reggy's resolve to get up at all that day.

“Don't think you can get up without giving me my good morning kiss,” Kriss smiled, nuzzling into his neck.

Reggy chuckled and wrapped his arms around him securely. “I figured you could use the sleep, especially after last night.”

Kriss nipped at his ear and whispered, “I'd rather have you.”

The combination of his words and gentle touch sent a shiver down Reggy's spine and he turned his head to capture Kriss's lips in a heated kiss. “I've gotta leave in twenty minutes.”

Kriss reached down and wrapped his fingers around Reggy's arousal with a smirk. “Better make this quick then.”

Reggy arrived at work only a few minutes late but was still subjected to a knowing grin from Greg who was talking to Kenney and Kip. “Here's someone else who got lucky last night.”

“What? Just because I'm a few minutes late?” Reggy asked exasperatedly.

“Well, that and the giant hickey on your neck,” Greg smirked, pointing to the red mark just visible above Reggy's collar. Kip looked relieved to be out of the spotlight as all eyes followed Greg's finger.

Reggy simply shrugged and sat down. “How's Piper this morning?”

Greg laughed at the swift change of subject and took a seat behind his desk, handing Reggy a coffee. “She's good, thanks. Her mom's come down to look after her until she gets back on her feet.”

“Oooh. Live-in mother-in-law,” Kenney winced. “That should be fun for you.”

Greg chuckled. “She's not that bad. I'm just glad that Piper will have someone with her when I'm not there, after what happened last night.”

Reggy nodded and took a sip of coffee before turning to grin at Kip. “So, you've got a paramedic of your very own now then?”

Kip rolled his eyes with a smile. “Yes, Brad and I are officially in a relationship, and no, we haven't slept together yet, despite what some people may think.” He looked pointedly at Greg as he finished and Greg snorted loudly.

“Whatever man.”

Kenney slung an arm around Kip's shoulders. “Seriously, we're all really happy for you buddy. Brad's a good guy.”

“Thanks,” Kip smiled, wrapping his own arm around Kenney in a sideways hug.

The smiles were wiped off their faces by the approach of two official-looking men in black suits which just screamed "feds."

“Which one of you is officer Logins?”

“That's me,” Kenney replied, curious as to what they wanted.

One of the men held up a badge and gestured towards the door. “I'm agent Reeves from the FBI, and this is agent Jackson. Could you come with us please officer?”

Reggy and Greg both stood up simultaneously to protest. “What the hell is this about?” Reggy asked, his brow furrowed.

“We'd just like to ask him a few questions, that's all.”

“This is about the bomber, isn't it?” Reggy asked furiously.

The two feds exchanged a quick glance. “I'm afraid we're not at liberty to discuss that at the present time.”

“Not at liberty to discuss it?” Reggy asked in disbelief. “It was our case to start with, you-”

“Reggy,” Kenney interrupted quickly to avoid trouble, “it's okay. It's just a few questions.”

“No, this is about you being a suspect,” Reggy fumed.

“A suspect for what?” Kip asked, looking confused. “Not the bombings surely?”

If they were misguided enough to think that Kenney was involved, then Reggy wasn't going to keep their secret any longer. “They think a cop is helping the guy.”

The lead agent's eyebrows shot up in surprise, obviously not expecting Reggy to be privy to that information. He stepped close to them and lowered his voice.

“Look, we have to follow up all possible leads on this. We have evidence which warrants the questioning of officer Logins and it's our job to get it done, whether you like it or not. Let's not make a scene here.”

Reggy, Greg, and Kip all opened their mouths to protest further but Kenney held his hand up. “I'll go with them guys; I have nothing to hide.”

Kenney was led away by the two agents casually, so as not to alert the other officers to what was going on, while Reggy stood watching silently with Greg and Kip, his fists clenched in anger. He knew without a doubt that Kenney had absolutely nothing to do with this. If the feds had evidence against him, then he was being cleverly set up. The question was, by whom?

Reggy was royally pissed off. It had been a few hours since Kenney's departure and none of them had heard anything, not that they'd be told if there was news. Trust the feds to get everything wrong; they were a bunch of fucking idiots if they couldn't see this for what it really was. A set-up.

It was common knowledge within the bureau that Kenney was the latest in a long line of people in his family to join the force. He was a cop born and bred, and was a damn fine officer with an unblemished record. The idea that he would do something like this was quite simply laughable to all who knew him.

Both Greg and Kip had been unusually quiet since the feds had left, the latter having been given another officer to work with until Kenney's return which he was less than happy about. His new partner was young and eager, obviously straight out of the academy, and very anxious to do well. While Kip had nothing against him it just felt all wrong, and he hoped that he'd get his real partner back quickly.

Reggy was now sitting in the squad car with Greg, his expression betraying the anger bubbling beneath the surface.

“I'm sure Kenney will clear the whole thing up,” Greg said, rather unconvincingly.

They both knew what the feds could be like, having had the misfortune of dealing with them in the past. Reggy had told Greg everything from his conversation with the chief, figuring he might as well finish what he'd started. Whilst initially shocked by the revelations, Greg had been totally understanding of his silence up until then. He realized what a difficult position Reggy had been put into and Reggy was very thankful for his support.

Reggy turned to face him, preparing to voice his skepticism, when the radio blared to life. It was directed at another squad car across town; an ambulance was requesting assistance at an incident where a man had become violent. Reggy got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, which only increased as the message went on to report that a paramedic had been injured.

“Let's go Greg.”

Greg gave him an exasperated look. “It's right the way across town Reg, which is why dispatch didn't call us. We've been through this before; the odds of Kriss being involved are slim at best.”

