Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


6. Temper's Rested

Chapter Six: Temper's Rested


Reggy had actually fallen into a light doze when he heard the key in the lock some time later, jolting awake and scaring Mokka who was asleep shot off the couch and to Kriss. Kriss bent in the doorway to reassure the humanly dog that it was okay. Then looked at Reggy clearly unsure whether to expect further hostility.

Reggy got up off the couch in one fluid movement and walked towards him, his heart clenching at Kriss's wary expression. He immediately pulled Kriss up and into a hug and whispered, "I'm sorry," in his ear. Kriss relaxed into the embrace, wrapping his arms around him, and Reggy felt the tension drain from his body.

"I know I completely over-reacted," Reggy continued, still hugging Kriss tightly. "I was just so scared that I could have lost kinda made me crazy for a while."

"I know Reg and I'm sorry for putting you through that," Kriss said into his neck, "but you'll have to deal with the fact that I'm gonna face another dangerous situation sooner or later. I need to know that you trust me to make my own decisions."

Reggy pulled back and looked into his eyes seriously. "I do, and I'll support you whatever. I can't pretend that I won't be worried sick're kinda important to me you know."

Kriss smiled and gave him a kiss which Reggy immediately deepened, restoring his inner peace.

"Well that's our first argument out of the way," Reggy smirked a few minutes later, still holding Kriss tightly in his arms.

"Hey, you know what the best part of arguing is?" Kriss asked with a gleam in his eye and Reggy shook his head, feeling a thrill of anticipation.

Kriss grinned and replied, "Making up afterward." With that he grabbed a grinning Reggy's hand and led him towards the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind them.

The next morning, Reggy awoke to an empty bed and the sound of the shower running in the next room. Grinning to himself he got up and crept into the bathroom, shedding his few items of clothing as he went. He couldn't see Kriss clearly through the steamed up glass as he approached and silently opened the door.

Kriss had his back to him as he stepped into the shower and Reggy took a moment to admire the alluring view of the soapy water running in rivulets down every curve of Kriss's body. He moved forwards and wrapped his arms around him, making the shorter man jump slightly.

"I thought you were asleep," Kriss smiled, turning his head sideways to look at Reggy.

Reggy shrugged and kissed his nose. "I was but this looked like more fun."

"Hmm," Kriss grinned. "Are you holding a gun to my back or are you just pleased to see me?"

"I'm always pleased to see you," Reggy murmured, nuzzling Kriss's neck, "the more of you the better."

There was an answering snort. "You're insatiable, you know that?"

"Only with you."

Kriss let out a groan as Reggy intensified his ministrations. "Why do I get the feeling that I'm gonna be late for work this morning?"

"Do you want me to stop?" Reggy asked in between kisses and nips to Kriss's shoulder.

"Hell no."

Kriss gasped as Reggy entered him in one swift movement, the soap acting as sufficient lubricant for both of them, and braced his hands against the tiles in front of him. Any initial discomfort was quickly replaced by indescribable pleasure and Kriss surrendered himself to it completely as Reggy began gentle thrusts.

Reggy was still amazed by the sheer force of the emotions that ran through his body when he was with Kriss. Every time felt like the first. He was breathing heavily as he continued to lavish attention on Kriss's neck, his hands gripping Kriss's hips firmly to anchor him as the hot water cascaded down both of their bodies.

"Harder Reg," Kriss panted and Reggy felt a surge of desire as he increased his speed, pulling out almost completely before slamming back in at the right angle to hit Kriss's prostate again and again.

Kriss was almost incoherent by this point, bowing his head and screwing his eyes shut as he felt the familiar stirrings beginning. Reggy sensed that Kriss was close and reached around to stroke him firmly, feeling his own orgasm hurtling towards him.

"Oh God Reg."

Kriss suddenly threw his head back and cried out, exploding over Reggy's hand and up the tiled wall as he climaxed. Reggy was powerless to stop himself following, emptying himself deep within Kriss as waves of ecstasy spread throughout his entire body and stars danced across his vision. His legs felt like jelly as he softened and slipped out of Kriss who sagged back against his chest, the shower already washing away all evidence of their activities.

"Fuck," Reggy exclaimed breathlessly, wrapping his arms around Kriss firmly.

"I believe we just did that," Kriss replied cheekily and Reggy chuckled as he grabbed a sponge and began to wash Kriss's body.

"We do seem to get better and better at it though don't we?" Reggy said a moment later. "I think they should make it an Olympic event."

Kriss laughed, grabbing the sponge from Reggy to return the favor. "In that case we'll need a lot more practice; purely in the interest of perfecting the technique obviously."

"You've sure as hell got my vote."

