Simply a Dream

A young girl (Hayley) gets caught into the world of her favorite anime (Black Butler) and lets just say she isn't really complaining.


2. Chapter 2

I feel as though I am moving and then we stop.

“Is she still breathing?” I hear in a british accent. What the hell I don’t even live in Britain.

“Yes my young lord.” I hear a closer voice say. Almost like it was right next to my ears.

“We will head to the manor.” I hear the young voice again. There was more motion and more words said but that is just a blur. I am then able to open my eyes and when I do I am on a bed in a large room with a fireplace on the other side of the room. I look around and see a variety of dresses sitting on the dresser almost as if they have given me choices on what to wear and then that made me think. What a I wearing? So I look down and see a blood stained pink and white victorian dress almost as though it was from an,older time. I quickly change into a black dress and soon realize where I am.

“Am I in the phantomhive manor.” I gasp looking at the pictures on the mantel of the fireplace. I shake my head back into this reality that was still very questionable.

“Hmm i’ve always wanted to know what I looked like in an anime.” I shrug walking over to the mirror. I see a small pale figure with green eyes and black hair. My hair still straightened and still having my eyeliner in tack was very interesting. I look away from my reflection and grab the newly red stained dress and carry it out into the hallway.

“Ugh I forgot how big this place was.” I sigh

“Needing any help my lady?” I hear a voice say which instantly startles me.

I nod my head looking at his red devilish eyes that I have only seen through a screen.

“I see you have chosen a dress and what a beautiful one it is.” He says with a smile killing me inside even more.

“Let me take this to the wash,we wouldn’t want this to stain.” He says grabbing the dress out of my hand.

“My master would want to speak with you if you could follow me I could lead you to his study while I clean this.” He says again with a smile and walking down a hallway until he opens a door to the room. I look up and see the great Ciel that I have always wanted to meet.

“Thank you Sebastian” He says nodding his head in approval as Sebastian closes the door behind me.

“Hello and welcome to the Phantomhive manor my name is Ciel Phantomhive and.”

“You’re the owner of this estate.” I say finishing his line. I have always known it from the show and I guess it became a habit to finish it.

“Ah so you have heard of me,so what is your name m'lady.”

“My name is Hayley.” I laugh.

“Miss Hayley would you like to sit?” He says gesturing us to a small table. I nod as we both sit.

“Sebastian should be here any minute now.” He says watching the door. We then hear a slight knock and the door open. I see a small cart getting carried out with teacups designed with a red rose on the side. Once he was next to us he each handed us a cup of tea and soon walked out along with the cart. Once the door was closed Ciel asked me a question that I really didn’t know the answer to.

“What happened last night, if you don’t mind me asking.” He says sipping the tea.

“Well I really don’t know, The last thing I remember is waking up on the street and feeling pressure on my stomach and fainting from the blood.”

“Well the pressure must have been from a weapon of some sort. It couldn’t have been a gun since there were no noises with it so it must have been a knife wound.” Ciel says sitting a bit back in his chair.

“Do you remember a home or where you lived?”

“No not at all. I don’t have much of a family you could say.”

“So you don’t have a home?” He says with a sincere look in his eyes. I carefully nod looking down at the cup.

“SEBASTIAN” I hear him call.

“Yes my young lord?” He says entering the room.

“This is miss Hayley and she will be staying with us.” He says looking at me with a nod.

“Alright m’lord.”

“Also you shall give the same respect and protection to Miss Hayley as you would for me, that’s an order.” He lastly says.

“Indeed I will master.” He says getting on one knee and putting his right hand over his heart causing me to jump inside. Once he gets up he leads me towards the guest room where I will be staying for the time being.

“We have informed Lady Elizabeth about your arrival at the estate and she was very you could say excited about it and would like to meet you with a few items.” Sebastian said while making the bed I was once asleep in.

Minutes pass

“CIEL..MISS HAYLEY..SEBASTIAN I AM HERE.” A girl yells from downstairs.

“Ah yes and it appears that she is here,care to join us downstairs with a proper greeting.” He says with a small smirk on his face.

“Well of course.” I say smirking back at him as we head off to the entrance.

“Welcome Lady Elizabeth.” Sebastian and I say at the same time and instantly look at each other with raised brows.

“Well hello to you too.” She says with a curtsy and a small giggle.

“You can go with Miss Hayley to the guest room.” He says grabbing her things and trailing behind us. At one point Lady Elizabeth started to run down the halls to I just walked beside Sebastian.

“Can you just call me Hayley for now on.. Miss Hayley just sounds way to proper.” I say laughing with a shrug.

“I shall Miss... I mean Hayley.”He says with a smile.

“Hayley,Sebastian hurry!” She said with excitement next to the door. I look at Sebastian with a smirk and run towards the door to open it for her before him but unable to beat him because he’s a demon.

Once I walk towards the door with defeat I look up at his cocky smile he shows as I walk up to him.

“Its not fair that you have supernatural skills.” I say.

“I’m sorry Ma’dam what was that?”

“Your demon abilities is nothing compared to mine now are they.” I say smirking at him and walking away leaving him in confusion. I look back at him with a small smile as he closes the door.

“Oh Hayley I have the perfect dresses for you!”

“Umm dresses?”

“Yes dresses!”

“What colors would these dresses be Miss Elizabeth?”

“All of the colors!” She squeals in joy.

“Oh and call me Lizzie.” She says looking through the mound of dresses laid out.

She pulls out an abundance of colorful dresses that somehow catch my eye.

“They are beautiful” I say in awe. I have never really been the person to love dresses but these are just beautiful.

“I’m glad you love them because they are now yours.” She says smiling.


“Try one on I bet it will be beautiful.” She says handing me a red and black dress with a rose at the top. Along with a red rose clipped into my hair.

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