Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


15. Halloween Scare

Chapter Fifteen: Halloween Scare


Reggy sat in the squad car with Greg, brooding over the mysterious terrorist. Everything had gone quiet again, as far as Reggy could tell anyway. There had been no bombings since the skyway attack several weeks previously, and he hadn't heard about any more anonymous phone calls. Reggy suspected that the FBI raid had forced the bomber to lay low for a while; it had been a close call for him but he would no doubt continue his campaign of terror once the dust had settled.

Reggy had gone into work that morning with Greg, since Kriss had an earlier shift, and they'd stopped at the coffee house for the first time in several weeks, much to the delight of Holly who pressed Reggy for an update on his love life while he waited. She was genuinely happy that things were going so well and he'd promised to visit more often.

It was a miserable October day, the sun deserting them for the first time in many weeks, and there was a constant drizzle of rain, just enough to be an annoyance to the many people out on the streets.

"I wish the weather would make its mind up," Reggy moaned as he watched the water collect on the windscreen. "Either rain properly or stop for fuck's sake."

Greg looked over at him with a grin. He'd learns long ago that bad weather made Reggy grumpy.

They'd had a relatively easy morning, just a couple of robberies and a few traffic violations to deal with. It seemed the weather was dampening everyone's spirit, even the criminals. Greg decided to change to a cheerier topic to distract him.

"Piper's having her first ultrasound scan on Monday."

Reggy turned his head, a genuine smile lighting his face. "Really? Are you going too?"

"Try and stop me," Greg grinned. "I don't wanna miss the first glimpse of our little Waterrunner."

"Waterrunner?" Reggy laughed, "It'll be Waterrunner soon enough. Are you gonna find out the sex?"

"Nah," Greg shook his head. "We want it to be a surprise. Of course that means yours truly painting the nursery in completely neutral colors which can match a girl or a boy."

"Any preference?"

"We've both said we don't mind as long as the baby's healthy but I have to admit I've always wanted a son. I'll honestly be happy either way though."

"I have no doubts that you'll make a great father," Reggy said earnestly, "and I'll be happy to take the role of favorite uncle."

Greg laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. "You'll have to fight off a few others for that one, including Kriss."

"Okay," Reggy amended, "Kriss and I will be joint favorites."

The blare of the radio abruptly ended their fun, calling for assistance to a possible case of domestic violence. When they arrived at the specified address an ambulance was already there and they found two familiar figures outside the apartment door.

"The guy won't let us in Reg," Kriss said as they reached them. "A woman made the 911 call from inside this apartment."

Reggy nodded and raised his fist to hammer on the door loudly. "Harris PD, open up."

A man's voice shouted from the other side. "Just leave us the hell alone. We don't need you here."

"Look we can do this the easy way or the hard way," Reggy called back, "but we're coming in there."

After a few moments there was the scrape of locks being pulled back and the door swung open to reveal a man in his mid-thirties, dressed in just a pair of tracksuit pants and a vest. He was unshaven and scruffy looking. Over his shoulder Reggy could see a woman hunched over on the couch.

"What do you want?" the man said aggressively.

"We received a 911 call from a woman at this address which we have to follow up," Reggy explained calmly. "Can we come in please?"

The man looked ready to argue but then sighed defeatedly and stood to one side to let them pass. Kriss and Brad immediately went over to check on the woman as Reggy and Greg questioned the man further.

"Reg?" Kriss called after a few minutes.

Reggy left Greg to deal with the man, who was loudly protesting his innocence, and walked over to Kriss who stood up to talk to him in private.

"Geez," Reggy exclaimed quietly when he got a good look at the woman's face. "Did he do this?"

"She's refusing to say," Kriss murmured, "but we need to get her to hospital. I think she has a broken cheek bone and possible broken ribs. Someone's done quite a number on her, that's for sure."

"Okay, you two get her outta here and we'll take him in for questioning."

Kriss nodded and moved to help the woman to her feet. This caused an immediate hostile response from her boyfriend.

"Hey, get your hands off her," he yelled, crossing the room in two strides and shoving Kriss roughly up against the wall.

