The Marauders

Those who are familiar with the Harry Potter books should be familiar with the amazing group of friends we call the Marauders.
Follow Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Pronges in the unpredictable years they spent at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry---


2. The Sorting


    “Gryffindor!” the sorting hat called out across the Great Hall. From the tip of its pointed top, the hand of a woman who was called Professor McGonagall lifted the hat from a head of long, sleek, black hair. Sirius appeared again from the cavernous hat with a huge smile of pride, beaming across the hall as it erupted into an applause, standing to head to the table that clapped the most. While he jumped down the steps toward the Gryffindor table, he purposely made a small detour to pass by James, just so he could whisper in his ear, “I’ll save you a seat.”

   James couldn’t help but smile at the remark. But when he thought about it more deeply as the hall fell silent again, it made him nervous. What if he wasn’t sorted into Gryffindor? What would he be? What else could he possibly be besides Gryffindor? Sirius, who had a family thick with Slytherins made it, what said that he couldn’t too. Trying to put this aside, he directed his attention back up to the front of the massive, glowing hall where McGonagall stood with one arm, draped in velvet green robes, extended, holding the sorting hat over the stool, and the other holding a long list up to her face. She looks down through the spectacles on her nose and reads the next name on the list.

   James knew his name would not be called for quite some time, because for as far as he could tell, it was going in alphabetical order by last name. Sirius was lucky to get his sorting out of the way soon. It became even more nerve wracking the longer that he had to stand watching other students get sorted. A Hufflepuff there, a couple Ravenclaws there. And the students reactions were most entertaining to watch. But at the same, it could kill your spirits. Some students would burst up from the chair as soon as the hat judged them into a house, skipping their way to the table that they had obviously been dreaming themselves sitting at on this day. Others looked surprised, either shocked that they hadn’t made it into whichever house they wanted, or had just simply not cared where they were placed, and were happy to see it happen. But the worst part was when the hat would be lifted up to reveal the face of a horrified student. Someone who had just been placed within their worst nightmare. James feared that that could easily be him soon enough.

   “Pettigrew, Peter!” McGonagall called out in her petite, yet strong voice, interrupting James’s thoughts. Oh, great. They were at the P’s now. James knew he would be up very shortly. He barely had time to prepare himself.

James stood as still as a stone within the now thin crowd of first-year students as he watched the familiar Peter boy be sorted into Gryffindor. James couldn’t help his nervousness, but it felt as though his heart stopped as he anticipated McGonagall’s next words as she looked back down at her list.

   “Potter, James!” Here we go! The word echoed in James’s head as he siked himself into climbing up the steps towards the stool. He moved swiftly, not wanting to cause too much delay, but mostly because he could barely wait any long.

   Plopping himself down on the chair, he felt the sorting hat being let down atop his head. It fitted so big, that if it weren’t for his glasses, on top of which the hat was balancing, the hat would have swallowed his head whole. As soon as the hat settled in place, James was surprised to hear it begin quietly talking to him.

   “Ah! A Potter...” It began, “Been quite some time since I’ve seen some of your lot... I don’t even need to think for this one... Gryffindor!

   James smiled boldly as he sat up from the chair, now as a Gryffindor. Seeing the table beneath the flashing burgundy and gold banners burst out into applause for him, he was wondering how he could had let himself become so nervous before. It was over, he made it. He was now a part of some of the bravest most greatest students in the school. He jumped over towards Sirius who was standing on his knees on the bench, waving his hands at him, inviting him over to sit at the seat he promised to save for him.

   “We did it, mate!” Sirius called at him through the dying applause as James sat down next to him, both still beaming at their success. Everyone’s silenced attention quickly went back over to the only few students left that had not been sorted. Not many students had last names beginning in the last few letters.

A boy named Severus Snape was called up just after James, and both him and Sirius recognized him immediately as soon as his greasy, black head popped up from the last of the first-years as he slowly climbed the steps.

