dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


6. chapter 4

3 girls rushed in with draco, a girl verson of draco, a red headed

bad girl looking girl, and a girl with black hair. draco pointed each

girl, "this is my sister, hana malfoy, the bad girl one," pointing to the

one that looked like draco, "this is miley weasley, in slytherin, the

best weasley, all the weasleys are blood tradiers and grifindor exept

her," he pointed to the red headed, "and last but not least this is silver,

one of the hogwarts proffessers daugter. oh and the annoying one." he

said pointig to the girl with black hair to my right. scar head ran into the

room pushing silver away. "oh and this is harry potter, the boy who lived

or the chosen one or whatever the one you call scar head, oh and dont

tell but continue calling him scar head." he added smirking. "are you OK?

when did you wake up? how are you feeling? what happened? are you

OK?" scar head said. " SCAR HEAD!!!! i woke up when you left the room,

and durlacla put his hands on me, and im fine." i replied enphasizing 'scar

head'. "since when did you call me 'scar head?' and who's duracula? do

you remember anything about me? do you remember us?!" he asked his

voice rising as he ran his hands through his already messy ink black hair.

"um... no?'' i said but it sounded more like a question than a replie. "what

about us?!" he repeted."the fact that im your boy friend!" i gave him a look.

"really, i cant remember you at all! and i have some hazed memories." i said

getting afraid of how mad he was getting. "i asked you to be my girlfriend last

year before your mom died!" he said getting louder by the muinte. "Fine i love

you!" i said throwing my hands up in the air.  " can i still call you scar head?"

i added. " fine but only because your my girlfriend." he said within cleanched

theeth. he muttered somthing about telling the weasley's im okay and stormed

out of the room. all my friends left too so i tried to recall some more memories.

my head hurt. it was getting more painful by the muinte. the machines beside

me started beeping, and than i passed out as the nurses came rushing in.


(a/n sorry for the short chapter and the long time no update iv been really busy

and i have been writing in my writing notebook for the story i just couldn't update

so i hope to get to at least chapter 6 by the end of the week

                                                                                              ~ ivy...)

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