Our Little Infinity; The Next Book in The New Girl Series.

Bella and Niall have been together for two happy years. Now, the star crossed lovers are about to say "I Do!" But before Bella can walk down the aisle, her love for Niall is put to the test, as well as her loyalty to One Direction and the boys. Bella must stand up and confront her past, or risk losing Niall forever.



"Niall James," The Priest questions. "Wilt thou take Isabella Marie to be your wife according to the rite of the Church?"

"I Do." He responded.

"Isabella Marie. Wilt thou take Niall James to be your husband according to the rite of the Church?" He in turns questions Bella.

"I Do."

The two looked to each other and joining hands Niall says.

"I, Niall James, Take thee Isabella Marie to be my wife. To have and to hold, From this day forward. For better, for worse. For richer, or for poorer. In sickness, and in health. Until my dying breathe I will love you and cherish you."

Bella had never heard anything so beautiful in all her life. She began to tear up. But she was not allowed to cry just yet. It was her turn.

"I, Isabella Mare, Take thee Niall James, the love and light of my life, to be my husband, From this day forward. To love and hold you all the days of my life. Never to leave your side, even in sickness or in health. For richer or for poorer. No matter what comes. Until death do us part."

The Priest blessed their rings before handing them to the couple. Niall, ever so gently place a silver band in Bella's left hand saying, "With this ring, I thee wed. And pledge thee my eternal fidelity."

Promoted by the Priest, Bella took Niall wedding ring and placed it on his left hand. "With this ring, I thee wed. And pledge thee my eternal fidelity."

"I join you together in marriage in the name of The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Ghost. Amen." Father Philip said making the sign of the cross over the newlyweds.

Niall and Bella exchanged a long a happy kiss, before walking down the aisle as Husband and Wife.

Hey guys! What do you think so far? Please feel free to leave any comments. I'm sorry about the short chapters. I'm going to be making them longer as the story progresses.

Anyway I hope you like the book. Don't to vote, comment, and follow. Thanks you guy are awesome!

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