   “Snivellus,” James as Sirius both laughed to themselves quietly as he took his seat on the stool up ahead. They fell silent though, because to be completely honest, they both wanted to know where he ended up, after their little Hogwarts house dispute on the train earlier.

   The hat sat on his greasy head for quite some time. It was probably the longest one all night. Everyone knew that the hat was talking up a fury right now to the poor boy, trying to narrow down his options and pick a house. Seconds stretched into minutes and the great hall was beginning to shuffle impatiently. Even some of the teachers were glancing around from their seats up at the top of the hall, admiring a candle that floats by their head. James even notices Albus Dumbledore, sitting up in his big centre seat twiddling his thumbs as he waited, but his sparkling blue eyes watched Severus keenly in respect for one of the most important moments that could take place in the boys life.

   “Slytherin!” the hat finally shouted, and a series of hoots rose from the Slytherin table over the average applause from the rest of the hall. And that was when James noticed it. The horrified look on Snape’s face as the hat was picked up off of him, now defined and changed. It took him a moment to realize that he was now expected to stand up and walk to his house table, which he did with a sudden jerk, and quite shakily. While he did this, his dark eyes were pinned over in the Gryffindor tables direction, even though he had to head to the opposite side of the room.

   From where Snape’s eyes were locked, it looked as if he were staring right at James and Sirius. Both thought so too, staring back at the boy in confusion as he slowly made his way down the steps. But James noticed the flash of fiery red hair sitting next to him.

   She was sitting up slightly from her seat, craning her neck to see the terrified Snape, perhaps trying to mouth a silent message to him, but James could not tell, for as Snape disappeared within the faces at the Slytherin table, she slumped herself back down in her seat in defeat, idly playing with the silver fork next to her plate as she began to think hard. James couldn’t help but stare at her with concern, her unique green eyes staring intensely at nothing, distressed over the wash of problematic thoughts within her head. He honestly felt bad for her.

But Sirius was the one to pull him out of this strange feeling, “See that? The boy who bid Slytherin better than Gryffindor! Bet he wishes he thought differently now, eh?” Sirius whispered at him joyously, and James giggled in return, recalling the mutual feelings of distaste him and Sirius shared against Snape.

   The two quieted down however to listen to the end of the ceremony, watching the rest of the students being sorted into the other three houses, and the last girl, a girl named Bella Waltz be sorted into Gryffindor, and James felt the good feeling of welcoming a fellow Gryffindor for the first time.

   Swiftly following the final applause, McGonagall stepped away, rolling her list up and shoving it in her pocket while retrieving her wand, using it to cast the stool aside as she carried the sorting hat over to a back room. As she cleared the front of the hall within seconds, everyone’s attention was suddenly brought to the bearded man stepping from his throne-like chair. Professor Dumbledore.

   “A few words before we all begin,” he spoke in a surprisingly bold voice for someone who appeared so old and fragile. His words rang through the hall and a wave of his outstretched hands immediately silenced any straggling whispers. “I wish you all enjoyed your summers, for as you can see, the weather has turned rather bitter on us quite nicely already...” his gaze dwindled up to the ceiling, where the gaze of everyone else followed. There were a few gasps from first years as they realized this for the first time, James and Sirius being an example of some of them, that the ceiling was a replica of the sky outside.

   As before, few stars twinkled in within the darkness, for most of it was consumed by few growing masses of gray storm clouds, slowly collecting together and swirling up into what could only be a nice storm. “Lets just say, for regards to our dear first years, that the ceiling wont replicate the rain-fall as well.... Enjoy the feast!” Dumbledore strangely finished, waving his arms once more as he sat to cast a silent spell to summon the food to fill the empty platters that had been sitting before them the entire ceremony.

   Elaborate displays of meats and potatoes, gravy and vegetable appeared before them as if out of thin air.

   “Now this is more like it!” Sirius called, being the first to snatch a pair of tongs to begin dishing himself out some food. Both him and James being from pure-blood Wizarding families made the magical dinner little of a surprise, but the looks on certain first-years faces described how they had never experienced such a thing before.

