Why Me?

Meet Josie, 17 year old genius in writing and music. But she has a secret talent no one knows about and they never will. People think she's some rich, snobby, emo girl, but she isn't. Her life at home is horrible and she has no friends. But will this change when a new guy, Chase, moves into town and takes interest in Josie?


5. Earned It

Chapter five
Song of the chapter: Earned It by The Weeknd.
Josie's P.O.V.
I laugh as Chase knocks on the door asking to let him in. I plug my flat iron in and get dressed while it gets hot. I put on a black high-waisted skirt, a gray crop top with a red mesh top over it, and my black heeled combat boots. I flat iron my hair before doing my makeup(picture above). I put on black mascara, thick black eyeliner, dark purple lipstick, and some blush. 
I open the door and Chase burst through it. He stops and looks at me. I blush and look at the floor. He tilts my head back up and brings his lips down on mine briefly. He pulls away and takes my hand in his pulling me out the bathroom. We grab our stuff and he drives us to school. We get there and people stare at me.
"Ignore them, okay?" Chase whispers in my ear.
I nod and tighten my grip on his hand. I walk behind him as he walks us to my locker. I open it and see a note sitting on top of my books. Chase grabs it before I could and read it. His expression went from happy to pissed off and angry. 
He looks around for someone. "Chase? Are you okay? What is it?" I ask softly. 
He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me too the closest exit. 
"I have to get you out of this place." He said as we got in his car.
I took the note from him, my hands shook as I opened it. 
Roses are red
So are you when
I'm done with you
Violets are blue
You will be too
He is for me
And not for you
Keep this in mind 
Before your gone.
The words on the page blurred before me and I couldn't breath. 
"Josie? Dammit answer me. Are you okay?" I heard Chase's voice faintly. 
I look up at him and nod slowly. My breath came back and I was breathing normally again. 
He pulls over and pulls me into his lap. He wiped the tears I didn't know were on my cheeks and cupped my cheeks in his palms. 
"Princess, listen to me. Nobody is going to hurt you I promise. I love you and will protect you with my life. Nothing is going to happen to you." Chase said before crashing his lips against mine. I smile against his mouth and tangle my fingers in his hair, tugging softly. 
We jump as someone bangs on the window. I look up and see a man with a ski mask on pointing a gun at us. 
"Chase, look out the window." I whisper softly. He does and his grip on my waist tightens. 
"Open the door, and get out slowly." The man said. 
Chase sets me in the passenger seat and slowly climbed out the car. 
"You too." He said pointing the gun at me. My eyes widen and I slowly get out. 
Chase pulls me behind him and I grip the back of his shirt between my fingers. 
"What do you want?" Chase asks.
"The girl, all your money, and the car." He said pulling me away from Chase.
"No, you can have anything but the girl." Chase said stepping closer. 
The man grabbed my hair in his fist pulling me against him. He yanked on my hair painfully, bringing tears to my eyes, and pressed the gun against my temple. I cried out and Chase stepped forward. 
"Let the girl go." Chase said and held his hands up.
I discreetly pulled my phone out and dialled 911. I slipped it back in my pocket right before he threw me on the ground and going after Chase. My face hit the ground first and I cried out. I felt something warm run down my face and brought my hand to see what it was. I looked at my hand to see it covered in blood. My breathing became shallow and my vision blurred. 
"Josie!" I heard someone scream and then felt someone pick me up and run with me. I open my eyes to see a man with a bloody face carrying me. 
I scream and kick and punch til I got out of his arms. I bite his hand he dropped me hard on my leg. I screamed and kicked him as he came near me. I sobbed as the pain in my leg became unbearable. 
"Chase," I screamed and crawled backwards. Chase came running towards me and picked me up. I heard a loud bang and felt pain near my ribs. 
I heard sirens in the distance and faintly heard Chase trying to talk to me. 
Chase's P.O.V.
As I looked at Josie I felt my heart break, seeing her broken body laying in my arms. She was covered in blood and her face had cuts and bruises all over. 
The police came and took her away from me. She was rushed to the hospital but I was put in cuffs and sent to the jail house. I called my mother and she came to bail me out. After what seems like hours I got to leave. We rushed to the hospital and was told Josie was in emergency surgery. 
I sat in the uncomfortable waiting room chairs and held my head in my hands.


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