Why Me?

Meet Josie, 17 year old genius in writing and music. But she has a secret talent no one knows about and they never will. People think she's some rich, snobby, emo girl, but she isn't. Her life at home is horrible and she has no friends. But will this change when a new guy, Chase, moves into town and takes interest in Josie?


3. Dark Side

Chapter three:
Song of the chapter: Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson
Josie's P.O.V.
It has been almost three weeks since my break down at Chase's house that day. Ever since then we have grown closer than I could have ever imagined. People stopped bullying me, but when Chase isn't around they start again. I haven't told him yet, because I don't know how he will react. 
The bell for school to end rang bringing me out of my thoughts. I pack up my stuff and go to my locker. I put the stuff I don't need away, as I close my locker I felt pain in my back. 
I cry out and try to dislodge the hands holding me against the locker. I felt hands groping me and I screamed. Someone punched me in the jaw and I screamed again. They threw me on the floor and started kicking me in my stomach, side, legs, back, anywhere they could. Then they stopped and I just laid on the floor crying. I felt hands brush my face and I panicked. 
"Please stop, don't hurt me anymore. Please, just stop it hurts." I repeat as I cry harder. 
Chase's P.O.V.
My heart broke as I saw Josie laying on the floor crying and screaming. I brushed my hand against her jaw and she started to beg for me to not hurt her. 
"Princess, look at me. Please, I promise I won't hurt you." I tell her and gently turn her over onto her back. Her body is covered in cuts and bruises, her clothes are torn, she's still crying tears streaming down her face. 
Her eyes opened slightly, tear and pain filled as she gazed at me. She calmed down a little seeing me. I slid one arm under her knees and the other around her lower back, picking her up bridal style. 
"Calm down, princess. Your okay nothings going to hurt you, I promise." I kiss her head as I carry her too my car, setting her in the passenger seat. I drive her to my house and carry her up to my room. 
"Chase? Are you home?" Mom said, coming out of the kitchen. 
"Yea, mom. I'm home." I try to keep Josie out of her sight, but fail. 
She gasps,"What happened to her?" She touches Josie's face and she flinches away. 
"Don't, please don't touch me." Josie whimpers and buries her face against my chest.
My heart squeezed, as my moms eyes filled with tears. I rubbed her back and laid her on my bed. I pulled her top off, seeing bruises and cuts all over her stomach and back, she's covered in them. I gently used a wet cloth to wash her cuts, she flinched each time I went over one. 
I finished and pulled her tightly against me. "Who did this too you?" I ask softly.
She tensed," I don't know I couldn't see."
"What else did they do?" I ask knowing something else happened. 
Silent tears trailed down her cheeks. "Um, I don't wanna talk about it." 
I try to pull her closer, but she moved away and flinched away from my touch. 
"Josie? What did they do?" I ask slowly.
She shook her head and moved away from me. "I can't, I can't. Please, don't make me." She cried harder. 
I leave her saying I'll be back. I walk downstairs and find mom. 
I sit at the table and put my head in my hands. "Mom, could you try talking to Josie? Something else happened but she won't let me touch her or tell me. Please, I need to know. She's in so much pain and I don't know why." 
She nods and disappears. I sit at the table for maybe two hours listening to the silence until I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. 
Mom sat down across from me and sighs. "It took a while but she opened up and told me. You cannot for any reason touch her unless she does so first or says you can. She doesn't want me to tell you what happened. She wants to tell you herself, don't pressure her. Just give her time, okay?"
I nod,"Okay mom." I walk upstairs to my room and hesitate before knocking. I heard a faint come in and slowly walk in the room. She's sitting on the bed looking at her lap. 
I stand by the edge of the bed when she spoke. "Please, don't come any closer."
Josie's P.O.V.
My breathing sped up when he walked in. I know he didn't do anything but my body won't let him come closer. I'm scared to death of what will happen. 
"Chase?" I ask softly, already knowing its him.
"I'm right here princess. I won't come closer I promise." Chase said softly.
"Please understand my reasons for not wanting you closer. I know you didn't hurt me, my mind knows that but my body doesn't." I say looking up at him with tears in my eyes. 
He nods and raises his hand to wipe my tear away but then drops his hand back to his side. 
He clears his throat,"Um, do you want some different clothes?" He motions to my lack of clothing. 
"Yes, please." I say and he nods before getting me a T-shirt of his. He hands it to me, but I grab his hand before he can pull away. "Thank you, for helping me." I drop his hand and pull his shirt on. 

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