Gray is just my type

Ethan Dolan has always been my best friend, but I have always noticed his brother Grayson... I'm Autum, 16 yer old irregular girl with an irregular life.


5. Grayson came over

It was Tuesday after school, and Wednesday is late day, so I invited Grayson to come over and help me frost cupcakes for my little brother Jacob and his soccer teams party.

My parents had to leave to watch the game, so when Grayson came over it was just him and I. "Hey, so do you want to frost cupcakes them watch Netflix?" He asked with a sweet smile. "Sure" I said smiling back.

We went into the kitchen, my mom already baked the cupcakes, we just had to frost them and put sprinkles on them. I grabbed the frosting and started frothing the cupcakes when Grayson stuck his finger in the frost and went to eat it "Grayson! That's for the cupcakes!" I said as I ways giggling. "Oh, sorry" he said and put the frosting on my nose. I whipped it off and said "we have to frost these cupcakes, can we try to just frost them" "ok" he said then kissed my lips, he tasted like frosting. We finished frosting the cupcakes.

We sat down on the couch and played a random movie. He looked and me, I looked at him and I knew. He kissed me, and we were making out, but I stopped invade my parents came home, but they didn't. So I leaned on him and he put his arm around me. I felt warm and safe. We kissed again. My parents started to unlock the door so I quickly pushed away, blushing. My parents came into the house, luckily we already frosted the cupcakes. "Ok it's Jacobs soccer party in half an hour, so we are going to leave now, the cupcakes look nice. I'm trusting that you and Grayson won't do any funny business." My mom said starring at us with a glare. "I won't" said Grayson. Then they left. The house was just me and Grayson. I leaned over and we began to make out again. His soft lips against mine. There were so many butterflies in my stomach. I pulled away. I started to walk in the kitchen my mom left cupcakes for us, I brought them in the living room. I was wearing one of my new push up bras with leggings and a crop top, but I didn't want anything to happen, it was just for looks. "Ooh cupcakes!" Said Grayson with an excited smile on his face. We ate the cupcakes and continued watching the movie. We started to make out again, his lips tasted like frosting and sweetness. "Hey, let's be a cute couple and take those couples pictures to post on Instagram." He said as he pulled away. "Ok sure" I said as I stood up. One picture I was kissing his cheek and he was smiling, another he was kissing my cheek and I was smiling. We took a couple more and posted some on Instagram. It was so nice just having someone to spend time with. After he left I got ready for bed. I called Ethan "you missed out on frosting cupcakes and taking cute couple pictures" I said while giggling. "Yeah and I missed all the hot kissing" he said laughing. We talked for a bit then we hung up. Grayson texted me as I was getting into bed. "Hey what's up" he texted. "Just lying in bed, about to sleep." I replied. "I forgot to say, but you looked cute tonight" he texted. "Thanks, I have to go to bed before my phone gets taken away, I'll see you tomorrow." Then we said goodnight and I fell asleep. He's so nice, I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow at school.

Thanks for reading, I will post more chapter when I can!

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