dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


5. chapter 3

"i'm afraid she had a cardiac arrest which caused her to have

a panic attack and faint, when she fell her head hit the hard

floor which lead to a coma, i don't think she will ever wake

up. sorry." said a female voice i vagedly remembered. i tried

to open my eyes so i could see who it was, but i couldn't open

my eyes. i tried calling out the first word that poped into my

head which happened to be school, when i found out i couldn't

talk i tried to sit up. i felt like i was striped into place i couldn't do

anything."since she hit the floor which lead to the coma do you

think she also has amnesia?" said a male voice i really loved.

"possibly, we wont know anything until she wakes up." said the

female voice again. i tried to yell " i am awake, i just cant open

my eyes!" but the words just rang in my head. i heard heels

clicking away and new footsteps walked in. "what are you doing

in here this is my girlfriend!" the new male voice said, i knew the

voice once again but i couldn't put a face to it again." i brought

her her and since have never lost sight of her! if your her boyfriend

you should have been her the moment we owled you potter! its been

a month and you havent showed up!" the first male voice spat." oh

so now you acusess me of being a bad boyfriend,malfoy?!" the

new voice said. i strained my memories which i couldn't find to

find a name or a face or something of these boys. if the boys tell

the truth a boy named potter is my boyfriend and the other boy,

malfoy is probably his enemy and doesn't want him near me.the

boys went silent for a moment. i felt a soft hand on both my cheeks.

my eyes finally fluttered open. the boys didn't notice. "I. TOLD. YOU.

TO. STAY. AWAY. FROM. HER!" said the boy with the black hair and

a scar on his forehead. the boy with his hands on me had cute white

blond hair and a muscular body. i tried talking again. this time it worked.

"hello." i croked, my voice was still skaky. the blond boy jerked his head

towards me. "your awake!" he said joyfully. by this time the black haired

boy, who im gonna call scar head when i talk to him until i find out his

name, had stormed out of the white room."do you remember me or the

other boy, or anything at all?" he asked. "um... no everything is a haze.

i remember voices, there recognizable. who was the other scar head 

boy?" i asked" and who am i?" i added. " well.... that boy you called

scar head is harry, harry potter, he is my enemy, a stuck up brat. he's

famous because he is the boy who lived, the only person ever who

survived the killing curse. he was only 1 year old, his parents died in

the attack. don't tell him i told you but continue calling him scar head.

 i am malfoy, draco malfoy, i was also your boyfriend. you in the matter

of question are dora james, but you hate being called dora, just to tease

you i call you dora or dorthy but i never call you nymph or nympadora,

those are the names you like and your friends silver, miley, and hana

call you nymph, when they want your full atention they call you dora"

the blondy said quickly. "anything else i need to know?" i asked. "well

about your family...there not here because you have no family. you

never knew any, or at lese from what you told me. your mom was

murdered and your dad was kicked out because he cheated on your

mom. you have a long lost aunt or somthing from your moms side but

no body knows her and from what we know she never cared for you.

About your friends, i was the anoying one, who always buggs you so

you hate me. miley is from a blood trader family who are pure blooded,

which ill exlpain later but she was in slytherin which is a house at your

school. you and all your friends are in slytherin. hana is my sister and

she is also her in the hospital, because she was hit by the cursiatus

curse, one of the 3 unforgivabal curses. hana was your closest friend.

silver is prof snape's daughter, prof snape is one of the profs at your

school. silver is your 2nd closest friend and use to live across the street

from you but now you live with me and hana. finally scar head is harry

potter the boy who lived i don't think you ever thought of him as a friend

but you would go to the library and study, once in a while do somthing

more. okay! hogwarts, so its a dumb school for us magical folk and we

have to go for 7 years from age 11-17. at age 11 you should start seeing

magic from your self, which you have, and at age 17 you become of age,

so you can use magic any where you want just not in front of muggles.

muggles are non magical folk. pure blooded is someone like you or me

with both parents are also pure blooded. half blooded is someone like

scar head. his mum was a mub blood and his father was pure blood.

mud blood is when both parents are muggles. okay! i think thats it! i'll

call your other friends in there dieing to see you." dracual- draco, i

decided to call him that from now on, left me and headed towards

the door.

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