Reggy found it incredible that he'd only been with Kriss for just over a month; he really couldn't imagine his life without him in it. Kriss was never far from his mind, a constant source of strength and support when he needed it, and he now looked forward to every day and cherished every moment spent with the man he loved.

There hadn't been any further arguments, although Reggy had been forced to deal with his irate chief for going into the building after Kriss and disobeying a direct order. Luckily Taliesin was a reasonable man and had always liked him so he got off with just a warning. Reggy couldn't bring himself to regret his actions, knowing he'd do the same thing again without hesitation.

He hadn't crossed paths with Kriss at work for a while but they now went out regularly with the guys after their shifts had finished; as Reggy put it, Kriss was now officially part of the gang.

The only black cloud hanging over everything was the as yet unidentified bomber, who seemed to be gaining in confidence and constantly challenging them to stop him. The bomb which had destroyed the office block had killed eleven people and there was now a great deal of fear within the city. The FBI had stepped in to help them to identify and apprehend the bomber before he struck again but no one was particularly optimistic about their chances; this bomber was very smart and always seemed to be several steps ahead of them.

"Hey Reggy," Kip said, perching on the edge of Reggy's desk at the end of yet another long shift and casting a shadow over his work, "do you know what tomorrow is?"

"Yeah, it's Saturday," Reggy said without looking up from his report.


"'s the day after Friday and before Sunday," Reggy replied as he finished writing. He glanced up to see Kip looking put out.

"Oh, I know," Reggy said, snapping his fingers, and Kip brightened up considerably, "it's karaoke night at The Tiger's Eye."

The smile quickly slid off Kip's face.

"Stop teasing him Reg," Kriss laughed, coming up behind them. He regularly dropped in to meet Reggy after work and see the guys; he found that he enjoyed the playful banter, especially after a difficult day which there'd been a lot more of lately.

"Hey," Reggy grinned, pulling him down for a chaste kiss.

"Just ignore him Kip," Kriss said reassuringly when he straightened up. "He's well aware that it's your birthday tomorrow, aren't you Reg."

"How can I not be," Reggy muttered, taking Kriss's hand in his own, "he's been going on about it for the last week."

"You're gonna come out with us to celebrate aren't you Kriss?" Kip said pleadingly. "It wouldn't be the same without you."

Reggy snorted. "However did you cope in previous years Kip?" he asked as Kenney and Greg walked over, smiling at Kriss in greeting.

"With difficulty. I had to put up with you being eternally grumpy."

Greg, who'd just sat down at his desk, let out a bark of laughter. "He's got you there Reggy."

Reggy opened his mouth to argue, then realized that Kip was right and closed it again. Kriss gave his hand a reassuring squeeze and smiled, "I wouldn't miss it Kip."

"Great," Kip grinned, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

"Come on birthday boy," Kenney said, grabbing Kip's arm and guiding him away, "we've got reports to finish before we can leave. See you later guys."

Kriss waved and watched them go, then he moved behind Reggy and started rubbing his shoulders gently. "You almost finished Reg?"

"Yeah," Reggy replied, tilting his head back and closing his eyes, "although I may never move from this spot if you keep doing that."

Kriss smiled and bent down to give him an upside-down kiss, feeling an answering smile from Reggy.

"Eww, I didn't need to see that," Lamar said disgustedly from his desk a few feet away.

"Don't watch then," Kriss said firmly and Reggy snorted in amusement.

Kriss had already had the misfortune of meeting Lamar and was all too used to his attitude, having had to deal with it many times in the past.

"You shouldn't be doing that in public, it's disgusting," Lamar muttered, wrinkling his nose.

Reggy tensed but Kriss squeezed his shoulder reassuringly.

"You know what Lamar?" Kriss said, crossing his arms and looking into Lamar's eyes steadily. "Over the years I've discovered that people say things like that for one of two reasons; because they're an ignorant dumbass, or because they're insecure about their own sexual identity." He paused, then asked, "So which are you?"

Lamar spluttered indignantly. "I'm not insecure about anything."

Kriss nodded. "Then you're a dumbass," he said firmly, as if that settled the matter, and turned away.

Greg and Reggy burst into laughter at the look of absolute outrage on Lamar's face and Kriss couldn't help grinning as Reggy slipped an arm around his waist.

"You'd better watch it man," Lamar said, pointing a finger threateningly but Kriss just smiled.

"Oh fuck off Lamar," Reggy said dismissively, getting to his feet with a stretch and putting on his jacket, "you don't scare anyone." He took Kriss's hand and turned to Greg. "See you tomorrow night buddy."

"Sure thing," Greg grinned. "Have fun kids."

Reggy rolled his eyes but Kriss winked at Greg and said, "Oh we will."

"Happy birthday Kip," Kenney smiled, raising his glass to his partner.

The others raised their glasses as well, echoing the sentiment, and Kip smiled at them all happily.