   “What, all that candy on the train wasn’t enough for you?” James said.

   “This man needs high class, James, look at me!”

James did look, witnessing the self-centred little child begin eating a piece of steak covered in gravy with his bare hands, abandoning notice of the existence of the perfectly good utensils next to him.

   “So classy...” James spoke, reaching out to begin dishing out his own food.

While doing this, James remembered the presence of the girl next to him, and looked over to see that she was still caught in a great deal of thought. James hesitated for a second, wanting just to ignore it and continue making fun of Sirius, but he couldn’t find himself able too.

   “Umm,” Jame began, thinking of what he could possibly say, “Schnitzel?” he asked her, pointing towards the piece of meat he was holding in his tongs.

   She looked up at him, seeming unsure if he was talking to her, but when her green eyes met his brown ones, she jumped into a reply, “Umm, no thanks...” she said, delivering a weak smile.

   “Oh, yeah, me neither,” James stuttered, throwing the tongs back down on the platter, “Say, you were the one in our compartment on the train?” James didn’t have to ask her to be sure, he knew it was her as soon as he had noticed her sitting there, the combination of red hair and green eyes was impossible to forget.

   “Briefly, but we had to leave because you two were insulting my friend,” she said simply, not seeming angry at that point, but clearly trying to make James feel bad for it.

   “Oh, right, Snive- I mean, Severus. Sorry about that, I didn’t mean any of it.”

   She shrugged, smiling down at her empty silver plate lightly, not having anything else to say to James in the conversation.

   “He was the one sorted in Slytherin up there?” James continued on, taking a bite of mashed potatoes as he did.

   “Yeah, he was...” she replied rather grimly, not looking up at him as she stared vacantly at her reflection in the platter. James realized this was exactly the matter that she was stressed about.

   “Hey, well he got the house that he wanted, right? He was boasting about it on the train, right?”

   “Right. But...”

   “But what?” James insisted, trying not to sound to demanding. He wanted her to confide in him.

  “Its just that...” she took a heavy breath, obviously trying to fight back tears again as she lifted her head up to glance at the swirling ceiling above, “that he has been my only friend since I could remember... And, I just know that Slytherin was the last house he would belong in, you know? After knowing him for so long I saw differently for him...”

   James let it sink for a moment, trying to think of something meaningful to say in turn, but what? That seemed impossible. “The sorting hat knows best. He was placed in the right place...”

   “Yeah...” she sighed.

   “But hey!” James called, trying to escape the both of them from the gloominess of the topic, “We’ll be your new friends. Your Gryffindor friends! I’m James!” he introduced, sticking out his hand for a friendly shake.

   She smiled down at his outstretched hand, appreciating his attempt to cheer her up. She took a hold of it and gave it a firm shake, “Hi, I’m Lily.”

   “Brilliant! Hey, Sirius-” James said, turning to grab his attention, “Hey, we are gonna be Lily’s friends now- hey!”

   “Sounds brilliant, James,” Sirius said quickly, flashing a quick smile in their direction, but he had already distracted himself with another matter while James and Lily were talking, “But look, these are the blokes that sat with us on the boat, see-!” James looked in the direction of Sirius’s pointed finger to see the lengthy boy and his plump little friend sitting across from them.

   “He was the one that did that levitating charm that yanked your wand out of your hand!” Sirius said, still pointing as if putting a huge blame on someone. He was very excited about this for some reason. The boy was only smiling royally in return as Sirius was retelling it.

   “Yes, I ca-” James began, but was surprised to hear Lily’s voice immediately chime in from next to him, any sadness that was evident in it before gone as she engaged in the new conversation without hesitation.

   “You can preform a levitation charm?” she cawed the question over to Remus, who looked at her and smiled, nodding.

   “That’s right,”

   “So well that you could lift James’s wand up into the air?” she asked more, seeming quite interested.

