Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


26. Chapter One: Death in the Line

“God, fuck!” Reggie Kistoff screamed. He watched the newest member to the Marshal Service and he was so placed his unit, again, break cover the run ahead.

“He thinks he's a one man unit!” Brad Dye yelled from the other end of the car that there were crouching behind.

Twenty yards ahead of them was fugitive, cornered and with nothing to lose. A five day manhunt thought Harris, resulting in several lost lives of innocents and law enforcement personal.

Reggie and his team of nine, which they also form the Reject Unit within operations division. Assigned to track down the fugitive. Reggie was never one to request to have one of his unit to be reassigned.

Lamar Tj, the newest addition, arrogant and lacking in the trust ability but deep down showed real promise. Reggie saw the promise and did the 'Giving of the Last Name' ritual. Hoping on the off chance that he was not placed with the Rejects. Reggie, have give Lamar his last name which some times chases the arrogance out and sets the seed of trust. Lamar had just scoff, “Bout time.” That got under Reggie's skin and Brad and Derik saw that, as they were there at the time he did it. Reggie had to gritted his teeth and took the now Deputy Tj, before the Head of Operations, Taliesin Chalane.

Taliesin was a very rigid man and a force to be reckoned with, brutality blunt. Also very private about his personal life. Reggie was on only of a lower rank who would welling approach him. Taliesin, not one to stand fully behind the name giving or that they were not co-workers but friends and family, he stuck to the ritual with only Reggie. Granting not much, but a softer tone as Taliesin had a soft spot for Reggie.

“Deputy Chalane, I have moved Lamar Tj for Rook to Deputy.” All the while hiding his anger and disappointment and the want to smack the smug look of the kids face.

Taliesin stared with his studying brown eyes, “Lamar Tj, is there a certain department you are aiming for?” Asking in customary, as it had been since Samara established this division.

“No,” Lamar said his tone was strong and full of itself.

In a second that only Reggie saw, Taliesin's eyes jumped on him. In that jump Reggie saw his disapproval. Reggie just cast his eyes to the floor, if Taliesin wanted to he could override then it would be left to the Deputy Director, Steven Hhoet and Samara. Look over his progress folder, meet him, if necessary, they could fully instate Lamar or agree with Taliesin's override.

Taliesin stood up from his desk, “Tomorrow morning report back to me for your badge and your instated department.”

“Thank you.” Tone in which it was said caused Reggie to shudder and expected Taliesin to go off not just on Lamar but him as well. For Lamar lack of respect for authority and acting like he finale got what he deserved since walking through the front doors. For Reggie it would be about the risk you have put all them in and maybe that his was losing his touch, when thought it wasn't said allowed Reggie felt as if he had.

“Tj you may leave, Kistoff I need to speak with you.” Taliesin spoke sharp and shortly.

Lamar left smiling and when Taliesin hands slammed on top his desk, breathing a sigh as he stood hunched over, “Kistoff.” The rest of that sentence was, 'what were you thinking?' but it was not needed to be spoken.

Reggie looked up to face Taliesin's stern face feeling comfort and hurt. For the past seventeen years Taliesin unofficially and unbeknownst to him, became Reggie's on duty father figure.

Taliesin spoke from his leaning position at his desk, “He's your problem.” Shifting his wight to his right hand so he could wave his left in the dismissive gesture.

When Reggie had come to Taliesin with the request that Lamar be elsewhere for this mission. The Reject's had been working with Lamar for only a month with no result other then causing friction between themselves. Taliesin had repeated, “He's your problem.”

Slow and steady wins the race, Lamar did not posses that. He would rush or bypass orders to do what he wanted and get the kill or the surrender. This fugitive apprehension was his first real case, with media coverage. So he made it his personal mission to bring him down, disregarding Reggie and the rest of his poor excuse for a team. Going on about that it was a team effort and not one person was top because of his or her awards, it was because of trust and respect. Lamar saw this as a load of shit, in a job like this things like trust, respect and friendship, was just a set up for betrayal and anguish. He became a Marshal to be recognized for being a hero and he was not about to let the 'team spirit' take that from him.

Reggie watched as 'his problem' pushed forward alone and without conformation. Kenney Logins crouched a few feet behind Reggie, his penitence had snapped with this kid. Kenney, much like the rest of the team, knows how it was and who they were when they came in the Marshals. He had been there for thirteen years and have need experience as kid so bullheaded, he had not seen the potential that Reggie saw. He had trusted his decision to anoint the kid, yes he has seen kids like Lamar come round after being excepted. But Lamar was refusing and defying them at have turn. Kenney, having more of the diplomatic tongue of the eight and he, besides Holly and Piper, having not problem with anger issues. Moved up next to Reggie, “Cover me, I am following that little shit.” He said.

