dora who prefers to be called nymphadora is 16 and dating harry and cheating with draco. she thinks its strange that her mom found out her dad was cheating on her and kicked him out of the house. A day later her mom was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. soon later the child services come along and wisp dora away to the person who clams to be dora's mother's long lost sister, Arabella.


4. authors note;)

hey sorry for the authors note but i wanted to make a trailer to

promot this book and i don't know how to do it so if someone

can help me with that thanks, here is were you can message

me or whatever:

instagram: ivy6moonlit

tumblr: moonlitstars7

twitter: @moonlitskys67

kik: ivymoon667


           _-_ ivy moonlit ;)

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