He had decided that, to celebrate his birthday, the five of them would have dinner at his favorite restaurant before going on to a club afterward. He was determined that this would be the year in which he'd find someone special; lately he had found himself envying what Reggy had with Kriss, their love for each other plain to see.

"Another year older and, hopefully, wiser," Kenney said, clapping Kip on the back.

"Well, if that's true, then I'm the wisest person at this table," Kriss grinned.

"And we bow down to your infinite wisdom master," Reggy said solemnly, dropping his head in submission.

"You're learning," Kriss replied cheekily and Reggy laughed, slinging an arm around his shoulders.

"I hope we don't have to wait too long for our food," Greg said, looking towards the kitchen hopefully, "I'm starving."

A panicked shout from a table across the restaurant unexpectedly drew everyone's attention.

"Someone call an ambulance," a woman screamed, cradling a man who had collapsed on the floor and a waiter quickly ran to call 911.

Before anyone could blink, Kriss was out of his seat and and rushing over to them. The others got up and followed, ready to offer help if needed.

Kriss dropped down beside the man quickly. "It's okay," he said to the terrified woman, "I'm a paramedic. I need you to move back a little okay?"

The woman nodded, looking a little relieved.

"Does he have any known medical problems?" Kriss asked as he loosened the man's shirt and felt for a pulse.

"Yes, he had a heart attack last year," she said tearfully.

Kriss nodded and put his head to the man's chest.

"His heart's stopped," he said and looked around at Reggy as the man's wife moaned pitifully. "Do you know how to do artificial respiration Reg?"

"Yeah," Reggy frowned, "well, I took a course a few years ago but..."

"Good," Kriss said, cutting him off, "I need you to breathe for him while I do CPR."

"Okay," Reggy said nervously, kneeling down next to the man's head. "I'm a bit out of practice though."

"That's alright, I'll tell you what to do," Kriss said reassuringly and Reggy nodded determinedly.

"Right, tilt his head back and lift his chin up." He watched as Reggy complied. "Good. Now pinch his nostrils closed and, when I tell you to, take a deep breath and seal your mouth over his. Then breathe slowly into his mouth twice. Got it?"

"Got it," Reggy nodded, getting in position as Kriss began doing chest compressions. After fifteen compressions, he said, "Breathe," and Reggy followed his earlier instructions. There was complete silence in the restaurant as they worked, everyone watching the dramatic scene. The man's wife sat with her hands clasped tightly in front of her face as if in prayer, her tear-filled eyes fixed on her husband's pale face.

After several rounds of compressions, and as the sound of sirens approached, Kriss asked Reggy to wait a moment while he pressed two fingers to the man's neck.

After a few suspense-filled seconds Kriss said, "We've got a pulse," and there was a collective sigh of relief throughout the restaurant followed by scattered applause. Reggy felt elated as he sat back on his heels and let out a deep breath. Kriss flashed him a smile as he continued to monitor the patient.

Only moments later a team of paramedics were on the scene and Kriss filled them in on the situation as they gave the man oxygen and strapped him to a stretcher. His wife tearfully hugged and thanked both Kriss and Reggy before following her husband to the waiting ambulance.

"Wow, you're certainly handy to have around in an emergency," Greg smiled as Kriss rejoined them and they walked back to their table.

"Yeah," Kip agreed, his eyes filled with admiration, "you were incredible Kriss."

"He certainly was," Reggy said proudly, putting an arm around Kriss and kissing the top of his head.

"Hey, what about you Reg?" Kriss said seriously, turning to look at him. "You were fantastic."

Reggy shrugged. "I was just doing what you told me to do."

"Well as far as I'm concerned you're both heroes," Greg said firmly, "and, as such, deserve a bottle of the best champagne."

The manager of the restaurant later insisted that their meal and champagne was on the house.

"I can see why you love your job now," Reggy said softly as they lay in each other's arms that night, his fingers lightly tracing a pattern over Kriss's skin. "The buzz you get from knowing you helped save someone's life is pretty incredible."

"Yeah," Kriss replied quietly, "but, no matter how many people I save, it doesn't help the crushing feeling of watching others die; seeing the light go out of their eyes and knowing there's nothing I can do to stop it."

Reggy tightened his hold, rubbing Kriss's back gently. "You can't save everyone Kriss."

"I know," Kriss sighed.

"But you saved me," Reggy continued and Kriss looked up into his eyes questioningly. "I had no idea just how empty my life was until I met you. You've lit up my world."

Kriss's eyes were bright as he leaned in to kiss Reggy tenderly. "And you've lit up mine Reg," he replied softly. "I love you."

Reggy smiled, cupping Kriss's face in his hands. "Snap."

"Kriss's asked me to move in with him," Reggy said conversationally as he and Greg sat in their squad car waiting for a call.

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