Reggie looked at him, normally Reggie would take it but this was no place to argue. Kenney was quicker off the mark on this one.

“Alright,” Reggie said and signaled to the rest to get ready to cover.

Kenney with his Glock in his hand, peeked over the hood of the car. Looking first at the fugitive, his back what too them as he was shouting at the back up units. Lamar was crouching behind a car ten yards further on down the road. Seemingly to preparing himself, Kenney had to get to him quickly because he was not in the best spot to be if he take a shot and missed. There had already been too many deaths due to lack of communication, he was not going to have any due to crossfire.

Over head there was a loud boom of thunder, Kenney saw Lamar jump. Kenney didn't let be more then just noise in he focus. Lamar was not ready to be out of the training room, Kenney thought. He moved out of cover and started low and quick toward Lamar.

Lamar was to busy peeking over the trunk of the car to realize that he was be approached. Again Kenney saw another danger in that.

Lamar stood fully, gun aimed. Hands shaking with fear and the anticipation of the recognition, he was intending to order the fugitive to drop his gun. Two things happened at that moment, his throat closed with fear so nothing but a mouse squeak was uttered and the sky boomed again. Lamar, reacting to the boom the sky, pulled the trigger.

The bullet went wide, hit the hood of a squad car and ricocheted taking a chunk of a cop's ear. The fugitive turned and shot at he first person he saw, not Lamar but Kenney crouching to the opening. Landing a head shot.

There was a chorus of shouts, screams from the wounded cop and gun fire.

Reggie, Brad and Derik dashed into the open at once, Lamar was also down having taking a shot to the shoulder. Brad and Derik secured Kenney, Reggie went for Lamar. By the time Reggie reached Lamar he had taken two to in vest. Reggie took cover long enough to grab Lamar by the front of his jacket, stare dangerously in the scared eyes, “Don't you fucking move until I tell you.”

Lamar just started as Reggie, dragging him by the front of his jacket, back to the others. A higher caliber shot hit him in the back, causing Reggie to drop to a knee and close his eyes in pain for a moment. The impacted of it hitting the vest did some damage but not as bad as if it would have missed the vest. Reggie got moving again, when another appeared to in Lamar scared vision to aid in dragging him back to safety.

Reggie collapsed to the pavement once back behind the cars, shaking in reaction to being shot many times. Thinking he might have a cracked rib or two as a result of that last hit.

“Kenney?” Reggie asked breathless as the first drops of rain started to fall.

The silence and sad eyes was that was need. Reggie simply looked at Lamar and shook his head and moved gingerly away from him.

In the seventeen years that the Reject Unit's existences formed by Reggie and Brad because they didn't fit in just on unit in the operations division. Housing the eight best deputies in the Harris branch, creating the more reliable team. All the while never reaching the double digits. They have no deaths, till now.

Reggie moved to were Kenney laid, the rain and run the blood of his face, “I'm sorry, Ken.” Reggie whispered so no one else heard.

“Deputies, you okay?” A voice came form where the other side of there two car barrier.

Piper Henderson stood up after seeing to Lamar's shoulder, “We have one dead and two wounded.”

The cop passed between the cars, “Okay, more help it on its way.”

“The fugitive?”


Piper looked down, “Alright,” looking at Lamar and Reggie, “Reggie, come on lets get you and the other two over there.”

Reggie went to stand up, but when he went to straighten his back he collapsed again.

“Whoa, Reg, easy does it.” Brad said going to his aid.

Kip Carey and Piper got Lamar to his feet.

Derik Lewis said somberly, “The rest of us with stay here with Kenney, help can come to us on this one.”

The cop nodded and left this the others.

Derik, Greg Waterrun and Holly Pack, took off their jackets and covered Kenney. They sat in silence kneeling on the pavement as the rain pelted them.

“You know it was stupid of you to go out in the middle of a firefight.” Brad said his light tone hinting his fright.

“I didn't see you second guessing.” Reggie countered lightly and gave a slight smile.

Brad just dropped his head. Reaching the cops and the second Marshal unit, Larken Parry, Leader of the Tactical Division took quick note of the unusual silence and gloomy appearance of the unit.

“Kistoff, what happened?” Larken asked going to him and Brad.

