dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


3. chapter 2

we ended up sleeping around 12 pm-ish and woke up around 8 am we all are early

birds and night owls. for breackfast dobby the house elf served us a fest i don't know

how he expects us to have lunch. but some how we really did have lunch but i ate

very little. than we started partying and gossiping about school and the latest couples

we heard about, thats what we slytherin's do. "dinner time!" dobby aperated into out

room and said. when we went down all we saw was desert. mrs malfoy came up to

us and said "oh, sorry theres no dinner today i decieded to give you girls a treat and

made dobby only make disert. help yourselfs to whatever you want." we all chirped

a thanks as draco bumped my sholder, winked and said"your lucky i had to eat

dinner." anoyed i replied,"we only get desert because were better than you and

you probably ate up all the dinner anyways." and shoved him off towards the stairs.

Miley saw and silently gave me a look, she thinks i should dump harry and go for

draco after what happend yesterday. once we ate all the yummy food dobby had

cooked up for us we raced up. like usual silver won than miley than me than hana,

hana hates to run. The moment we reached hana's room miley yelled "muggle

movie marathon!!!" and so hana unlocked her secret safe of muggle movies."i

still don't get how you have all these movies and never get caught from your

dad." silver said. "well mum knows and she put an undetectable invisibility 

charm for us so dad can never find out anyways unless someone told him.

" hana replied. The moment hana said that draco bursted in, he looked so worried.

"hhhana! dad! mmum!" he studdered. "what! stop crying!" hana said."ccome look!"

he studdered again. hana ran out with him down stairs silver folowed, she was video

taping. soon after me and miley desided to see what happend. the minister of magic

was there and so were some healers from st mugleos. the healers were taking mrs

malfoy away to st mugleos and some arrours arived the were trying to take away mr

malfoy. hana was lying on the floor hair messed up all over her face. draco was

hunched over her crying. silver had stoped video taping. "what happened?!"

miley asked. "dad was using the Cruciatus Curse on mum and when hana saw she

went in between them and got his by the Cruciatus Curse to, her body was too weak

and she fainted. the healers took mum and more are gonna come for hana. the arourrs

are here to aresst dad." Draco relpied in bearly a wisper.i was just shocked. draco was

16,crying over his parents, when he has never spiled his emotions ever before, but now

is not the time to be shocked about that. before i could get any closer to hana, draco

pulled me into a tight hug which lead to a passionate kiss. draco broke in before it

turned into somthing else. later that night draco was so sad that silver invited him to

sleep with us in place of hana. we hid the movies againand changed before we let

draco in. miley said i should sleep with draco and so did silver,"it'll cheer him up."

she said. draco was happy about the idea to so i slept into a restless uncomfortabal

sleep. when i finnaly slept i started dreaming about my mom. 

*flashback dream*

At mere age of 15 my mom was done her shift at the local police station and driving

home, it was pretty late. her shift ends at 9 pm and she always calls me when she is

gonna leave or if she has to stay later. she called me and said she was leaving work,

that happend to be the day i got home from hogwarts on june 30th."hey honne im on

my way home, superhero movie marathon and pasta?" "sure mum should i make the

pasta or are you bringing it?" i asked. "I'll bring the pasta, theres a police car beh-" and

the line when dead. i tryed calling back several time and thought maybe the police car is

stilll behind her she'll call back. i stayed up untill 1 am with still no sgin of my mom, i

already watched all of my disney movies saving the superhero ones for me and mom. i

got hungry so i had made my self some rice and ate it with some left over chicken i found

in the fridge. later after i washed all the dishes i sent a owl to hana and silver, im closer to

them than i am with miley because she is a weasley and mrs weasley dosent usally let

miley keep in touch with her slytherin friends. after that it was around 3 am and i passed

out on the couch. the next day harry arived to take me out on a date we planed on the

last day of school. we went out to the movies to watch super man vs bat man. harry

wanted superman to win and i wanted batman to win. we ended up betting 10 galleons

on it. later after the movie which was really really good, batman won. "YOU HAVE TO


when we got to my place. we climbed through my window. when harry left i called for

mom. she still hadn't arrived. i tried phoning her. sevreal time. after 15 miss calles i

called the local police station maybe somthing came up and she forgot to phone me. 

(d- dora, ps- local police station )

ps-"hello this is the local toronto police station, how may i help you?"

d-" yes my name is dora marrabella james, my mom, grace isabella james,works at this

police station, she never came home friday night, i was wondering if you knew were

she is or if you can find her. 

ps-" oh officer james?"

d-"yes, my mom"

ps-"she never showed up for her shift today and never picked her phone up, when

we came to see if she was alright nobody was home. would you like me to file a

missing preson report?"

d-"yes, yes, yes please and thank you. "

ps-"okay we will file the report now, how old are you?"


ps-" okay if we don't find officer james by the end of this week you will have to

under custody of another family member, anyone you know of?"

d-" no, my dad left and i dont know any other family"

ps- " okay we'll find someone bey"

d-" bey and thank you again"

*a few days later* 

**knock knock**

"who is it?" i asked. "the local police, officer bevertold" i looked in the peek hole

and let the officer in. " hello officer, what do i give the plesure to?" i asked. "im

afraid i have some news." she said. i offered her some tea or coffee than sat

down so she could tell me the news. " i'm afraid your mom... i found her dead

in and old werehouse." 

*end of dream/flash back*

when i awoke i started sleep walking. i wiggled out of draco's grasp and went

to the kicken. i just sat at the table crying. i resaw the death of my mom. she

died a year ago yesterday. foot steps were creaking down the stairs. I wiped

my tears and got a mug and turned on the kettle so i could say i was making

so tea so i could go back to sleep after. i felt a warm hand grasp my right shoulder.

i wiped around slapping draco with both my hair and my hand. in the dark with his

messy blond hair and shirtless body he looked a lot like harry when we slept together,

so i thought draco was harry. I also forgot i was sleeping with draco tonight at the malfoy

manor. "omigod harry! i, i, i had another one of those dreams.. this time you were there

too." i said hugging him. not wanting to tell me it was him he asked "wait wha- oh never

mind what happened?" "it was the night my mom died and the first summer date last

year, when we watched batman vs superman and we bet on it and and i got the 10

galleons, and when the police came to tell me my mo-" Harry started lipping something,

i made it as "i'm draco" I pushed him into the light to really see that he was draco. "get

off me, why did you come down here?!" i yelled at him not caring if i woke the girls up.

"you you started sleep waking and since you came for here i wanted to make sure you

didn't hurt yourself, than i heard sobbing so i put my hand on you and you slapped me

than said i was harry!" draco said softly getting louder by the minute. silver and miley

came running down. "nymph! are you okay?" miley said looking tired but also wide

awake. silver lipped somthing and i nodded, she knew it was all that happened

yesterday than last year yeasterday my mom was died. "would you like harry to

come over?" silver said "i can owl him to come if you like." that was kind of hard i

would like it if harry was here but than how would he leave the dursleys and if he

did what about the tension of enemys between silver draco and harry, where would

he sleep? "very tempting offer but no, no thanks." i said starting to snob again. before

silver could reply i fell into a pair of strong pale muscular arms and everything went black. 











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