Before Reggy could so much as move Kriss had delivered a swift blow to the man's gut and reversed their positions, holding him effectively in place with his face to the wall. Reggy rushed forward to cuff him then turned him around and slammed him back angrily.

"You wanna start something tough guy? Huh?" Reggy shouted furiously, his fingers tightening around the man's throat.

Greg thought it prudent to intervene at that point before Reggy's temper could get the better of him.

"Reg," Kriss warned as Greg moved to take over. Reggy released him roughly and gave him a last filthy look before letting Greg lead him out to the car.

"I'll take her down Kriss," Brad murmured as Reggy came towards them, his face still flushed with anger.

"Thanks Brad, I'll be there in a minute."

"Are you okay?" Reggy asked worriedly once Brad was out of sight.

"I'm fine," Kriss replied patiently. "What was that anyway?"

"What?" Reggy frowned.

Kriss folded his arms and raised his eyebrows. "Don't play innocent with me. You nearly lost control for a minute there Reg."

Reggy sighed. "I know, I just saw red for a moment what with everything that's happened..."

"You mean Casimir," Kriss replied knowingly, holding Reggy's gaze.

"I can't stand the thought of anyone hurting you Kriss."

Kriss shook his head with a smile. "My knight in shining armor," he said, uncrossing his arms and taking Reggy's hand, "but, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm quite capable of taking care of myself."

Reggy looked sheepish. "I know you are. I guess I'm just feeling a little over-protective that's all."

Kriss squeezed his hand gently. "That's understandable I guess, but you should be careful Reg or one day that temper of yours is gonna get you into real trouble."

"Yes dad," Reggy mumbled, looking at the floor.

Kriss laughed, wrapped an arm around his waist, and guided him to the door. "Come on junior, let's get back to work."

"I don't know about you but I'm glad today's finally over," Reggy sighed, rubbing his face wearily.


Greg, who was sitting at his desk opposite, nodded with a smile. "It has seemed like a long one, hasn't it? You got any plans tonight?"

Reggy let his arm flop down onto his desk, trying to suppress a yawn. "Yeah, a long, hot, shower and an early night."

"Sounds good to me," a familiar voice said behind him.

Reggy smiled as a pair of arms came around his chest and he turned his head to give Kriss a quick kiss.

"Hey Brad," Greg grinned, ignoring Reggy and Kriss's all too familiar display of affection to greet the man standing behind them awkwardly. He spread his hands. "Welcome to our parlor."

Brad smiled and looked around the room as Kriss straightened up and put an arm around his shoulders. "Brad felt the need to come with me today for some reason, didn't you Brad?" he smirked.

"Did you Brad?" Greg said in mock surprise. "I really can't imagine why."

"Hey, I was just curious to see where you guys worked that's all," Brad replied defensively.

"Uh-huh," Reggy grinned, noticing that Brad's eyes were constantly scanning the room. "Tell me, are you looking for anyone in particular?"

Brad's eyes snapped back to Reggy. He looked like a child who'd been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and the rest of them couldn't help laughing at his expression.

"Hey Brad," Kip called as he approached the group with Kenney, a smile instantly lighting his face. Brad grinned, happy to see him and relieved by the distraction.

"Do you know, I think we've found who he was looking for," Greg smirked from his seat.

"Just as well," Kriss grinned, " I've had to put up with him being distracted all day by a certain someone."

Kenney laughed. "You too huh? We should compare notes."

"Hey," Kip protested, looking more than a little embarrassed. "Come on Brad, I'll show you around." He pulled Brad away by the arm, the others watching them go with barely contained amusement.

"Ahh...sweet revenge," Reggy smiled, taking Kriss's hand and kissing it.

"Hey, have you guys got anything planned for Halloween?" Greg asked suddenly, drawing their attention. "Only a club downtown is having a themed fancy dress party and I thought it could be fun."

Reggy glanced up at Kriss with a smirk. "Halloween fancy dress huh? I like the sound of that."

Kriss snorted; he could imagine what images Reggy was conjuring up in his head. Truth be told he couldn't help doing the same. "Sure, why not?" he shrugged.

