The Marauders

Those who are familiar with the Harry Potter books should be familiar with the amazing group of friends we call the Marauders. Follow Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Pronges in the the unpredictable years they spent at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry--- Please give the story a chance, and if you like it, let me know. I'd really appreciate it :)


7. Slytherin vs Gryffindor

 "Goal! Gryffindor goal by Gudgeon!" The voice boomed throughout the stadium. "That makes it ninety to forty for Slytherin," The voice spoke a sneaky bitter tone as he admitted that Slytheirn was winning. The commentator was a Gryffindor after all, a third year that James knew by the name of Stanley Clophas.

 James floated high above the Quidditch pitch. His current objective was to spot the snitch, if he didn't than his team would pay; but he took a moment to celebrate their goal as he watched Davey put the Quaffle through the center hoop, leaving the Slytherin Keeper looking stunned and confused.

 It was the perfect day for a Quidditch game. The sun was shining bright for the first of December. The few clouds that were in the sky stayed clear of the suns rays, but the air across the snow-covered grounds had an icy touch. But none of the players had time to notice as they were zooming around as fast as their brooms would take them. Except the Seekers of course. The Slytherin Seeker, Bruno Mathews, was scaling the edge of the pitch somewhere, but James didn't care. He had the perfect spot. High above the stadium like this, he would be the first to catch the quick flicker of gold as the snitch gleamed beneath the sunlight.

 "Claudis hit by a Bludger!" Stanley roared the name of the Slytherin Keeper over the stadium. James spared a glance at the hoops to see a blob of green robes staggering off his broom. But he didn't take the time to see what happened, he needed to keep his eyes out for the snitch. Instead, he used his ears to hear the Gryffindors roaring in anticipation while the Slytherin crowed awed in horror. James didn't know if he completely fell from his broom or not, but if he did, he would have heard Madame Hooch blow the whistle to pause the game to check to see if he were injured. Instead, he heard Stanley's voice scream over the speakers.

 "Paziuk! She scores! Another goal for Gryffindor!" James felt a smile appear on his face, but he didn't steal a glance at Brittany who was probably soaring away from the hoops proudly. He was too distracted by the flicker of gold he spotted. Right next to the Slytherin Seeker.


 "Mathews sees the Snitch!" He heard Stanley's voice blare. Before he even had time to think, he pulled his broom to the side and zoomed off towards Mathews who was pursuing the Snitch. "Potter and Mathews are after the Snitch!"

 James's Nimbus 100 proved itself as he was quickly gaining on Mathews. But his heart nearly plummeted when he saw him outstretch his hand, the zip of gold just a few inches from finger tips when- Wham! A Bludger plowed into Mathews shoulder.

 "Brilliant shot by Gryffindor Beater, Smith. Potters got a chance!" Stanley cried. It was true. James hopes rose as he sped up and took Mathews place right behind the Snitch. But this Bludger wasn't done its war path. As it flew feet above the heads of the spectators, it carved a sharp turn. It was to late when he heard the cries of horror from the Gryffindors as the Bludger flew itself at James. James glanced out the side of his glasses and had a split second to see the Bludger before it struck the side of his head. 


 "James? Is that you finally awake?" He heard a distant voice drift into his ears. James felt himself place his hand gently against the increasing pain on the side of his head and forced his eyes open. The hospital wing faded into focus all around him.

 "Wha...?" He spoke feebly.

 "Wondered when you'd see the light of day again?" The voice spoke again.

 "W- where am I?" James asked as he sat up a little, glancing around at the empty hall of beds.

 "The hospital wing..." The voice now sounded as if it were coming from right next to him. James spun to his right to see, fighting the massive headache that continued to grow the more aware he became.

 "Remus!" James realized. His friends face came into focus, next to his bed.

 "Quiet, mate!" He spoke in a whisper. "We don't want to disturb madame Pomfrey. She acts a lot like a mother when the patients start stirring."

 "Well maybe I wouldn't mind seeing the nurse at this point," James said with a groan as he felt the blood soaked bandage around his head. 

 "Oh, well in that case. Scream all you want," James heard Remus say. Everything seemed fuzzy, not only his sight, but his hearing.

 "Where are my glasses?" James asked as he squinted around him.

 "Right here." James saw his glasses in Remus's hand and took them. When he placed them before his eyes, the whole hospital wing came into view. The long hall was lined with many beds, almost every of which wasn't occupied except for himself and- and Remus!

 "Blimey, mate! What happened to you?" James shouted. Remus cringed at how loud James had spoke. Sure enough, the door to madame Pomfrey's office swung open and she came striding down the isle towards them.

 "Don't worry about it," Remus said quickly before madame Pomfrey arrived. 

 "Oh, dear, James! Let's change that darn bandage!"



 It was now lunch break, and as they assumed, Sirius and Peter came bursting into the hospital wing.

 "Blimey, mate! You nearly gave us a heart attack!- wait..." Sirius said.

 "Remus! What happened to you?" Peter finished the rest of Sirius's sentence.

 "I tripped," Remus replied simply. Everyone looked at him. No one could miss the blood stained bandage he had wrapped tightly around his arm.

 "That's from a trip?" Sirius said.

 "Yes!- well... you see, I slipped on some ice after everyone went crazy when James got knocked off his broom, and well... I kinda got trampled a bit."

 "Remus, really? I was with you the whole time-" Peter began.

 "Just forget it! It's a long story. I don't want to talk about it." Sirius and Peter gave a silent agreement. But James, on the other hand, looked as if he hadn't took in one word of the conversation. He was staring off into nothing, thinking hard.

 "Oh!" He suddenly piped up. "The Quidditch game! What happened?" Everyone gave reluctant side glances at each other. 

 "Well, you see..." Sirius began.

 "After you fell..." Peter continued.

 "The Slytherin seeker got the snitch," Remus finished. James nodded and looked away.

 "Its alright, mate. No one blames you!" Peter spoke.

 "Yeah, everyone is worried sick about you," Remus told him."You have no idea how many people came to visit you while you were out for that period of time. Where do you think all those sweets came from?"

 James looked over and considered the pile of now half eaten candy. "Really? Like who?" He asked as he looked at Remus. Remus rolled his eyes and began to name off a list of people, James and Sirius found it amusing to hear that they were all mostly girls. But what disappointed James the most was not hearing Lily's name being mentioned.




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