dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


8. chapter 6

me and draco walked in hand in hand to the police station. luckily there

was a long line. i texted silver to come. she came and stared at us for a

moment, than started filming. me and draco went up to a random both

and pretended to complain than we left. we were kissing occasionally.

we waited for a reply, said thanks and walked out. we walked across the

streetto the cafe and had a fake  short date. half way silver stoped video

taping and posted it on instagram. she haked into harrys instagram, the

chosen one page to post it, so it looked like ether a fan posted it or he

got someone to post it for him. me and draco changed back and left for

the malfoy manor. like usual nobody was home. mrs and mr malfoy left,

draco says there never come home unless theres a death eater meeting.

they basicly moved out and left the house to draco. after about an hour

of doing random things i got all silver, hana, and draco (miley left back

to the borrow for some reason) to call up my memories of my mom's

death, which made me cry as i phoned harry. obliviously he picked up

immediatey. "hey nymph what's up?" he said as if nothing was wrong.

"I'M BREAKING UP WITH YOU!" i yelled. "wha- why?!" "look on the

'chosen one page'!" i said with clenched teeth, still snobbing. "okay"

(phone went on hold)... "hello? nymph?" he said getting worried. "YOU


that!" "that was definetly you potter!" i spat."n-n-n-nymphadora? i promise


yelled than shut the phone in his face not waiting for a reply. i stoped

crying and me, silver, hana, and draco bursted out laughing.( I forgot

to mention, we told hana that we would use her and she was completely

fine with it, she told my not to tell draco, but she has a HUGE crush on

harry and was always a little jealous of me.) draco was laughing so hard

he had to run up to his bedroom and banged his fists on the pillows. Hana

made silver go up to her room so she could do something, they made me

stay, said it was important. Once they were up draco came down. Holding

the railings, probably ready to fall off laughing. But he came down with a

straight face, I stoped watching him and fiddled with my phone. Draco

came infront of me, nealed down and held up a dark blue velvet box.

He opened it and asked me,

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