"Count me in too," Kenney grinned, "I always love a good party."

"Great," Greg replied. "What about the love-sick puppies over there?"

"Oh I'm sure Kriss and I can persuade them," Kenney said, slinging an arm around Kriss's shoulders casually. "Right Kriss?"

"Sure," Kriss chuckled. "I'll just tell Brad that Kip's going as a horny devil, that'll get him there."

"Okay, are you ready Reg?" Kriss shouted, adjusting his costume slightly.

"Almost," came the reply.


Halloween had arrived, bringing with it a cold snap that heralded the beginning of winter, and they were preparing for the fancy dress party. Both had agreed to get dressed separately to keep their costumes a surprise until the last minute. Kriss had decided to be a zombie and was wearing tattered clothes and gruesome make-up, complete with fake blood. The whole look was actually quite realistic.

"Okay," Reggy called, "I'm coming out."

Kriss snorted. "I thought you already did that Reg."

"Ha ha."

The door opened to reveal Reggy in a very alluring black and red Dracula costume, his height adding to it's overall effectiveness. They both simultaneously burst into laughter at the sight of each other, moving closer to get a better look.

"Wow," Reggy grinned, looking him up and down, "you look great. You're one sexy zombie."

Kriss laughed and reached up to straighten Reggy's cape. "You look pretty hot yourself. Do you have the teeth too?"

Reggy opened his mouth to reveal white fangs and Kriss grinned. "Just make sure you don't go biting anyone but me, okay?"

"Is that an invitation?" Reggy growled, enclosing Kriss in his cape and swooping in to nibble his neck gently.

"I thought we said we weren't gonna be late this time Reg," Kriss chuckled, bracing his hands against Reggy's chest in a half-hearted attempt to push him away. He was about to admit defeat when a loud melody rang out from Reggy's pocket.

Reggy released him reluctantly and pulled out his cell, glancing at the screen quickly before answering. "Hey Kenney."

Kriss leans forward and flicked his tongue over Reggy's neck, earning a quiet moan from the taller man as he tried to concentrate on what Kenney was saying. Pleased with the reaction, Kriss smirked mischievously and ran his hands down Reggy's torso until they rested on the noticeable bulge below and began a gentle massage.

"Sure," Reggy said into the phone, his voice a little higher than normal. "Where?" He squeezed his eyes shut, his breathing becoming heavier as Kriss's movements increased, and gasped, "Okay, no problem. Bye."

Snapping the phone shut he threw it onto the couch and immediately joined his lips to Kriss's in a desperate passion-fueled kiss, his hands already working on Kriss's pants. Kriss's fingers had stilled but were still grasping him firmly and Reggy couldn't help thrusting against them in an attempt to get some release. Kriss smiled against his lips, quickly freeing his erection from his pants, and began to pump it firmly.

Reggy broke the kiss and moaned loudly. "Kriss....I'm gonna come."

Kriss dived down and took him into his mouth and Reggy instantly exploded into it with a shout, his head thrown back as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his body. Kriss gently sucked him dry and released him, giving him a final lick before standing up, and Reggy pulled him into a kiss with an expression of utter contentment.

"What did Kenney want?" Kriss murmured as Reggy trailed kisses along his jaw.

"We've gotta pick him up on the way. Car trouble."

"Oh. We should get going then."

"As soon as I've taken care of this," Reggy smirked, cupping Kriss's straining erection through his trousers, and swooped down to repay the favor, making sure to remove his fangs first of course.

Ten minutes later, after straightening out their costumes and re-touching their make-up, they were on their way to pick up Kenney, both feeling thoroughly satisfied. The streets were already filled with people dressed as monsters and ghouls of every variety, going all out in honor of the occasion.

"What the hell would aliens think if they landed here right now?" Kriss chuckled as they passed a man with an ax seemingly buried in his head, complete with spurting fake blood.

"That we know how to throw one helluva party," Reggy grinned, his fangs shining in the darkness.

They spotted Kenney up ahead and Reggy pulled over, honking the horn twice. They both laughed at his costume as he came towards the car.

