Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


27. Chapter Two: Heart Behind the Badge

Kenney's funeral march when for thirty blocks. The team carried the casket with Lamar walking off to the right side arm in a sling and Taliesin was off the left and leading was the Director Samara Guei and Deputy Director Steven Hhoet.

At the church, Reggie with the team behind him, made this speech. “Deputy Kenney Logins was the one among us with the social tongue.” He turned to his team making brief eye contact, “he was a good friend. Killed in the line of duty is how we all want to go, defending the good and protecting the weak. Bringing honor to all that knew him, I stand here as the rest of my team because of people like Kenney.” Reggie finished and Brad stepped up beside him placing a comforting hand on his back.

“People in our line of work are known for being strong and sticking to the code of honor of the badge. Well, we have taken this hard as our code of honor in not to a bit of metal nor words written on a piece of paper. But is to every beating heart and every hand we trust our lives with, honor the people behind the badge. Without the beating heart, the badge and words mean nothing.” All who had managed to keep there eyes dry up to that point, now had tears.

Reggie's heart was beating hard as he marched. He has stood on the side as another team carried their fallen. Now he was the one carrying, it was scary to realized just how easy and fast it can happen. The words that Brad said still rung in his mind, making the tears run. All the time he let his anger get the better of him, causing him to be unapproachable. However, it never got to the point were the others trust in him wavered.


Two months ago the girl that he had been seeing regularly for six months, the longest relationship he had manage to keep. Reggie himself won't admitted out loud nor to himself, that he is guilty of the second date means true love. In his endless rotation of woman he has had many first and second dates even thirds, which by that time he would be totally smitten with the woman. When she ends up calling it off, Reggie anger take over, but in the red he has never struck a woman. The last girlfriend he had, ended over something really petty

Reggie has a two tier chain that hangs from the left side belt loops, one tier of large links and one of smaller. Reggie wouldn't consider himself a superstitious person, but when he and Brad when on a two week vacation across the country before they joined the Marshals. In there minds, stopping the post-high school scene of parting with not a care it the world. Which Reggie had a couple close calls with pregnancy-scares or with the cops, Brad lucky could get through the raging hormones of Reggie's punk kid self and be the voice of reason. He bought the chain and wears it when ever he was not at work. His last girlfriend for the last two months had been trying get him to give her the chain as it meant so much to him and by give it to her it would prove true love. This cut Reggie deep, however he hid it and also refuse to give her the chain.

Reggie came home from work and saw that his girlfriend had taken the chain out of his top drawer. She was wearing it on her jeans, when he walked in and saw it. She looked at him with a little defiant smile standing with the chain in clear view. Reggie who has a reputation but that doesn't include hitting a woman, but he was surprised himself when he started to silently cry. Without a word he walked to her, she wrapped her arms about his neck loosely. He did not return the embrace nor the soft look, with his left hand he unhooks the chain. All the while watching her face change to absolute lost and hurt. Once he had the chain he turned away, as her arm fall away from his shoulders.

“This is the only thing of mine that remains mine.” Reggie said in a flat tone heading down the hall to his bedroom.

He put the chain back in his drawer. Then he turned back down the hall and saw her coming toward him with a serious look. He turned to her squarely, hand stuffed deeply in his pockets. She reached him and raised her hand.

Reggie's head was forced to the side, but he was numb to the hit. When he slowly turned back her mouth was running, no sound reached his ears. Reggie focused on his breathing staying in control, he grabbed her high on the arm. When she began to swat at him, eyes wide and screaming, he heard and felt all. His grip tightened as his body stiffen, water leaking from his eyes. He roughly pushed her into the hall, she caught the wall to steady herself.

“Go, get out of my house.” Reggie ordered in a stern tone.

“Fine, fuck you! All because of a fucking chain.”

Reggie took a strong step toward her. She scurried back a few steps, “Stay away!”

“You have two hours to get your stuff out.” Reggie sat down on the bed and called Brad.

Brad and Reggie have been friends forever, neither of them can remember how they met or when. They carry not to remember just as long as they remain brothers for life, that was how they long think about it. When Brad answered the phone, he heard the most control and calmness he had ever heard.

“Reggie, keep breathing.” Brad said.

Reggie just said the staring at a spot on the floor, he was shaking. “Brad?” He said the he hand fell to the floor.

“Reggie, no. Please!”

There yelling and screaming then the sound of something heavy hitting the floor. Brad had just barely gone home from dropping of Reggie, he turned around and sped back.