   He nodded again, “Simply because James here was practising the same spell on our boat and it was getting to be a little too much.”

   “Wait, you weren’t lifting the boat out of the water, were you?” Lily said, astonished as she looked over at James.

   “Of course he wasn’t!” Sirius absurdly laughed out loud, “The bloke shattered the compartment door window when trying to do Alohomora!”


   “That was you!?” The small, plump boy laughed out looking very amused at the situation, “We walk out of our compartment and there is just a pile of glass on the floor in the hall...!”

Everyone began to laugh.

   “Yeah, that was me...” Jame said in a small voice, feeling ashamed at his poor magic skills. “But how am I supposed to know how to do the spells if I cannot use magic outside of Hogwarts?”

   “Well, practice it on the train, simply!” Lily blurted out into a giggle, “Thats what I was doing the whole ride with Severus.”

   “I as well, but Peter here was too afraid to participate...” The tall, scrawny boy chimed in, introducing his friend.

   “Its really not scary at all, actually. I mean, what spell could one find in a first-years book that could be dangerous?” Lily informed.

   “This lad here can certainly seem to find a way to make the simplest of spells unnerving,” the sandy haired boy replied, dipping his head down slightly as he smiled at James, showing he meant no harm.

   “Oh please, I was simply making the ride a little more fun, that was all,” James spoke, shoving more potatoes in his face as the boy sitting across from him outwitted him in a way. James sort of disliked how Lily seemed to be taking a liking to the other boys intellect.

   “What is all your names anyway?” Lily piped up in a slightly more subtle voice after a brief seconds of silence. I know James, have met the chap sitting next to him, and you two there seem nice enough.” She warmly smiled at everyone as she reached over to scoop herself some food for the first time.

   “Well, here’s my mate...Sirius,” James spoke the name, remembering how odd it must be to hear for the first time.

   “Serious?” the plump boy questioned with a strange look on his face.

   “No, no, of course not...” his friend chimed in, “Like the star... right?” he turned to question Sirius.

   “Thats right, thank you!” Sirius spoke, sounding exasperated as for once someone finally understood.

   “Brilliant, if you’re going to have an unusual name, at least it has a grand meaning,” he commented further, “My parents figured differently. I am Remus, Remus Lupin.... And this here is Peter,” Remus introduced, then his attention was drawn back to Lily, “I caught your name being Lily?” he asked quietly.

   “Correct... Lily Evans. My parents have an obsession over flowers it seems. My sister’s name is Petunia.”

   “Oh... that would explain who you were calling Tuney on the train...” James recalled out loud.

   “Yes, it seems you overheard quite a bit of that conversation for someone who seemed to be talking to someone else rather loudly at the time,” Lily countered with a smile, “But yes, my sister.”

   “How old is she? Is she a student here already?” Remus asked conversationally, cutting at a chunk of meat eagerly with his knife and fork.

   “Well... no, actually,” Lily spoke, concealing her disappointment, “she’s a muggle.”

Remus stopped dead in the middle of what he was doing, looking up at Lily with the most apologetic look on his shy face. He was probably about to open his mouth to say sorry, but Peter cut him off.

   “A muggle?” he questioned, sounding oblivious. “Then what does that make you? If your sisters a muggle?”

   “Bloody hell, Peter...” Remus said quietly, dipping his down and continuing to stab at his meat with his fork, pretending no longer to be involved in the topic of conversation. Sirius took over.

   “A muggle-born?” Sirius said, looking at Peter with wide-eyes.

   “Whats that?” Peter asked a little reluctantly this time, seeing that he was oblivious of something very important. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him questioningly, to see if he were serious. “I’m sorry, okay? I really don’t know.” His voice skittered through the words.

   “Don’t be sorry,” Lily smiled, breaking the tension, “It can be uncommon, some people just never hear.”

   “It means her parents are muggles... Right?” James spoke.

   “Thats right, my whole family are muggles. Its almost better that way though. Better that my sister is a muggle in a muggle family than a squib in a wizarding family.