"Hey guys, thanks for this."

"Is it safe for us to give the grim reaper a lift?" Kriss grinned as Kenney got in the back and attempted to fit his scythe in.

"Sure, I'll be good," he laughed, finally managing it and shutting the door. "Besides you're both already dead by the looks of it."

"The man has a point," Reggy admitted, pulling away and accelerating down the street.

Kriss snorted. "Yeah, a big scary one. No-one's gonna be starting a fight with you tonight Kenney."

Kenney chuckled and settled back onto the seat. "So, did you manage to convince Brad to join us Kriss?"

"Of course," Kriss smiled. "I can be very persuasive when I want to be."

"You sure can," Reggy smirked, taking his hand and kissing it.

The rest of the guys were waiting for them when they arrived; they had decided to meet outside the club, figuring that it would be difficult to spot each other in costume inside. They were a strange sight to behold with Greg dressed as Frankenstein monster, Kip as the devil, and Brad as a werewolf.

"Hey guys," Greg laughed as they approached, "cool costumes."

"Likewise," Reggy grinned, slipping a hand into Kriss's as they all headed inside.

"Now Brad," Kriss said sternly, "no humping people's legs okay?"

"Ha ha Kriss," Brad replied sarcastically, smiling nevertheless.

"No, he'll be humping something else," Greg muttered quietly with a smirk and Kenney snorted.

"Yeah, someone's gonna get a hairball."

Kip and Brad gave them withering looks as everyone dissolved into laughter.

"Okay, let's get some drinks in," Reggy chucked, dodging a witch who was eying him up and down appreciatively. Kriss gave her a look which clearly said mine, back off, and she moved away with a scowl. Reggy was, of course, oblivious to the silent exchange and Kriss wondered if he had any idea just how much attention he was attracting in his extremely sexy costume. Kip was getting a fair few interested glances too, much to the annoyance of Brad who was sticking close his side.

They were serving an assortment of grisly-looking drinks at the bar, keeping in the Halloween theme. Reggy bought a round of bright green cocktails for everyone, plus an orange juice for Kriss who was the designated driver for the evening. Kriss didn't mind too much seeing as he had the early shift in the morning anyway; he just hoped that Brad wouldn't go too overboard with the alcohol or he was going to struggle at work the following day.

They managed to find a free table in the corner, beyond the crowded dance floor, and Kriss settled down next to Reggy who automatically wrapped an arm around his waist possessively. Brad sat next to Kip and looked as if he wanted to do the same, his hairy arm creeping round the back of Kip to rest on the back of the seat. Kriss noticed the movement and smiled, hoping his friend had finally found someone to make him truly happy.

As the evening wore on the conversation continued to flow, broken only by intermittent bouts of laughter, toilet breaks, and the need for more drinks. Everyone was completely relaxed and Brad and Kip slowly began to lose their inhibitions. As he laughed at something Kenney had said, Kip's hand slid the short distance across the table to enclose Brad's gently. Brad glanced down, his heart beating a little faster, and squeezed Kip's fingers gently. He couldn't stop a smile from breaking across his face when he felt the pressure returned firmly.

When the loud music changed to a slower tune Reggy grabbed Kriss's hand and hauled him onto the dance floor, wrapping his arms around him to a chorus of wolf whistles from the rest of the guys. Kriss ignored them, resting his head on Reggy's shoulder contentedly. As Reggy turned him slowly on the spot Kriss saw Kip get up and offer his hand to a surprised but clearly very pleased Brad who grasped it immediately, initiating another chorus of whistling and laughter. Kriss made eye contact with Brad as he passed and smiled at him supportively.

Reggy grinned when he saw who had joined them but made no comment, content just to hold Kriss close. He looked around as they revolved; it was quite amusing to see the dance floor filled with slow dancing monsters, witches, and ghouls. Kriss turned his head the other way and Reggy felt him press his lips against his neck softly, his hot breath flowing across his skin. Reggy shivered slightly at the caress and rested his head atop Kriss's, hugging him tighter and closing his eyes.