Brad pulled to a stop on the sidewalk, rolled out of the passenger side. Car still running and door open, he barreled into the building. Skipping four steps at time to the fifth floor all the while keeping his emotions about him. Approaching apartment H8, he found the door open and clothes on the threshold.

“Reggie?” Brad said stepping over the clothes. He saw that they belonged to, Kelly. “Kelly?”

The apartment was covered in clothes and shoes and something like a busted wooden cutting board lay in three big pieces. His eyes followed the trail of cloths down the hall to the bedroom. The mattress looked to be over turned against the wall closest to the door, Brad eyes fell to the floor beneath the mattress and saw Reggie's hand.

“Reggie!” Brad rushed into the bedroom, he lost his emotions as he feared the worst.

Tossed the mattress off of Reggie and saw that he was bleeding from the head. As Brad knelt to begin trying to wake him, he looked for Reggie's service weapon. He had to blink several times to clear his vision. He didn't see the weapon and that was Brad looked back at the wound, clearly not a gunshot but something heavy or sharp.

“Reggie, come on man.” Brad shook Reggie hard.

Reggie groaned, “Brad, stop. I just fell.”

“Did you fall into Kelly's family’s heirloom?” Brad questioned with no trace of humor.

Reggie opened his eyes and saw that Brad was crying or had been, “It might have been used to illustrate something. Are you okay?”

Brad could not hold it in anymore and sobbed into Reggie's chest. This startled Reggie, “Brad, please?”

Brad looked at him sharply, “Reg, I thought you killed yourself!”

The words took Reggie's breath away. In that time Brad made Reggie promise that he'd lay off the dating scene. The promise was made and Reggie's anger lingered for only two weeks following that day, which his unit won't say out loud but were grateful.


A light drizzle started as the coffin was lowered into the ground, the eight lingered a bit after family and citizens departed the cemetery. Reggie performed a two finger salute, “Bye brother.” He whispered.

Brad, his left side, put an arm around his shoulder, “We love you, Ken.”

The others offered there own parting words to their fallen.

“Let's go have a drink.” Derik said as they left the cemetery.

As Reggie walked to the cars, he was struck with the sudden urge to go get a coffee. And just not any were but from the small coffee house in the Mesh closer to the border of the neighborhood of Frey Hollow. The coffee house that he was feeling that he need to go was called Romana Coffee, was one that The Marshals only go to if they are in a hurry and just need caffeine without enjoying it.

“Reg?” Greg asked when Reggie finally stopped walking and seemed to be staring off into space.

“What?” He asked tiredly looking at his family. Now aware that the sudden urge had stopped his forward motion, “sorry. I-I am just drained.”

“Understandable.” Piper said, yawning herself.

“I'm going to take a rain check on that drink.” Reggie said. He needed to be on his own to see what this sudden strong urge was.

“Yeah, all right.” Derik said smiling, walking to Reggie and embracing him. Reggie grateful returned the hug, “See you later.” Derik walked to his car.

Everybody bid there goodbye's and Brad was the last to leave.

“I will be okay.” Reggie said knowing Brad's worry.

“When are you going back to work?”

“Monday.” Reggie replied. Taliesin requested that he take more then a few days off, much to Reggie's vexation.

“Call me if you need anything. Need a ride home?” Brad asked.

“I will,” Reggie considered saying that he need at walk but the urge was on the verge of becoming panic that he will miss something. From his apartment it would be quicker to the coffee house than to go on foot from here, “yes, please.” Reggie's voice had some desperation in it.

Which did alert Brad, but he let it be for the time being. To him it was just Reggie wanting to get home and sleep, also what made him dismiss it was the fact the Reggie walked calmly to the car. Brad has been trying to relax up when it comes to Reggie, to not worry about him so much. It was hard to do because Reggie was like a weak fuse, at any moment it could light and blow. Though, he was very strong in the job. It was emotions that rocked his world, right now he was on a leveled plane with them. Not to overwhelming or missing completely.

“Talking to Kenney's parents, made me miss mine.” Reggie said abruptly.

“Yeah, well, have you called them?” Brad asked.

“I don't know what to talk to them about. It has been a while.” Reggie said.

“Exactly that, kids never need a reason to call their parents.” Brad said. His parents lived in Vienna, Austria and he called them once a week.

Reggie just sighed and twiddled his thumbs in his lap impatiently.

When Brad pulled up to the curb in front of Reggie's apartment, Reggie thanked him and hurried inside. However, he didn't go up to his place he waited for Brad to drive away.

Reggie grabbed the chain and put it in his pocket, pushing open the door. Seeing that he was clear, he ran to his left.

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