“Deputy Kenney Logins is dead.” Reggie said as he grimaced when there was a flare of pain form the impact point in his back.

“Fuck... you okay?”

“An impact bruise maybe a broken rib.” Reggie reported.

There was the sound of approaching sirens and the rain was coming down in a cold sheet.

Kip and Piper moved with Lamar between them, thought they weren't happy with him. They did begin to get concerned when he hadn't uttered a peep of any sort since Reggie dragged him back to the barrier.

“Tj?” Piper asked with as soft a tone she could muster.

Lamar barely heard, as he just stared with a blank expression. His body and mind numb from the moment he was look down the barrel of a gun. He had no idea were or how server his wound was. All he knew was that he needed not to move at Reggie's order and his eyes had fixed on two hole in the front of Reggie's jacket. He had in the far back reaches of his mind wished for him to die because of all the efforts of teach his trust and respect. He realized that he had risked his own life to him. Lamar knew that Reggie didn't like him, yet, he did that. Why? That was what was baffling him the most. He hadn't gave Reggie any reason to save him as he did, why were people so important to Reggie?

Reggie had a deep bruise nearly at the middle of his back but no broken rib.

“Reggie?” Kip said with Piper next to him, they had just hand the care of Lamar over the paramedics.

Reggie was sitting shirt less in an ambulance and just taken some little pain pills. “Yes?” He said seeing the concern looks on there faces.

“We understand that you probably don't want to hear his name, but we think Lamar might have had an awakening.”

Reggie nodded, “I'll have a talk with him.”

Piper laid an hand on his arm, “Let the night pass.”

“Okay,” Reggie slipped on his jacket and stepped on of the ambulance. As Brad, Derik, Greg and Holly joined them.

“Reg, you alright?” Holly asked.

“Yeah, how bout you guys?”

“Who do you want to come this you to tell Kenney family?” Derik asked.

“Who wants to?”

They all did and not at the same time.

“I'll go with you, Kistoff.” Taliesin said approaching them.

“Deputy Chalane, sir.” Greg said, stepping a side to let Taliesin into their little circle.

“The rest of you can go home.”

They left one by one all giving Reggie sad looks before going.

“Come on, Kistoff, lets go take care of this.” His voice was the gentlest that Reggie had ever heard it.

Reggie just nodded.


That was officially the hardest thing that he ever had to do on the job. When Kenney's mom started sobbing into he husband's chest, “We should have called him more!”

Reggie had to shallow the growing lump in his throat as he thought about his own parents. He couldn't remember the last time he had actually seen them. Also, his mom was a worry wort and his dad was just the opposite, his mom was reluctant to accept that he wanted to be a Marshal. But she never stopped him, he thinks it was partly because of dad was why she didn't.

When Taliesin dropped him of at his apartment building, he rests his hand on Reggie's arm. Reggie looked at him, “I'm fine.”

“Kistoff, I you feel that you shouldn't be alone.”

“Taliesin, I swear. I am fine.” Reggie opened the door and stepped out onto the wet sidewalk and turned back to face Taliesin, “I am not angry.” His tone was soft and reassuring.

Taliesin nodded and Reggie shut the door. As Taliesin dove off, Reggie turned regarded the rain slicked building. The rain a had stopped while they were in the Kenney's parent's, Reggie considered going two blocks down for a beer and maybe a bed mate. Then thought about his talk with Lamar tomorrow. Also, even in times like these he shouldn't disregard a promise, especially to Brad. He entered the building and intended to just sleep.


The next morning he called Brad telling him that he will take a cab to work because he has to go to the hospital.

“Reggie, you going to be okay?” Brad asked, still in the gloom.

“Yeah, when I get to the office we'll talk.” Reggie said.

“Okay, see you there.”

The death of Kenney was going to a long open wound, Reggie just hopes that after talking about it and rekindling their spark. The healing may go faster.

At the hospital Reggie stood at the open door to Lamar's room, finding him awake but deep in thought. He quietly knocked on the door, that startled Lamar and when turned to see Reggie his breath caught in his throat.

“What are you doing here?” There was not trace of the self-righteousness in his voice.

“Just came to talk.” Reggie said gently in response to his tone, “can I come in?”

“Why did you do it?” Lamar asked.

Reggie entered, “Do what?”

“I have been nothing but difficult, yet you risked your own skin to get me out of the harms way that I put myself in... and caused Kenney's death.”

“Who told you about Kenney?” Reggie seated himself in the chair beside the bed.