He dimly heard the shrill tone of a cell phone from somewhere nearby but didn't give it a second thought until Greg was tapping him on the shoulder urgently. He could see how pale and worried Greg looked despite his make-up and felt his stomach drop.

"Sorry Reg," he said earnestly before turning to Kriss who was looking confused. "Kriss, I need your help. It's Piper."

"What's wrong?" Kriss asked worriedly, putting a hand on Greg's arm supportively.

"She's bleeding Kriss," Greg replied with a tortured expression. "I think she might be losing the baby.

Kriss let out a deep breath and exchanged a quick glance with Reggy before looking back at Greg. "It doesn't necessarily mean that. Has she called an ambulance yet?"

"No, she doesn't want to," Greg said with a shake of his head. "I think it would help if it was someone she knows and trusts. Will you come with me?"

"Of course I will," Kriss replied immediately, putting an arm around Greg's shoulders. "I'll take you in our car."

"I'll come too," Reggy said firmly. "I'll just go and tell the others we're leaving, okay?"

"Thanks," Greg said earnestly. "I'll feel a lot better with you there."

Kriss guided him to the exit, glancing back to see that Reggy was following. "It's no problem Greg. What are friends for?"

Kriss kept up a constant flow of reassurance as he drove them to Greg's house even though, deep inside, he was dreading the worst. Piper was still in the early stages of pregnancy when a miscarriage is, unfortunately, very common and he'd seen it countless times over the years.

Luckily there wasn't much traffic around and they made it there fairly quickly. Greg jumped out of the car and ran up the path to open the door, Reggy and Kriss following quickly. They found Piper sitting silently in the front room, staring into space with an expressionless face, and Greg rushed to her side, whispering words of love and reassurance. Reggy stayed back as Kriss knelt down in front of her and took her hand in his.

"Piper?" he said gently, waiting for her to look at him before continuing. "Can you tell me what happened?"

She opened her mouth to speak then closed it again, hastily looking down at her lap. "I had stomach cramps but I just thought it was a bit of indigestion until I went to the bathroom and saw the blood." She looked back up at him, her eyes swimming with tears. "I think I've lost the baby Kriss."

"Hey," he replied, squeezing her hand gently, "listen to me. There could be a number of reasons for this; that's just the worst case scenario. Can you remember how much blood there was?"

"No," she sniffed, wiping her hand across her eyes, "I was just panicking."

"That's okay. Does it feel like you're still bleeding?"

"Maybe," she said quietly, "I don't know."

"What about the cramps? Do you still have those?"

She shook her head. "No, they've gone."

"That's a good sign," Kriss replied reassuringly. "Now I'm gonna take you to the hospital to get you checked over properly but I'll stay with you the whole time if you want me to, okay?"

Piper nodded and gave him a watery smile. Greg and Reggy, who had been watching the exchange silently, sprang into action; Reggy helped Piper to her feet while Greg ran to grab a few things she'd need.

"Okay, nice and slow," Kriss said calmly, still holding her hand tightly. Reggy had his hand under her other arm supportively.

"You know you three make quite a sight," she said with a small smile as they walked out to the car.

“It's a special bonus for one night only,” Kriss grinned, opening the car door. Greg came racing out of the house with an overnight bag over his shoulder and got in the other side. Within minutes they were on their way to the hospital.

Reggy sat in the waiting room, trying and failing to concentrate on the magazine in front of him. He tossed it back onto the table and sighed. It had been half an hour since they'd arrived and Piper had been whisked off to be examined, wanting both Greg and Kriss to stay with her which they were only too happy to do. He hated not knowing what was going on and the frequent odd looks he received by passing medical staff was doing little to improve his mood.

“Hey, Reggy!”

He looked around to see Kenney, Kip, and Brad approaching, all still in their costumes and with worried expressions. Well, at least he wasn't going to be the only person being stared at now.

“Any news?” Kenney asked, taking the seat beside Reggy. Kip and Brad both took seats opposite.

“Not yet,” Reggy replied, shaking his head. “You guys didn't need to come down here you know; I would have called you with an update.”

