Coda to Anger: Coda to Love

Coda to Anger: In the mists of bombings in Harris, New York. Love blossoms for several in the Harris PD... Coda to Love: In the wake of the death of a Marshal, a deadly shooter set up shop in Harris. Tempers are high,friendships are tested and love saves.


29. Chapter Four: Bar Talk

Derik Victor Lewis was the only one in the bar that night The Tiger's Eye was about four blocks east and five up from Reggie's apartment. Though he never would have seen Reggie run down the street. The path that Reggie took never went by the bar even if it had Derik would have missed it. His head was down and warming at glass of beer between his palms.

“Derik, I am awful sorry about what happened.” Phillip Ray, the bartender said.

“Yeah,” Derik said somberly. Losing Kenney was like losing a brother, he would be just as gloomily if it would have been any of the from the Reject Unit, “losing family is the hardest.”

“Don't sweat on it. It is life.” The tone rubbed Derik the wrong way.

Derik didn't understand why people did that. He stood up with his beer and moved from the bar to the far back table.

Phillip watched with an expression of sadness, he had seen this many times. It hurt him to see and it also hurt him as he always caused this movement from the bar to the table.

As Derik sat, his phone went off. He plucked from his pocket, held it from his face. Nonie. He put his hand phone on the table to finished ringing the annoying little jangle. He could have choose to ignore it, in Nonie's eyes, if he had time to push ignore. He had time enough to answer, at least for a moment. Derik reached and silence the phone, right after that the phone rang again. Nonie again.

“Fuck woman.” Derik whispered and took a swig of the beer.

He looked around the empty bar, yes it was still early but it was Friday.

“Phil, whats up with the silence?”

Phillip looked up from his chore of cleaning glasses, he shrugged, “Don't know.” His voice was heavy.

“Sorry, about my sourness just then.” Derik apologize, “I don't need the sarcasm, Phillip.”

Phillip put the glass down, removed a pitcher from under the bar and placed it under the tap labeled Rock Wall. A dark German brew, took up an empty glass and headed over the table where Derik was seated.

“Mind if I sit and have drink with ya?” Phillip asked.

Derik waved his hand to the rickety old chair on the other side.

He did, “Help yourself to the pitcher.”

Derik nodded, rolling his quarter of the empty glass between his palms. He sighed, “Humor pissed me off and I feel guilty for drinking.” At that time the phone started to vibrate on the table. Causing the beer in the pitcher to shimmer on top, throwing dim shadows on there faces. Derik looked only a shadow of himself that he seemed to have left at Kenney gave side.

“I too apologize for my carelessness replay. Kenney was a good man and young.” Phillip said holding up his glass in a toast.

Derik followed suit, “Kenney, my fallen brother. May I honor your memory till my dying breath.”

“Here, here.” There was more then just on voice. A few of Kenney's family and some of Marshals, non from his unit, had entered.

Phillip took a swig and got up to serve the newest patrons. The fifteen new patrons did not go to the bar, the stood there staring at Derik. A group blood luster and having found there target and there target was sitting before them calm and ready to be taken.

Then the Marshals moved to the bar in like a slow gliding motion, but the family. Kenney's immediate family, Mother, Father and younger Sister, who was not at the house when Taliesin and Reggie went to them with the news.

“You mean that, sir?” The tearful pale sister asked hopefully.

“Yes-” The phone started again, he glanced down. Nonie and he swiped it of the table with the flat of his hand. The phone hit the ground and bounced against the back wall, which now was louder vibrating on wooden floor and against the wood paneled wall. Derik growled, but continued in his soft voice, “I did mean it and do. Kenney as well as my team are my brother and sisters.”

Kenney's Sister stepped forward, she twenty-five or six, “Sir, tell me. How did my... our brother die.”

Derik was taken aback by this, 'our brother'. Kenney never spoke of his family, he had always joked that his family did not know what he did as a job. Wondering if that was true, he glanced at the parents. Both hugged to each other with heavy sad eyes, give him nothing to work with. He thought back to Reggie recount of his visiting them with Taliesin on the day of Kenney's death. But he got nothing from that either, just a lot of incoherent sobbing.

Derik stepped forward, toward her with his hand held out, “Come sister, sit with me and we will talk.” He beckoned.

The Tearfully Sister took hold of his hand, shaking but not reluctantly. The parents stood there awful pale.

“Guys?” Derik asked the fellow Marshals at the bar, they turned most of there face red with the first hot drink, “they look faint. Could see to them, chairs and water. Please and thank you.” Derik was surprise to see the Marshals jumped to it quickly. Smiling, he attention went back to the sister. “Please sit.” Derik had led The Tearfully Sister to the chair that had been Phillip's.

Derik seated himself down again.

“I am Derik Lewis, yours?”

“Tabitha,” she sniffed.

“Tabitha, did you know what your brother did?”

Tabitha looked down and shook her head, “My parent's told me, that he was Harris, New York working at a plumber.-”

Derik couldn't help but to smirk and let slip a laugh, then his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. The face of Tabitha frowned at his reaction.

“Sorry,” Derik choked.

“But he wasn't, why would they lie?” She pled. When she and Kenney were kids they were close, even though they were seven years apart.

“Because I don't thing they knew.” Derik said quietly.

Tabitha looked at him in astonishment mixed in contempt.

“Please, I don't mean to be insensitive or aggravating. But I speak the true, Kenney was always telling us that he didn't want to tell his family what he did.” Derik said inquisitive.

Tabitha face twisted in guilt and sighed, “Mom and Dad are always hidden adrenaline junkies.” Tabitha admitted, “Mom and her twin sister were mountain climbers, until accident sent Mom's twin sister falling to her death when they were twenty-one. Dad and his three year older sister, were train jumpers. In order to escape other homes after their parent's were killed in a car accident. They had jumped trains from Portland, Maine to Ohio. They were getting ready to jump out before the train stopped. When the car jarred on the uncared track, Dad was thrown out but his sister grabbed hold of the train, lost her grip and was lost under the train.” Tabitha ended, seemed to cut herself short.

Derik wanted to ask if she had an hidden life, instead he asked, “Did Kenney know this?”

Tabitha shook her head, “I only found out a few months ago myself.”


Tabitha shook her head, her eyes lit, “Stop eluding! How did my brother die?”

Derik was not eluding more trying to understand why Kenney hid his job from his family. That was unless he knew what his family hid from him. Derik thought, perhaps trying to understand why his parents tried to keep a quiet hold on them.

“Kenney was shot in the head be a fugitive, well trying to reach another team member.” Derik said, not hiding what actually killed him but hid the reason why he was trying to reach the team member, “the team member was shot in the shoulder and he feared the fugitive bearing down on him.” Derik was surprise how easily the lie slipped out as much as he still was unhappy with Lamar.

Tabitha had broke down again, “A hero.” It was all she could get out.

“Yes,” Derik breathed.

“How long has he had been your brother?” Tabitha asked.

“Thirteen years.” Derik said, “Tabitha, now you know. And now, do you have a secret life?” His eye brows raised.

“No! I must go. My parents are not well.” Tabitha stood and left to collect her parents and out the door.

A family of secrets, Derik thought. At that moment his phone went off again on the floor. His eyes fell on it, “Secrets can destroy. Secrets can save. My secret is bound to hurt.” Derik whispered to the phone on the floor.

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