The Marauders

Those who are familiar with the Harry Potter books should be familiar with the amazing group of friends we call the Marauders. Follow Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Pronges in the the unpredictable years they spent at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry--- Please give the story a chance, and if you like it, let me know. I'd really appreciate it :)


5. Quidditch

 James woke up early, determined to not be late for his first class. It was six thirty and with no consideration of the others who were still sleeping, he jumped up, stomped his feet over to the window and pulled the drapes so hard to the side that the metal pole they were attached to ripped from the wall, hitting the ground with a loud clang.

 "Bloody hell!" Sirius screeched as he and Peter sat straight up, waking with a start. But Remus gave a snort, rolled over and continued to sleep. That was when James noticed that Remus was back considering him being gone the whole day Sunday. Before he could comment on this, Peter began to yell with Sirius.

 "What are you doing?!" He asked angrily. 

 James still had the curtain clenched in his hand and strode back over to his bed with it, dragging the beam along with him. "Just letting in some sunshine," He said innocently as he opened his trunk and retrieved his robes.

 "You're a moron," Sirius said with a big yawn, shielding his eyes from the sunlight that now shone through the room. Suddenly Remus began to stir uncomfortably and he slowly opened his eyes, looking annoyed at the open window.

 "Blimey, Remus. Where have you been?" Peter said astonished when he noticed his presence. 

 But Remus was still half asleep. He propped himself up with one arm and put his head in his other hand.

 "Jeez, Remus," Sirius muttered in shock when Remus lifted his head and looked around the room. He looked extremely tired. He had huge dark circles beneath his eyes and his cheeks looked a little more hollow. "What, happened to you?"

 "Nothing," He replied firmly as he rolled out of bed. James had just put on his glasses and his eyes widened at the sight of his friend. "I've just felt a little under the weather lately. But I'm fine now," He strode off to the washroom before anyone could say anything else.


 About twenty minutes later he returned from the washroom, looking a little more refreshed. He stopped when he spotted the lump of the curtain on the floor, then glanced up at the empty window and put two and two together.

 "You know, James. You can move the drapes to the side to look out the window," He said turning to James, who's hair was as messy as ever. "It's easier than ripping them right off the wall,"

 James sat on his bed with a casual look, nibbling at a bar of chocolate. "Yes, Remus," He said very formally. "I realize,"

 "Is that my chocolate?" Remus asked urgently.

 Peter groaned from the corner. "Run, James!" 

 From the brief second James glanced over at Peter and back to Remus, he was already edging towards him with his eyes narrowed. James jumped up on his bed as Remus came at him, stuffing as much chocolate as he could in his mouth. 

 He threw the rest of the bar across the room to Sirius who ate the rest of the chocolate before Remus could finish tackling James to the floor.



 They sat at the Gryffindor table for breakfast about twenty minutes later. James now held his arm painfully with a look of regret on his face. Remus also looked a bit down, obviously about his lost chocolate but he did look a bit proud of himself.

 But nothing could dampen James' spirits now. As he sat, he placed his beautiful, personal broom stick on the table. Sirius, Peter and Remus just looked at it.

 "Another going away present?" Peter finally asked, braking the silence. 

 James shook his head as he swallowed a mouth full of scrambled eggs. "No I got it for my ninth birthday," 

 The other threes eyes widened in disbelief.

 "I'm lucky that my mum bought me an extra quill!" Peter piped up as Lily came over and sat next to him.

 "Whats going on?" She asked, but then her eyes caught sight of the broom, "Whoa... So I guess we have flying then?"

 "Yup," James said proudly to her, "And I was wondering if we could all go out and practice a bit early?"

 "I don't know what madam Hooch will think of that-" Remus began but he was cut off by Sirius.

 "Sounds like a great idea, James" He said while getting up, "Lets go then?"  He, James and Peter got up eagerly but Lily and Remus still sat and looked at each other apprehensively.

 "Come on!" James burst at them. "Can't you two at least try to have a little fun?"

 Lily got up and grabbed a muffin from the table. "Alright. Come on, Remus. It can't be that bad,"



 As soon as they reached the Quidditch pitch, James kicked off on his broom and smoothly soared the skies with ease. He was absolutely brilliant on his broom. But back on the ground, Sirius was first at the cabinet full of the schools brooms and pulled on the locked doors uselessly. It was when Lily finally followed up and flicked her wand at the cabinet and said: 'Alohomora,'


 Compared to James's broom, the others were complete garbage. But it could have just been because the others didn't really know how to fly. Sirius was the first to try and kick off, imitating how James had done it and was actually alright until he flipped upside down and didn't know how to get back up. While Sirius was zig zagging around the pitch, trying to climb back on his broom, Peter had mounted his broom and had literally jumped into the air enthusiastically. James could see the hope in his eyes as Peter must have thought that he would soar up into the air, but instead fell back to the ground like a stone.

 Lily and Remus stood to the side. Both of them were gutting themselves laughing at the pair of Sirius and Peter as they attempted flying. Remus was next to mount his broom, and being careful to not end up like Sirius or Peter, he lifted off the ground. He wobbled in the air as he slowly made his way over to James who was floating nicely in the air, laughing at Sirius and Peter. Lily was just mounting her broom when the shrill sound of a whistle pierced the air. Madame Hooch marched out onto the field with a horrible look in her strange yellow eyes.

