The Marauders

Those who are familiar with the Harry Potter books should be familiar with the amazing group of friends we call the Marauders. Follow Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Pronges in the the unpredictable years they spent at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry--- Please give the story a chance, and if you like it, let me know. I'd really appreciate it :)


3. First Day

 James woke up to find that all three of them were already gone. The sun was shining through the window. He checked his watch to see that it was five minutes to eight.

 "Yikes," He muttered to himself. He knew that classes started at nine and he still didn't even know what they were. So he quickly slid into his robes and ran down to the great hall.

 After many detours on the confusing staircases down, he arrived in the dining hall at ten after eight. Immediately he saw Remus and Sirius sitting across from each other. As James approached, all of a sudden Sirius burst out laughing. James stopped dead in his tracks. Sirius was laughing so loud that almost everyone in the great hall turned to check if someone had put a nasty tickling jinx on him. McGonagall glared over at them suspiciously at the staff table as James sat down next to Remus. Once she looked away back at her plate, James leaned over and tried to talk to Remus as Sirius was still giggling frantically.

 "What's he laughing about?" James asked. Remus glanced from him back to Sirius, hiding a low smile.

 "Oh nothing," He answered with a little sarcasm. "He's just hysterical,"

 "Shut up!" Sirius barked at him, calming himself from all the giggles.

 "Nothing??" James asked suspiciously, a smile growing on his face. Sirius brought himself together long enough to look as if he were about to explain when Remus gave him a sharp look and cut in.

 "Nothing-" He said with a slight edge to Sirius, but Remus was starting to giggle too. James grabbed a piece of toast and buttered it as he asked:

 "So what are our classes then?"

 "Oh! Glad you reminded me," Said Remus, happily changing the topic. He turned to his left and grabbed a piece of paper off the table and handed it to James. He studied it for a minute.

 "Transfiguration... With Mcgonagall," Jame spoke.

 "Transfiguration?" Sirius asked in wonderment. "Oh! That sounds like fun." He said while wiping the tears from his eyes. "What will we be transfiguring?"

 "First years start out with simple things like matches to needles," Remus informed them.

 "That's it? I thought we would get to change ourselves into animals and stuff," Sirius said as he ripped off a chunk of bacon. Remus frowned at him.

 "You're talking about advanced stuff. And plus, becoming an Animagus is really hard and is illegal if you don't register,"

 "Animagus?-" Sirius began, but Remus cut him off.

 "Do I really need to go into it now?? I'm positive professor Mcgonagall will tell us." He said while wiping his mouth with a napkin.

 "So we have transfiguration together, then?" James asked.

 "Yes." Remus said as he reached down to his feet where he had his bag sitting on the floor. "Our schedules are identical," He slung the heavy looking bag over his shoulder.

 "Where are you going now?" Sirius asked.

 "I have to take care of a few things before class. And I'd suggest you two should hurry it up a bit. By the sights of it, neither of you have any books or supplies so that means you have to navigate your way back up and down those stairs and find the classroom before nine," He paused and gave a faint smile. "See you later then,"

 Remus turned on his heel, but instead of heading out of the great hall, he turned the opposite direction towards the staff table. James and Sirius watched him curiously. When Remus neared, Dumbledore gave him a bright smile and waved and got up to his feet and made his way towards Madame Pomfrey, the nurse for the school. Remus followed.

 Madame Pomfrey, who was sitting at the very end of the staff table saw them approaching and got up and greeted them. There was a moment where Dumbledore and Madame Pomfrey conversed, but James and Sirius were too far away to be able to hear anything. So they just watched as Madame Pomfrey nodded her head to Dumbledore one last time and they both turned to Remus. Dumbledore smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder just before he turned to return to his seat. But instead of Madame Pomfrey returning to her seat, she began to walk away from the staff table towards the exit of the hall, Remus following close behind. When they swept past them, Remus didn't throw them a glance. They kept walking until they disappeared from view when they rounded a corned just outside the large doors.

 "What do you suppose that was about?" Sirius muttered as he continued to eat his bacon.

 "I have no idea," James said. "But- Sirius! For Merlin's sake would you quite piling bacon on your plate? Remus is right. We need to hurry,"

 "Shh! I need my precious bacon to keep me alive, James," He whispered as he dramatically stroked a strip with his fork. 



 "Mr Black and Mr Potter!" McGonagall called across the classroom. "You're late,"

 "Yes, but we got lost, professor," James tried to explain but McGonagall wasn't interested in an excuse.