Reggy shook his head. “It's different this time."

“Uh-huh,” Greg replied, looking thoroughly unconvinced.

“Look Greg, I can't explain it but I know it's Kriss,” Reggy said firmly. “I just feel it. Can you just trust me? Please?”

Greg took one look at his pleading expression and relented. “Okay,” he sighed, pulling away and hitting the sirens, “but I'm gonna kick your ass if we go all the way over there for nothing.”

Reggy couldn't help smiling, despite his worry. “Deal.”

They arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes, having pushed the pedal to the metal. Reggy's bad gut-feeling was proved right when they both saw Brad tending to Kriss in the back of the ambulance, but he was too worried to feel any sense of triumph.

When Kriss spotted Reggy walking quickly towards him, Greg not far behind, he turned on Brad accusingly. “You said you wouldn't call him Brad.”

Brad frowned and turned, making eye contact with Reggy. “I didn't Kriss, I swear.”

Reggy climbed into the back of the ambulance and gently cupped Kriss face to inspect the damage as Brad stepped aside. Kriss's lip was cut and there were abrasions down one cheek.

Kriss opened his mouth to speak but the sound of drunken shouting made Reggy turn to see the perp, in cuffs, being dragged to a nearby squad car by two officers. He was barely aware of his actions as he released Kriss and headed towards the man; his fury blocking out everything else, including Kriss's shouts for him to come back. After everything that had happened, this incident proved to be the final straw and finally pushed his anger beyond all control.

He reached the man in four strides and wasted no time in punching his face so hard that he was knocked to the ground, despite the officers attempting to keep hold of him.

“How does it feel, you sonofabitch?”

The other two officers were staring at Reggy, clearly confused by the outburst. It was only Greg's arms around Reggy which stopped him from finishing the man off, although he struggled to get free.


He stopped struggling when he heard that voice and turned. Kriss was standing just behind him and it was the first time that Reggy had seen him truly angry. His own anger quickly evaporated at the sight.

Satisfied that he wasn't going to try anything further, Greg released his grip and the other cops quickly dragged the nearly unconscious man to their car.

“Please excuse us for a moment Greg,” Kriss said icily. “Reggy and I need to have a little talk.”

Greg beat a hasty retreat as Kriss stepped closer to Reggy and crossed his arms, glaring. “What the hell did you think you were doing ?”

“Don't tell me you're defending him after what he did?” Reggy asked in disbelief, his anger re-igniting.

“What did he do Reg?” Kriss responded angrily. “Do you even know? No, you don't, because you didn't even stop to ask me what happened, you just charged in like a bull in a china shop.”

He sighed and dropped his arms. “This,” he gestured to his face, “was nothing more than an accident. Sure the guy was being aggressive, but he didn't hit me Reg; I fell. Brad called for back-up because we couldn't handle him on our own.”

Reggy's whole body seemed to slump as the fight went out of him, and he looked down at the ground. “I'm sorry Kriss; I fucked up.”

Kriss stepped closer to him and hooked a finger under his chin to force his gaze upwards. I understand your need to protect me Reg, really I do, but please don't let your anger dictate your actions. I've seen too many people go down that road and, believe me, it only ends in pain for everyone involved.” He released Reggy's chin but kept their gazes locked. “I just want you to be the man I fell in love with.”

Reggy sank back against the car beside him and ran a hand across his face wearily. “I know, and I want to be that person Kriss. It's just been a really bad day.”

Kriss heard the remorse and misery in Reggy's words and felt his heart clench. He should have guessed that something bad had happened to make Reggy act this way. He reached out to put a hand on his arm supportively. “Tell me.”

Greg and Brad stood watching them worriedly from a little way off.

“Well, Kriss stopped shouting,” Greg remarked. “That's got to be a good sign, right?”

“Yeah,” Brad replied, “unless he's gone into the second phase of his anger when he goes really quiet.”

Greg shook his head. “I never thought I'd see Kriss angry. He doesn't look like he's got it in him.”

Brad let out a bark of laughter. “Don't be fooled man. Kriss may be Mr nice guy the majority of the time, but get on his bad side and you'll regret it.”

“Speaking from experience?” Greg smirked.

“I may have been on the receiving end once or twice,” Brad grinned. “I just hope that Reggy has got a good defense.”

“He has,” Greg sighed. “He just needs to tell Kriss what happened with Kenney.”

Brad looked at him sharply. “What happened with Kenney?”

As Kriss listened to Reggy's description of the morning's events and everything he'd kept inside over the last few weeks, his momentary loss of control became clear. When he'd finished, Kriss wasted no time at all in pulling him into a hug; whispering words of comfort and reassurance as Reggy leaned into him.

“So, are we okay?” Reggy asked quietly when they finally broke apart.

Kriss squeezed his arm. “Of course we are. I just hope you're not gonna get into trouble over this.”

Reggy shrugged and gave him a shaky smile as they headed over to where Brad and Greg were waiting. “As long as I've got you, I can take anything they throw at me.”

“Did you crazy kids work everything out?” Greg asked when they were within earshot.

“Yeah, we're good,” Kriss replied with a small smile.

“Okay, we'd all better get back to work then before we get fired,” Greg said, clapping his hands together.

Reggy nodded and leans down to kiss Kriss quickly, careful to avoid his cut. “I'll see you later.”

“Let me know if you hear anything about Kenney, okay?”

“I promise.”

Reggy felt a little better after his heart-to-heart with Kriss but, as he walked back to the car with Greg, he had the distinct feeling that the day was only going to get worse. The moment they got back to the bureau at the end of the day, he heard something which made his stomach drop.


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