“I know,” Kip replied, “but we wanted to be here for Greg. We all know how much this baby means to him, and Piper of course.”

A tense silence fell as they all contemplated the possibility of Piper losing the baby and hoped to God that she hadn't.

“Where's Kriss?” Brad asked to break the silence.

“Piper wanted him to stay with her.” Reggy replied. “You know, I forget how good he is at his job. He was amazing with her.”

Brad nodded. “Kriss's certainly the best paramedic I've ever worked with; I've learned so much from him and he's got an awesome bedside manner. I've always said he should have been a doctor but he likes to be on the sharp end as he puts it.”

“Speak of the devil,” Kip said, nodding towards Kriss who'd just come through the set of doors to the waiting area. They all got to their feet as he approached with an unreadable expression.

“The baby?” Reggy asked anxiously as soon as he reached them.

“Is fine,” Kriss replied with a smile. Kenney, Kip, and Brad sank back onto their chairs, breathing sighs of relief, as Reggy enveloped Kriss in a hug.

“Thank God for that,” Reggy murmured into Kriss's neck, feeling like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. “So what was it then?” he asked as they both sat down.

“It's what we call a threatened miscarriage,” Kriss explained. “It's very common in early pregnancy; in fact 1 in every 4 women have bleeding in the first trimester and half of those go on to have a healthy baby. Piper's under strict doctor's orders to stay in bed for at least a week but she should be fine.”

“How's Greg doing?” Kenney asked.

“He's a bit shaken up but he's okay; very relieved obviously. I said I'd give them some time alone.”

A nurse walked past and glanced at him, then did a double-take and stopped. “Hello Kriss, I almost didn't recognize you.”

“Hi Kate,” he smiled as she took in the rest of the group.

“Is there a hospital Halloween party I should know about?”

“No,” he chuckled, “we're here for some friends of mine.”

“Oh, nothing serious I hope.”

“No, it was a false alarm luckily. This is Kenney, Kip, and you know Brad,” he said, pointing to each of them in turn.

“Brad,” she laughed and he grinned at her, “I couldn't see you through all that hair.”

“And this is my partner, Reggy,” Kriss finished, taking Reggy's hand in his.

“Oh, so this is the man we've heard so much about,” she smirked.

Reggy glanced sideways at Kriss and pretended to look worried. “It's all lies,” he joked.

Kate let out a bark of laughter. “Don't worry, it was all good," she replied. "I'm very pleased to meet you Reggy; it's nice to finally put a face to the name, and I love your costume.”

“Thanks,” Reggy grinned, flashing her his fangs, “it's nice to meet you too.”

“Well, I'd better get on,” she sighed. “You know, you lot make quite a sight. Try not to scare the patients too much.”

Kriss chuckled. “Yeah, I think we'd better keep Kenney away from the geriatric ward. Don't you?”

Everyone looked over at Kenney in his full grim reaper outfit and burst into laughter.

“Well I didn't think I'd end up at a hospital, did I?” Kenney said, rolling his eyes. “I could clear a few beds for you though,” he added with a grin.

“No, that's fine,” Kate snorted, holding her hands up. “I'll see you all later.”

“It's no good,” Brad said once she'd gone, “I need to get some fresh air. I'm roasting in this costume.”

“I”ll come with you,” Kip grinned, getting to his feet, “just in case you faint and need medical attention.”

“Which you'll be only too happy to provide,” Kenney smirked, getting a clip round the ear from Kip as he passed.

“Ow,” Kenney whined, rubbing his ear and scowling at Kip's retreating back. “Hey, I need medical attention Kip. Come back.”

Kip gave him the one-fingered salute and kept walking as Kriss and Reggy chuckled at the exchange.

“Hey guys.”

The three of them turned simultaneously and jumped up to greet Greg who looked tired but happy. There was a flurry of hugs and back slaps as they all expressed their relief at the good news.

“Where were Brad and Kip sneaking off to?” Greg asked curiously.

Kenney snorted. “Brad was suffering from heat exhaustion in his costume so Kip's probably gonna remove it.”