 "Just take a seat. Right there. Next to Mr Lupin," They looked over to see Remus sitting next to Peter, two vacant seats to his right. Without another word they slipped down the row and sat in the the seats. As they organized their books, McGonagall continued talking to the class. But instead of listening, Sirius leaned over to Remus and began to whisper.

"What were you doing with the nurse?" Sirius asked. But Remus shushed him. "Come on Lupin. What's up? You can tell me,"

 "Come off it," Remus muttered out of the side of his mouth.

 "Come on Re-"

 "Mr Black!" Mcgonagall spoke. "This is the second time you have disrupted my class. Would you like to earn yourself a detention on your very first lesson?"

 "No, Professor," He replied.

 "Good. Now as I was saying," She continued. "I'm am giving you a warning now. Transfiguration can be a dangerous art. And if I see any of you acting irresponsibly you'll be sent out of this class. Do you all understand?" Everyone nodded. "Very good," She said as she turned to stand in front of her desk. When she turned again to face the class her eyes were smiling and without warning, she transformed into a tabby cat. The class was awe struck, but broke into an applause. The cat transformed back into their professor.

 "Animagi," She spoke, quieting the class. "- Are people who can turn into an animal at will,"

 "Oh!" Sirius exclaimed, only loud enough for James and Remus to hear. 

"But it is extremely complex and you must register at the ministry if you wish to take it up. Failing to do so can land you in Azkaban," There was a silence. She grinned. "Don't worry I'm registered. But this is extremely advanced transfiguration and becoming an Animagus is probably something most people in this school will never do," 

 "Today you are starting simple. You will all see a match on your desk. I will be teaching you how to transform it into a needle. Wands away at the moment, please. First take out some blank parchment,"

 There was a rustling as people pulled the paper from their bags along with a bottle of ink and a quill. McGonagall made her way over to a black board next to her desk, and with a flick of her wand, a list of instructions appeared upon it. Immediately, she began giving information about all the steps. The class proceeded to take notes. 

 When James looked up briefly to push his glasses back on his face, he noticed Lily sitting in the seat across the row from him. She sat next to the dark haired boy he knew to be Severus Snape. They must share this class with the Slytherins, he realized. Automatically he went to say hello to Lily, but stopped himself. McGonagall had a steady eye on the class as they took their notes in silence. Any different behavior would be noticed and called on.

 Soon later McGonagall asked the class to take out their wands and practice the incantation on their matches. James, Sirius, nor Peter were able to change their matches. But Remus managed to turn his silvery. But it still had the chunk of gunpowder at the top. But considering the results of the rest of the class, Remus did by far the best.

 Many students became frustrated at their failures. Eventually Lily gave up altogether. She placed her wand on the desk quite hard and picked up the match. She placed its end on the table and with a scratch, its end burst into a flame. Both Sirius and James looked at this in fascination as Lily just stared at it with boredom. 

 "How did you do that?" Sirius asked. Lily looked at him with a weird look on her face.

 "What?" She asked him, giving a giggle. But Sirius and James looked at her seriously. "Are you two for real? Its a match!" Still they looked at her blankly. "Jeez," She muttered. "Don't you know anything? A match is a muggle thing to make fire,"

 "Wow, really?" James said in wonderment as he got to his feet. "Show me how you did it," He picked up his match and walked over to Lily's desk, Sirius following behind him. Lily rolled her eyes at them.

 "You just put the end with the red tip against the table and flick it. It creates a spark and the gunpowder will ignite," They followed her instructions carefully and on their first attempt they got it.

 "Bloody hell!" Sirius exclaimed as him and James held the flames up with pride. "I have fire in my hand!" He wandered a few steps and began to swish the flame in the air when suddenly- "Ouch!" He burnt his finger. The match dropped to the floor, right on top of Severus's robes.

 "Aguamenti!" Lily screeched. Just as Snape jumped up from his chair with a yelp, the water that protruded from Lily's wand extinguished it.

 "Mr Black!" McGonagall roared. She stormed down the isle towards them. Lily was smart enough to wave her match quickly and extinguish the flame. But James wasn't as quick. McGonagall's eyes were furious as she beamed down at them over her glasses. "Detention the both of you! See me after class," She turned to Lily. "As for you, Mrs Evans, excellent job. Because of your fast acts of wit, I will not take away any points from your house because of these two boys behavior," She turned back to them. "Consider yourselves lucky," And with a swoosh of her emerald green robes, she turned and strode back to her seat. James and Sirius did the same.

 "Nice job, Mr Black..." Remus whispered at Sirius. Sirius pretended to ignore this, but Peter heard this sly comment and began to giggle. Thankfully it was drowned out by the sound of the other students resuming to their spells.