“Piper, came last night.”

“I see,” Reggie said, “I got you out of your predicament because you went down. I was in no spot to care for you right shoulder if that fugitive has decide to come after us. Yes, there was a lot of firing going on but there is always that off chance, that if I stood and joined the fight. I could have been killed and you could have bleed to death. Then we would have lost three more instead of just one.”

“But you were hit twice on your way to me. I saw the holes.” Lamar said frenzied.

“Shh, calm down your hurt yourself.” Reggie said, “yes, but you are one of mine and you were injured.”

Lamar just stared unable to full grasp why, “Is that what make your unit so unique?”

“Perhaps,” Reggie said.

“So what did you want to talk about? That you are done with me?” Lamar said

“Do you think I should?” Reggie asked.

Lamar looked at him confused, “I got one of your team killed.”

“Yes, but at the same time people die in the line of duty all the time. I don't intended to show you the door because that is not fair to you. If that is you have come to terms with what you've done and am welling to try again with a different outlook.”

“We are a team?”

“Yes,” Reggie smiled, “based of trust and respect.”

Lamar smiled, “Trust and respect.” He awkwardly held out his left hand.

Reggie stood up and shook it.

“Will the others be okay with me still in the unit?” Lamar asked.

“It may take a while but if you show that you are the new and improved Lamar. They will come around. Now, rest and I'll see you soon.” Reggie left and when to the office.


The Reject Unit was in of the fifth floor of the seven story building. The door to the unit was a solid white-washed door with is lamented sign tacked to it.



Reject Unit

Enter at your own endangerment!


Normally one could hear the loud thumping of music or the fits of laughter. As Reggie stood before the closed door hearing nothing but the sad silence.

Reggie was about to grasp the door knob.

“Deputy Kistoff!”

Reggie turned to see the office courier, slightly dense in the head but a good heart. He had fistful of papers.

“Yes, Jeremiah.”

“Stuff for you and your team, psych evals mandatory.” Not doubt he was repeating on account of the director.

“Yeah, yeah, thanks.” Reggie said taking the papers.

Jeremiah went off and Reggie opened the door.

“COFFEE!” Holly yelled excitedly.

“No, Reggie.” Reggie said with a smile and putting a hand to his chest.

“Disappointment.” Greg said crossing his arms across his chest.

“Bearing more,” Reggie held up the papers, “psych evals.”

“Oh boy, your just full of good new aren't you.” Piper scowled and leaned back in her chair.

“I was the unlucky one to be stopped by Jeremiah.” Reggie walked to his desk.

There desks were set up in a house shoe shape for the time being till the come up with another. Reggie's was almost directly in the middle.

“Wait! Where is Brad? Where are you hiding our caffeine?” Holly cried jumping her desk.

Reggie set the papers down, chuckling, “God, your obsessed. I took a cab in because I visited Lamar.”

The only comment he got was sour looks.

“Come on, guys.” Reggie stood in the center with his arms out, “he has come around. I don't expect you guys to immediately, just be easy. That means you Kip and...” He went to single out Derik as well, “where's Derik?”

“He met with Brad to help with the coffee's and there was a wreck on the Skyway. What you mean me?” Kip challenged.

Reggie gave his the stink eye.

“If he has come around then he has.” Piper said, “lets not hold it over his head.”

Piper smiled at Reggie as the door opened.

“GOOD NEWS!” Holly screamed and rushed Brad and Derik.

“Give it to her before her beast form escapes.” Reggie laughed.

Holly turned slowly, hands up like claws and teeth bared.

“Fuck,” Reggie went to vault over his desk. The dormant pain in his back peeked, causing Reggie to slam down on his desk, yelling. He knocked his monitor to the floor, that caused a burst of laughter.

“The beast form is satisfied.” Holly laughed and claiming her coffee.

Reggie gingerly got back to his feet and picked up his monitor off the floor.

“Oh, Brad, who is the lucky girl?” Greg asked seeing the phone number on the side of his cup that he was not concealing very good.

Brad did flush, “No one.”

Reggie walked up to get his coffee, “Ugly Betty?”

“Fat Ugly Betty.” Brad said.

“Oh,” Greg said with a repulsive look.

“Hey, it is probably genes.” Holly said defensively.

“No, it is welling waking up next to an ugly head instead of a bad drunk night.” Brad said.

The men laughed and the two women scowled.

“So Reggie how is Lamar?”

“He is good, he is coming back. So Derik and Kip don't blow up his computer like you did to...Kenney's.”

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