Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


14. Night Dance

Chapter Fourteen: Night Dance


"You're very quiet Reg. Everything okay?"

Reggy glanced up from the remains of his dinner which he'd been pushing around the plate for the last ten minutes and sighed, letting his fork drop with a clatter.

"Yeah. This bomber case is just getting to me I guess."

The truth was he'd been replaying his conversation with Taliesin over and over in his head all day and he still couldn't quite believe it. One of their own, one of their goddamned own, was in on this. The thought made him sick to his stomach. He'd actually found himself studying every officer in the bureau in great detail, looking for any signs of deceit or malice, but of course found nothing.

Kriss gave him an sympathetic look as he got up to clear the dishes. "No new leads then I take it?"

"No," he replied, taking a mouthful of beer and watching a drop of condensation slide down the outside of the bottle slowly, "not that I'd know if there were." He looked up to see a confused frown on Kriss's face. "The feds have taken over the case," he added in explanation.

Kriss's frown deepened further as he walked back from the sink and came to stand behind Reggy, beginning a gentle massage of his shoulders. "Why?"

Reggy closed his eyes and dropped his head, feeling the tension being worked from his muscles. "I really wish I could tell you but I'm not allowed to talk about it."

"Top secret huh?"

Reggy smiled slightly. "Something like that."

He felt his previous feelings of guilt return, wanting nothing more than to talk the whole thing through with Kriss. It had absolutely nothing to do with trust, he trusted Kriss more than anyone else on the planet, no, this was a matter of honor. He'd given his word and he wasn't about to break it. He was also a little ashamed that a Harris cop could be involved, it certainly cast a dark shadow over the entire force.

"Nothing I can do to help then?" Kriss asked, breaking into his thoughts.

Reggy opened his eyes and tilted his head back, his hand creeping up to enclose Kriss's as he met his gaze. He was once again reminded just how lucky he was to have this man in his life. How many other people would have simply accepted his word without pushing for more information? He smiled up into Kriss's warm icy eyes.

"You always help Kriss."

Kriss smiled back and studied him thoughtfully for a moment, then abruptly patted his arm. "Come on."

"Come on where?" Reggy asked with a frown as Kriss grabbed both of their jackets and threw Reggy his.

"You'll see," Kriss replied mysteriously, heading for the door.

Reggy gave up questioning him at that point and got up to follow, pulling his jacket on as he went.

It was still pleasantly warm outside, the heat of the day lingering as the first few stars appeared in the night sky. Reggy was content to let Kriss lead him down the maze of streets, his hand holding onto Reggy's own reassuringly.

They eventually reached a large park which Reggy didn't recognize, at least not in the dark. The sound of the bustling traffic faded slightly as they walked further inside, the grass softening their footsteps. Reggy heard music coming from somewhere ahead as Kriss continued to lead him, heading towards lights twinkling in the gloom. As they got closer, he was able to hear the music more clearly and instantly recognized the tune being played. It was an instrumental version of one of his favorite songs.

"Beautiful Chances," he murmured in wonder and Kriss glanced back at him with a smile.

They emerged from the trees into a softly lit clearing where many other couples were enjoying the music, some sitting or lying on blankets while others were on their feet and swaying in each other's arms. A talented band of musicians playing an assortment of instruments were positioned on a temporary stage in the center, bringing the music to life in such a way that it felt like stepping into a bygone age, leaving the savage reality of modern Harris far behind.

They found a secluded spot under a nearby tree and sat down to listen, Kriss settling in between Reggy's long legs and resting back against his chest. Reggy was already feeling more relaxed as the gentle strains flowed over him.

"How did you know about this?" he whispered, not wanting to break the spell by raising his voice.

Kriss turned his head and smiled. "A friend of mine told me about it. There's always a group of musicians playing here every night, as long as the weather's fine." He turned to look back at the stage and Reggy followed his gaze.

"They're not professionals, they all have regular jobs in the day. They do it because they love to play and they want to share that love with others. I've always found it very therapeutic after a tough day, just letting your troubles float away on the breeze and the music stir your soul."

Reggy couldn't have put it better himself. Kissing the top of Kriss's head, he settled back against the tree to listen as a new song began. He pushed all other thoughts out of his mind and lost track of time, concentrating solely on the music and the feel of Kriss's warm weight against him. If the world ended now, he would die a happy man.

Some time later the band started to play the introduction of a familiar song which made Reggy smile and abruptly get to his feet, dislodging Kriss who had been almost falling asleep and was now frowning up at him.

"Where are you going?"


"What did you get up for then?"

Reggy smiled at Kriss's confused expression and held out his hand. "May I have this dance?"

Kriss's frown immediately turned into a warm smile as he grasped Reggy's hand and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. Reggy wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close, starting to sway gently as Kriss rested his head on his shoulder and held onto him contentedly. Reggy loved the way Kriss fitted perfectly against him, almost as if they were two parts of the same puzzle. He closed his eyes and began to sing quietly, his voice deep and rich.


As the light fades,

we hold tight to our love.

Against the darkness and the cold, till the finale breath.

Shall the sun rise with everlasting love.”


Kriss couldn't help smiling as he listened; it seemed that Reggy had a few surprises of his own. The rest of the world fell away and his eyelids slipped shut as he slowly swayed in the arms of the man he had grown to love so much.


When the sun goes down tonight.

In the warmth of your arms, I am safe and comfortable.

Radiating love that inspire the world to make love.

If tonight we are to draw our finale breath,

may we be remembered for our love and love of life.”


Kriss raised his head and met Reggy's gaze as he sang the last few words, trying to convey the depth of emotion that he was feeling. Their movements stilled and, to Reggy, it seemed like time itself had stopped; that they could almost stay in that moment forever. The shadows cast by the swaying limbs of the tree above them moved almost hypnotically across Kriss's face and he could see every sparkling light reflected in the dark eyes locked with his. They both leaned forward at the same time and their lips met in the most tender of kisses as they moved even closer, their bodies pressed tightly against each other. The music had changed to a different tune but neither of them were listening anymore, both completely lost in the embrace.

Reggy pulled back, a beautiful smile gracing his face. "Thank you Kriss."

"For what?" Kriss asked softly with a slight frown.

"For bringing me here, for being you, for loving me."

Kriss smiled and cupped Reggy's jaw with one hand. "That bit's easy."

They resumed their slow dance, Kriss's head resting on Reggy's shoulder once more, and stayed in each other's arms through countless old classic melodies. After a while Reggy felt a few drops of rain hit his face and he looked up to see that the stars had been covered by clouds. The gentle pitter patter gradually increased in intensity but they kept on dancing as everyone else around them ran for cover. The band had apparently decided to stay until they had finished the song, sheltered slightly by the trees.

Despite the fact that he was rapidly getting soaked to the skin, Reggy didn't want to move from that spot and from the looks of things neither did Kriss. He wasn't cold; if anything the rain was quite refreshing, sweetening the air and creating it's own melody as it hit the parched earth.

They were now the only couple in sight, holding on so tightly to each other that it was difficult to say where one person ended and the other began. Reggy knew that it was one of those moments that would forever be imprinted in his memory; dancing in the pouring rain with the man he loved as the band played just for them.

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