 "What happened?" Lily asked with a grin. She stood with Remus and Peter outside the large doors to the History of Magic classroom. James noticed that Snape wasn't with her.

 "Wheres Snape?" He asked.

 "Oh, the Slytherins are in Care of Magical Creatures now... But really, what was your punishment?"

 "She just lectured us on responsibility and right choices. You know, stuff we couldn't give a damn about," Sirius finished with a giggle. Lily found this funny, especially Peter. Remus only smiled. His attention was more drawn over to the doors that were now creaking open. The Gryffindors, along with some first year Hufflepuff, entered.

 The concept of having a ghost as a teacher struck quite amusing. But only for a few brief moments. Professor Binns was the dullest person to ever exist. In both the living and dead world.

After he rambled on the topic of Hogwarts and how it was founded for the rest of the class, they had herbology, then finally a lesson on astronomy. By the end of the day when they all sat down for dinner in the great hall, the only thing they had for homework was to draw out a moon cycle chart


 Later, everyone migrated back towards their common rooms. Once James and Sirius entered, they immediately saw Remus sitting over at a table in the corner alone, his nose buried in a book. They made their way over and slammed their thick astronomy books down on the table, Remus jumped at the loud bang.

 "Wanna do the moon cycle thing with us?" Sirius asked Remus as they sat down.

 "I've already finished," He replied, looking back down at his book and continuing to read. There was a moment where James and Sirius looked at each other.

 "You have? How? Dinner ended maybe five minutes ago," James told him skeptically. But Remus just shrugged, not glancing up at them.

 "Is this it? Let me see," Sirius said while reaching for a piece of parchment turned over on the table in front of Remus. But before he could barely get his fingertips on it, Remus quickly shut his book and slammed his hand down on the paper.

 "Copy someone else's," He told them.

 "I wasn't going to copy. Just could use a little help,"

 "Well here comes Peter. Maybe he can help you," Remus nodded towards the short, plump, blond boy entering the common room. Peter spotted them and made his way over to the table. And as if on cue, he placed his astronomy book onto the table next to Remus, opened to the page about the moon and brought out blank page a parchment.

 "Hullo, Peter," James said.

 "Hi, guys," He replied with a smile. "Have you done your homework yet?"

 "We haven't," Sirius said as he nodded towards James. "But Lupin here has,"

 "Oh great, Remus!" He said excitedly with a bit of relief. He dipped his quill in ink eagerly and turned to Remus. "You should help me. I don't understand how the moons surface changes,"

 Remus sighed. "Fine," He grumbled as he snatched his homework and laid it out on the table for them all to see. They all began to copy it down. While they did so Remus returned to his book in a huff.

 "Hey, mate," Sirius laughed. "Get used to it. You're with us now,"

 Remus gave a little smile as he settled back on the line he had left on and continued reading in silence. 

 About ten minutes later, James finished first. He laid down his quill and looked up around the common room. Lily sat on the floor by the fire with a few other first years. They were playing some sort of card game. James considered going over to talk, maybe joining in, but he decided against it.



 It was getting late now. Most of the Gryffindors had left to their dormitories and the fire was burning low. None of them had moved from their spots in the squishy arm chairs, but Remus had dosed off. He had drifted off into what was obviously a nightmare. His body twitched and he rambled unintelligible words.

 It was nearing eleven o clock when they decided it would be a good time to head up to bed. And instead of leaving Remus, they agreed it would be best to wake him and take him up to his bed. Peter was the one to do it. He leaned close to Remus and nudged his arm. "Remus?" He called at him gently. But he just re positioned himself restlessly and slept on. They thought they heard him mutter the word 'No' as he did so.

 Peter looked at James and Sirius with look of doubt. But they nodded to him as if to try again. So he did. This time he shook his arm a little more aggressively and called his name a little louder. Remus suddenly jumped, startling Peter so bad he almost fell over.

 "No! Get away from me!" Remus wailed as he woke up with a start.

 "Remus, calm down,"  Sirius said as he came to his side. Remus brought up his hands and stared at them.

 "Oh..." He said with relief as he let his hands fall down to his lap. "It was only a dream,"

 "A dream?" James said in disbelief. "That was like a night terror!"

 Remus looked out the window next to him at the rising moon that they all knew now to be called the waxing gibbous. There was a moment of silence. "What time is it?" Remus asked calmly as if pretending nothing happened.

 "eleven on the nose," Peter replied.

 "Okay..." Said Remus as he got up and collected his books. "Lets head up to the dormitory then,"




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