Gray is just my type

Ethan Dolan has always been my best friend, but I have always noticed his brother Grayson... I'm Autum, 16 yer old irregular girl with an irregular life.


6. meet my friends

I woke up, I got to sleep in because it was Wednesday. I slowly walked out of bed to my closet. I had new clothes, nice clothes, but it was still winter and I liked to wear jeans. So I put on skinny jeans with a couple of rips in them, a white t shirt with a Troye Sivan lyric "just trying to be cool" and a pink Adidas hoodie. I put on some shoes then did my hair and makeup, "today I will do more makeup "I said to myself. I put on mascara, brown eyeshadow, eyeliner on just the top, but not a wing, did my eyebrows and put on some brown ish nude ish matte lipstick. I don't usually wear lipstick. I also decided to straighten my hair, which isn't hard because my hair isn't that wavy.

I went downstairs to eat breakfast and brush my teeth.

I walked outside to wait for Ethan to get to my house to walk to school. The Dolan's live a block away from me and the school is about two blocks away from my house. When Ethan arrived to my surprise, Grayson was there. He smiled at me, we looked cute. He was wearing a black hoodie and jeans. Nice I thought to myself. When he walked over to me he held my hand. Ethan just stayed quiet. We got to school, and I guess people didn't know Grayson and I were dating because they were looking at us. When we got to our lockers, which were right next to each other, he kissed my cheek and opened his locker. My friends, all girls, started parading over to my locker. Daya, Andrea, Sofie, Amber, Maya, Summer, Lexi and Tori. "Wait you're dating Grayson?" "For how long?" "Why didn't you tell us?" "We are going to the mall after school" "you need new clothes" they all said. I got pretty overwhelmed, and Grayson could tell, so he turned around and gave me a warm hug. "Sure we can go to the mall after school and I'll tell you all the details." I said while giggling. "Oh great" Grayson said rolling his eyes. I knew he was joking. "I'll see you at lunch" Grayson said and I kissed him on the cheek. Then he walked away. We all wen to class. Lunch was uneventful. Just my guy friends making jokes, Myles, Chase, Ethan, Luke, Brent, Nick, Josh, and my boyfriend I think I can call him that Grayson. The girls were going on about how cute Grayson and I are together. I was just trying to eat my fruit snacks in peace, the guys were making jokes. It was fun.

After school, I drove Daya, Amber, Andrea, and Tori to the mall, while Sofie drove Lexi, Summer, and Maya to the mall. They all rushed into Forever 21, our favorite store. Tori picked out some regular tops, Summer picked out flowery tops, Maya picked out jeans, leggings, and shorts, while Andrea, and Lexi were in PINK picking out, you guessed it, more undergarments. And Daya and Amber were in Pacsun and Hollister/ Abercrombie looking for other clothes. After picking out my favorite clothes and "stuff" that my friends picked out for me, we went to the Ulta makeup store at the mall. A lady removed all my makeup and redid my hair and makeup the way it would suit me best. My friends picked out expensive makeup and hair products that I could definitely live WITHOUT, but I got the things I liked, luckily I had a job to pay for all of this. They also picked out some perfumes, I got the ones that smelled good on me. I finally got home, exhausted. My mom helped me bring all the bags of clothes, shoes and other stuff up to my room. "Ok missy, let's do a fashion show, if I don't approve of anything well go back to the mall this weekend to return it." My mom said staring at all the bags. After many hours of showing her my outfits, she approved all of them, I didn't get anything slutty, or too revealing. I hung all my clothes up, put my makeup and hair products neatly in my bathroom drawers, and my other "stuff" in my drawer full of bras and underwear. I brushed my teeth put on pajamas and fell asleep. I was so tired from all the shopping and talking.

This was and uneventful chapter, but it gets better in the next chapter :). Keep reading! I'll post more when I can.

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