“Thanks for the image,” Greg laughed, shaking his head. “Listen, they're keeping Piper in overnight and they've said I can stay with her so you guys can go. I appreciate you being here for us though.”

Reggy waved his hand dismissively. “No problem buddy. We're just glad mom and baby are doing okay.”

“Yeah,” Kriss agreed. “I'll try to pop in to see Piper tomorrow before she's discharged, if I have a spare minute that is.”

“She'd love that,” Greg smiled, pulling Kriss into an impromptu hug. “Thank you Kriss, from both of us.”

“Anytime,” Kriss smiled, returned the hug.

“Well, that wasn't quite the night I had envisaged,” Reggy remarked as they left the hospital, “but at least it had a happy ending.”

“For more than one of us,” Kenney smirked, pointing into the shadows on their right where Kip and Brad were entwined in a passionate embrace, completely oblivious to their audience.

Kriss chuckled at the sight and slung an arm around Kenney's shoulders as they carried on walking. “Now we've just got to find someone for you.”

“How the hell are you supposed to get this stuff off again?”

Kriss chuckled as he removed the remainder of his Halloween costume and went into the bathroom where Reggy was peering into the mirror and trying, unsuccessfully, to remove his make-up with a Kleenex. “Come here,” he said exasperatedly, grabbing a wash cloth and running it under the faucet for a few seconds.

He sat Reggy down on the edge of the bath and began to gently rub the cloth across his face, pausing every so often to rinse and squeeze it out before continuing. Reggy was content to sit there with his eyes closed and allow Kriss to take over, feeling increasingly sleepy. He only realized he'd nodded off when he felt Kriss's lips on his and awoke with a start, quickly melting into the embrace.

Kriss pulled back and smiled apologetically. “Sorry to wake you Reg, but there's no way I can carry your dead weight over to the bed.”

Reggy leans forward and kissed him again. “Hey, feel free to wake me up like that anytime.”

“You may regret saying that,” Kriss grinned, pulling him to his feet.

A few minutes later they settled into bed and turned off the light, automatically assuming their normal position with Kriss's head resting comfortably on Reggy's chest.

“Piper will definitely be okay, right?” Reggy asked softly, breaking the silence.

He felt Kriss turn his head to look up at him. “Nothing is definite in life Reg, but there's no reason to think otherwise. This was her body warning her to take it easy; as long as she follows the doctor's advice she should go on to have a healthy baby.”

“I hope so,” Reggy sighed. “They've both wanted to start a family for a long time.”

Kriss hugged him tighter as he settled back down and Reggy kissed the top of his head with a smile, feeling incredibly lucky. “I'm glad Brad and Kip have finally got their act together,” he smirked.

“Mmm, took them long enough. They both deserve some happiness though.”

“Yeah,” Reggy nodded thoughtfully. “You know, I think Kip had a bit of a crush on you before he met Brad.”

Kriss snorted. “Oh he did not.”

“Hey, I've known him for a long time and I saw the way he looked at you. Not that I blame him of course.”

Something clicked in Kriss's mind. He raised himself up so that he was leaning on one elbow, level with Reggy's face, and looked into his eyes. “So that's why you were so possessive when he was around me.”

“Well, he is younger and better looking than me,” Reggy mumbled sheepishly.

Kriss laughed and shook his head. Ironically, it was always Reggy who was getting stared at and flirted with but Reggy honestly didn't see it. It was nice to know that the slight insecurity worked both ways. He lovingly placed a hand on Reggy's cheek. “I never saw Kip look at me that way because I only have eyes for you Reg. You have nothing to worry about.”

Reggy smiled and pulled Kriss's head down, their lips meeting in a slow and tender kiss. “I know,” he murmured against Kriss's lips, “I'm an idiot.” He felt Kriss smile then kiss him again.

“Yes, but you're my idiot. Now go to sleep.”

Reggy ran his hands down Kriss's body lovingly, his suggestive expression lost in the darkness. “But I'm not tired now.”

“Oh really? Well, what would you rather do then?”

Reggy rolled over so that he was covering Kriss and smirked. “I'm sure I can think of something.”

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