dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


7. chapter 5

my eyes fluttered open and i can remember evreything now, how im dating

harry, i cheated on him with draco, my mom died, dad got kicked out, my

aunt arabella, im staying at the malfoy manor, i like draco, and evreything

else. the door crecked open. i shut my eyes pertending to be asleep. i could

hear bickering, probably silver and harry.they always fight. " harry it's been

almost a year! do you think she'll wake and just be fine?!" said a girl's voice.

"umm...." said the other voice. " well what?" "no, just well enough to take in

that im breaking up with her." "harry...." the girl voice said "you wouldn't dare!

what if she wakes up one time and remembers evreything! and that she loves

you!" after this it was silent. chairs pulled up around ether side of me. i still

didn't know who the girl was and i really wanted to know so i opened my eyes.

unforchunatly, i opened my eyes on the right side, where harry happened to be,

he also saw my eyes flutter. he made me get up. i saw the other 'girl' was draco,

who reached a very high pich for some reason.  his hair was all over the place

and he looked like he hadn't slept in days, harry on the other hand looked just fine,

his hair was actually almost straght. "harry i-" he cut me off. "you remeber evreything

don't you?" "yes." i replied feeling gulityer then ever."h-h-how long have i been here?"

i asked. "it's been a year and 6 days." draco replied. i turned to face him. "since i

came to the hospital?" i trembled. " did you go to school?" " your starting to sound

like heromione. but yes we have, dumbledore died."  harry said. my mouth droped

open in shock. the nurse walked in. " visiting hours are over and if you must know,

if miss. james gets a week full of clear info, she can leave on agust the 6th "

*skip to agust the 5th*

 "yupp, yupp, yupp, and yupp all clear you can leave today if you want.'' the nuse said

after she cheeked evreything. "okay thanks but i have no where to go.i have hana's

house but i think i over welcomed my stay anyways.'' we thought for a while. you could

stay at the hospital for a week longer or you could ask hana to stay a little longer." said

the nurse trying to be thoughtful. "or we could try and locate some more family members

to stay with if there in britten." i said. i think it would be acward if i stay near draco alone

and i don't think harry has a home right now even if he is of age. "okay since all of your

family is muggles we could try the muggle police station." said the nurse. " okay but all

my friends think im pure blood so i cant be seen." ..." oh i can make some pollyjucse

potion and some quick grow so it can be ready for tomorwow." i thanked her as she left

the room i smiled and i called silver and draco. they were gonna help me. draco so he can

keep the real harry away from it all, and silver for taking the video of 'harry' and the girl i

turn into and posting it on instagram (a/n if you dont know i changed it so allmost all harry

potter caracters in this story have a phone and a instagram acount). than i head back to the

malfoy manor as i change back into me than start crying and call harry, say that he cheated

on me and tell him about the Instagram video.  with this i can have an excuse to breakup with

him. i just don't love him any more. silver and draco were here instantly. i was gonna ask them

how they did it but than i remembered they knew how to apperate. i still have no idea how. i took

a deep breath and explained the plan in detail to them. as soon as i was done silver asked "why

don't you just tell him you want to break up with him?"  i thought for a moment."i wont because...

i want a loud, sad , crying, dramatic, break up!" i said throwing my hands in the air. silver and

draco's mouths were crooked with smiles, not just any smile, the famous slytherin smirk evil

smile, the one i loved. i could tell they so wanted to do it, draco only because he likes me.

"can you repeat the best plan to break potter up again?" he said. " no, why you understood

it" both the snape and the malfoy pouted. "uhhh... fine." and i repeated the plan once more

to them. After repeating the plan draco had a question, " um i get most of it but why the muggle

police?" he asked. "um the girl he picks would probs be a muggle born anyways if we break up,

so the muggle stuff works and there's a cafe across the street where they go on a date." i replied.

"okay, break up with potter is on now!" silver chirped. me and draco repeated it after her. we

smiled slytherin smiles as i got out of bed. i made them teach me to apperate as i will need to

apperate during the plan. draco was really awesome but silver wasn't really that good. soon after

hours of trying i did it a few times. i singed out from st. mugolos and apperated to the borrow. "sorry

dears, harry left with ron and heromione, they said it was a secret mission and they didn't tell anyone

about it. they left after bill and fluer's wedding, we went under ground until we could put up protection

and fix up the borrow. bill and fleur went to shell cottage, the twins are at the shop and ginny is at

home with me. sorry again dears,'' that meant we could trun draco instead of the nurse and make

 it a real date. "it's okay mrs. weasley, and ideas when they might come back?" she went silent.

"no, but you can ask bill and fluer maybe they know something." said mrs weasley. we gave a

quick thanks and left back to the hospital. we told my nurse the change of plan and gladly

helped us. the potion  was ready so i took it first we desided instead of a muggle born,

because i only knew heromione who was a muggle born, we would use hana, it would

make a better impression. i grew maybe 2 or 3 inches  taller, my hair turned blonde,

my lips felt fuller as i grew paler i felt like i came back from the dead. draco smirked,

oh that smirked. " i don't know if i like dora any more silver, i'd rather kiss the girl in

front of me, a hotter version of my sister." he pulled my in for a passionate kiss until

silver cleared her neck. i blushed like mad and draco croked a "sorry". "i never thought

 i'd see hana blush. can i take a quick pic?" he said the said the 2nd part with a smirk.

"kk big brother!" i said acting like a very energetic hana that wasn't really ever her. he started

recording, so we could show hana after. "um.... draco you should change, if someone sees

you snogging your 'sister' what would happen to the malfoy name?" silver reminded him.

"oh, yes, okay, fine." he said as he chugged his potion down. "eww it tastes like..

oh i don't know! its just horrible! oh i know! it tastes like potter!" he shrunk, his hair turned

ink black (i liked his hair mid way but a little more blonde), and his eye sight got very blurry.

the nurse created a pair of harry's glasses and gave them to draco, who put them on. we,

hand in hand, apperated to the police station.

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