 "Get yourselves off of those brooms before I come up there!" She waled. Hooch had her attention on the boys in the air, so she didn't notice Lily as she got off her broom and held it innocently by her sides as if waiting for class to start.

 Remus was the first to hit the ground. Though he did it slowly and shakily, it wasn't as near as bad as Peters landing as he came soaring in at an incredible speed and crashed into the ground next to Remus. James stayed in the air as he chased after Sirius, who was now soaring circles around the pitch as he hung off his broom, desperately clinging to it with one hand.

 James eventually managed to guide Sirius back to the ground. Once they touched down they had barely a moment to take a breath before Madame Hooch was on them.

 "How dare you boys do something so reckless. You could have been seriously hurt if you aren't already," She threw a glare back at Peter who stood next to Remus behind her, clutching his arm painfully. Without another word she pulled out a blank parchment from her robe and tapped it with her wand. A paragraph of words magically appeared upon it. She folded it and with another tap of her wand, sealed it in an envelope. She handed it to James.

 "Take this to Professor McGonagall. The four of you," She snapped at them. And without another word they all marched away from the scene. On their way off the pitch they passed Lily who gave James a sly smile as he glared at her. Once they were exiting the pitch they heard Madame Hooch speaking to Lily.

 "Well done, Mrs Evans for arriving so early. I'll make that five points to Gryffindor,"



 Professor McGonagall sat at her desk, her eyes zooming left to right as she quickly read the letter from madame Hooch. As the four of them stood before her desk their spirits swiftly plummeted as they seen the fury in her eyes grow the further from down the page they trailed. Finally she folded up the page and fixed them in her glare. Their eyes darted anywhere except hers, but when they did look at her they gave her an expectant look, wondering when she would break the silence and begin to lecture them. But it was surprising to them to see that she gave them an expectant look as well.

 "Well?" She asked them. They didn't say anything. "Is this letter true?"

 "Well, professor, the letter was sealed by madame Hooch so its kind of hard to read it after that," Sirius said

 "Shut up!" Remus harshly whispered at Sirius as he elbowed him, but McGonagall didn't notice because she was taking in a breath to retort to Sirius's rude tone.

 "What exactly did you think you were doing? Riding a broom so recklessly like?! You could have been seriously hurt if you aren't already!" She finished looking at Peter who was still painfully clutching his arm. "I am very disappointed in you all for this behavior. You are at Hogwarts now! Not some silly muggle pre-school," Her voice was slowly growing into a yell.

 "Fifty points will be taken from Gryffinor- But-!" She cut in before they began to protest, "But you should be thankful I'm not giving you all detentions. I am really trying to like you all. I am going to just assume that you are first-years getting used to the system, but if I catch any other reckless behavior, I won't be so kind with your punishment... Do you understand?" They all nodded. "Good. Now, Mr Black, Mr Lupin, you take Mr Pettigrew to the hospital wing... Mr Potter, you stay with me,"

 Sirius and Remus joined Peter on either side to take him out, each giving James a sympathetic look as they turned away. The tall classroom doors shut with a loud thud behind them. It made James jump as he knew that he was now locked in a room with an angry professor Mcgonagall.

 "Now, Mr Potter, do you know why I've asked you to stay behind?

 "Give me trouble for flying?" He suggested.

 "No, that was a moment ago," She looked at him through her glasses with a smile. "I held you behind to encourage your flying. Madame Hooch has informed me in this letter of what a spectacular flier you are,"

 "She what?" James muttered in astonishment.

 "She's said that she hasn't seen such a smooth flier in years. So listen, Potter. I am sure you're aware of a wizarding game called Quidditch?"

 "Yes," He answered, his spirits lifting. McGonagall leaned slightly forward on on her desk and laced her fingers together and continued with a smile.

 "I am offering you the position of Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch team," James didn't have words. All he could do was nod his head vigorously, his smile too big to speak. "Good, judging by your reaction, I think you're willing to play. I will organize a date with you and the Gryffindor captain, Davey Gudgeon. Keep an eye on the morning post, Potter. You're dismissed..."



 "You're Gryffindor Seeker?!" Roared Sirius at the dinner table, his face looking as shocked as Remus's Peter's and Lily's; he had shouted so loud that many people turned to look at them.

"Yup," James replied coolly, taking a bight of a chicken leg with a smug look.

"That's impossible," Remus spoke, "You're only a first year!"

 "Well apparently I'm the 'smoothest rider Madame Hooch had ever seen'"

 On the way back to the common room after dinner, James was asked several times to relive the scene in McGonagall's class, each time he told, he would exaggerate generously to make it sound more glorious.

 "They said I was the most brilliant flier they had ever seen in their whole lives," He told any Gryffindor who would listen. "They said I could make history with my skills. They said they wouldn't be surprised if I were hoisting the world cup one day, catching the snitch to bring my team to victory," 

 It had gone on until he was talking about a profession he was thinking of taking up of distracting vicious werewolves and guiding them away from civilians heroically, all while mounted on a broom. Everyone else had caught on to his lies and abandoned his stories. Peter was the only on that listened eagerly. His arm was slightly bandaged since his wrist had been sprained. Sirius had left them to talk to a group of second year girls while Remus sat at their usual table where his mind had abandoned the book he was reading to stare out the window at the setting sun very blankly.



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