dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


2. chapter 1

" hey dora! whaca doin?" silver asked. "uhhh! DON'T CALL ME DORA!!!!" I yelled

anoyed. "but harry calls you that." she argued."Harry is my boyfriend. so he can call

me that." i clearly stated. "okay fine.But anyways hana asked us if we want to go to

the malfoy manor for a muggle movie marathon and sleepover week like last year."

silver said."um... hold up, i'll go ask." i ran inside my new house to my "aunt" and

asked if i could go to hana's place."well obliviously if it cleares you off for a week

and this way you can also have fun over the summer." she replyed " so that means

you wont come back so take your school stuff with you i dont want to drop you off

to that smelly train station". "omigod omigod!!! thanks so so so much!!!! aunt arabella"

i ran back outside to silver and repeted what my aunt said way nicer than how she said

it beacuse silver doesn't know how mean my aunt is. after calling hana and telling her

were coming we ran inside and packed my things."so were probs gonna need your

super hero pjs, your slytherin robes, your green and silver ball gowns, some regular

muggle clothes like jeans, tees, and your undetectibal extention charmed green

sleepover bag." she rushed on."oh and your wand and school stuff as were gonna

go to the train station right from there." i stuffed all my things as silver said them

into my bag which happened to be my biggest bag. my aunt is a muggle she

thinks go to this weird boarding school for the year. my mum and dad are

also muggles which makes me a ''mud blood'' or a muggle born.silver is the

only one who knows i'm a muggle born, we tell everyone else i'm pure blooded.

 we ran a few blocks to silver's house after i packed so she could pack herself.

"hello miss james" silver's dad, prof. snape said in his deep vomit like voice.

"hello prof snape!" i said in that cheerful voice that he hates me for. silver

draged my upstairs to her room and we started to collect the things she would

need for the week long sleep over. she put her things in the tiny silver beaded

bag which also had an undetectibal extention charm. soon after about 2 hours

of decied what she should bring along we used the floo network and flooed(a/n

i think thats what you say) to the malfoy manor.we were invited with a glare from

mr malfoy and a huge welcoming hug from mrs malfoy."hey girls! looking for hana?

she's in her room." mrs malfoy told us. we thanked her and went upstairs. i opened

the door and got a fresh wisp of draco's colone and a shirtless draco."hey dora!'' he

greeted me trying to annoy me oblivious not seeing silver behind me."DON'T CALL

ME DORA!" I said letting him annoy me. "okay dora i'll call you dorthy than."he smirked.

" you know draco, you should put on a shirt." i said trying him to actually put on a shirt.

"what if i don't want to?" he smirked again. god that smirked. " than im leaving" i said

because i knew thats the last thing he wanted me to do. i turned on my heel and walked

out. silver wasn't there, she probably went to draco's old room, they probaly swiched.

a pale smooth hand grabed my wrist. "please stay?" he pounted. " give me a reason

to stay." he pulled me further into his room and kissed me. his lips were so soft. i kissed

him back and he pushed us onto his bed. Hana walked in. "what are you doing nymph!!

you love harry!!" she yelled at me. i blushed and pulled back. Hana grabed my wrist and

pulled me to her new room. as i was pulled out of draco's room he wispered" is that a

good reason?" i glared at him. miley and silver were already there. 'GUESS WHAT

NYMPH DID!' Hana yelled the moment we walked in. i instantly covered her mouth

but that didn't stop from miley and silver to ask what. Hana licked my hand than bite

my hand so i let go in pain. before i could put hand back on her mouth she yelled  

"NYMPHADORA KISSED DRACO!" silver gasped "what about Harry?!" and miley

"i was waiting till you got together your perfect for each other." hana gave her

signature slytherin smile. "she was having a heated makeout session with draco

on his bed when he was shirtless!"  "you wern't gonna you know..." silver said.

"oh god no we were fighting like usual and i told him to put on a shirt becouse

he wasent puting on a shirt. he said he didn't want to so i told him i was leaving

i turned to see silver left me with him and he grabed my wrist. i told him to give

me a reason to stay and he kissed me. i liked it so i kissed him back as he pushed

my onto his bed, nothing more." i said as if it was nothing trying with all my power

not to blush like mad. silver wanted to gossip about me and draco being together

so much that we desieded to prospone the muggle movie marathon to tomorow night.

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