   “You really know a lot about this for a muggle-born, don’t you?” Sirius interjected, leaning over the table to look over at her past James.

   “Well, I would had been clueless if it weren’t for Severus... he’s comes from a half blood family in my town. He was really nice to me when he figured out I was a witch.”

   “Wheres he?” Peter asked again.

   “Peter...!” James shot at him, annoyed.

   “What?!” he spoke, jumping up, frightened at what could had been wrong in what he said.

   “He’s in at Slytherin table,” Lily commented, not seeming too hurt at Peters clueless behaviour.

   “And like I said, we’ll be Lily’s friends now in Gryffindor... right?” James said, reassuring Lily.

   “Yeah, sounds all right!” Sirius piped up, majorly excited about the idea much more than one thought he should be, “We all ought to be friends, I like it!”



   The feast ended soon after a desert of rich, chocolate pudding was served. And when everyone stood up automatically as soon as the food disappeared from the platters, all the first-years found themselves confused, standing up reluctantly, wondering what to do. It was a few moments of everyone clearing themselves away from the tables towards the exit until a few summoning voices called over the hubbub.

   “First-years this way!” they all called.

   Hopefully, all of the youngest students heads shot up, looking to the guiding voices to find four older students standing on the benches above everyone else. One at each table. James and Sirius lead the way, pushing through the crowd eagerly to get to the guide. Behind them was Remus and Peter, strolling leisurely as they strolled up to the older Gryffindor girl calling them all over. Lily was somewhere in between, her head swivelling through the crowd of people with something else occupying her, getting to the Gryffindor guide wasn’t her first task, it seemed.

   “My name is Maisy Vance,” spoke a girl as almost all the other students had filed out of the hall and there was left only the first-years and the prefect guides. The Gryffindor guide, Maisy, looked to be a fifth year. Petite but feisty looking, her eyebrows either curved naturally in a death stare, or the tight bun on her head was pulling her forehead back. Just by the look of her, everyone knew not to mess around. They all crowded around attentively at where she stood on the bench, not making her too much taller than the youngest students around her. She seemed oblivious to this fact, however. For she stood like she were the headmistress of the school.

   “I’ll be leading you all to the Gryffindor dorm,” she proclaimed before hopping down off the bench, the students sweeping aside as she walked up to the front of the herd, leading them to the exit, “Follow me. Do not lag behind.”

Gryffindors were the first to leave the great hall to the entrance hall, the other three houses following in not much behind. The rest of the older students had already scattered their way to where they needed to be, leaving only the light footsteps of the herd of first years, their first footsteps venturing into the castle ringing off of its stone walls all around them.



   The Gryffindor common room seemed the absolute best place to be. James, spinning around endlessly in the circular room, wondering what part to admire next, wondered if all the common rooms looked like this. House of the brave, they called it. But he wouldn’t be too surprised if this had ended up being the Hufflepuff common room. Toasty fire, big, comfy arm chairs, a beautiful view of the moonlit grounds. Heck, he wondered how any room could end up being any more welcoming than this.

   “Would you pipe down?” Sirius called at James as his excited figure hysterically twirled about, twisting the area rug beneath his twisting toes, “What are you even doing?”

   “What are you doing?” James fired back with a disoriented whoop, pausing in his joyous spinning to look at Sirius who was sitting on the large sofa positioned before the fire, “Aren’t you exited?”

   “Yeah, but I can express it without making myself look like a hooligan,” he laughed, revealing nothing but the dark hair on the back of his head to James as he stared into the low flames of the fireplace.

James tripped over his feet as he tried to keep his balance in his dizzy state, leaning to the right drastically as he took a few steps towards the back of the couch, reaching for its cushions in desperation as he was about to fall over.

   Yanking himself over the back of the couch, he so ungracefully landed on the cushion next to Sirius, sighing an exclamation of relief as he was no longer threatened by losing his balance. To further express his relief, he slumped himself over, falling onto Sirius’s lap as he, too began to look over at the fire.

   “Could you find a way to not drag me into the humiliation too on our first day?” he laughed, placing his hand on James messy head of hair and slowly petting it.

   James laughed, pulling himself up quickly and looking around the rest of the common room to spy for any other students. Almost none. There was a couple older girls sitting in a darker corner, conversing happily, probably filling each other in on their summers. A few people lingering around the stair cases that lead to the dorms. And- the red hair was unmistakeable, even in his recovering state of dizziness.

   “Good night, Evans!” James called over the common room, waving at the girl as she was walking towards the girls dorms. She turned halfheartedly, obviously a bit tired in the later hours, to look over at him, smiling happily and giving a wave at him.

   “Good night,” she returned his gesture before continuing her way up stairs.

   Jame smiled to himself once she was out of sight up the spiralling stair case, looking over at the flames for a moment in silence before deciding to glance at his watch. The time read it to be an hour to midnight. Perhaps they had pushed their first evening at Hogwarts a little later than would be wise.

   “What do you say?” James eventually cawed to Sirius, who was staring unblinking at the fire, obviously caught in some sort of daydream.

   “Hmm?...” he considered for a moment, struggling to rip his eyes away from the mesmerizing dance of the fire to acknowledge what James had said, “Yeah...” he eventually spoke, “Yeah, you’re right.”

He heaved himself up with a deep sigh, letting James lead the way as he suddenly became eager to see what their dorm room would look like.

   “You think we’ll have gotten the top floor? Do you think we’ll have other room mates? Oh, jeez I hope we are roommates. Our trunks will be there, right?”

   “Weren’t you the one that suggested we go to sleep?” Sirius said exhaustively, beginning to heavily climb the stairs in James’s wake, “Pipe down or I will honestly start hoping we aren’t room mates.”

Sirius wasn’t so lucky however. Neither was James with his aspirations. Quite a few floors short of being the top floor of Gryffindor tower, they found themselves fallen silent as they entered a gloomy dorm. All light shut off and two of the four beds in the room occupied, the sound of light snoring filling the silence.

   “Jeez, is it really that late?” James questioned in a whisper, surprised that people were already asleep. Or- at least close to it.

   A head popped up from the bed closest to the window, his wand appearing as well with is end lit up. The pale light defined the features of the boys face, revealing it to be Remus.

   “Good evening,” he said sardonically in a slightly hushed tone, “Nice of you to join us. Your trunks are over there,” he said, pointing his lit wand at the two freshly made beds on the opposite side of the room. Sure enough they were, sitting so conveniently at the foots of the beds. They all had wondered at some point how they had gotten there. Who had gone to the trouble? But no one could muster enough curiosity to actually ask. There was already too much going on around them on the first day to wonder about that.

   What James was most curious about at the moment was who was in the bed across from his, snoring his life away.

   “Whose that?” he questioned after yanking his pajamas out of his trunk, turning and looking at Remus who was directing the light from his wand at the pages of a book in his hand.

   “Its Peter,” he informed, barely looking up.

   James nodded, impressed as he looked around the gloom, trying to find a bathroom where he could change out of his robes. Spotting a door, he then turned his head around to see if Sirius had spotted it, wondering if he was going to have to engage in a race to get to the bathroom first. But through the light glare of moonlight on his glasses, he saw Sirius subtly stripping down next to his bed, changing in the open. He was about to open his mouth and make a comment about it, but quickly decided not to as he finally acknowledged how tired looking  Sirius was. Like he had been deflated. Perhaps a good nights sleep was the best.

   Doing as Sirius had, James sat on the side of his bed, changing into his pajamas and stuffing his school robes in his trunk without giving a care to fold them and pulling his glasses off, leaving them folded on the night stand between his and Sirius’s bed. Then, being the last to do so, he jumped up onto the soft bed and buried himself beneath the covers, falling asleep sooner than he would had thought.



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