Our Little Infinity; The Next Book in The New Girl Series.

Bella and Niall have been together for two happy years. Now, the star crossed lovers are about to say "I Do!" But before Bella can walk down the aisle, her love for Niall is put to the test, as well as her loyalty to One Direction and the boys. Bella must stand up and confront her past, or risk losing Niall forever.



Bella nervously paced the floor of her dressing room. She looked out the windows to the snow covered trees. It was a beautiful December fifteenth morning. Bella had always wanted a winter wedding, and now, her wish was coming true.

In fifteen minutes she would leave to head to the Church. Her long train was dragging behind her, and wrapped around her feet as walked around in circles.

It was a beautiful white button down lace back dress, with long lace sleeves and pearl designs on the front. Her vail was long and also made of the richest lace, and a diamond tiara added just the right touch.

Her life was about to change forever. "How would the fans feel about this?" She nervously thought to herself. She didn't know what to think, all she knew was that Niall was the love of her life, she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. She knew that he was the one and only for her, she knew that she couldn't see a world without him.

'What does it matter to them? They don't control my life.' She continued in thought.

"Bella? Are you okay sweetie?" Her dad came into the dressing room to see his baby girl more stressed than he was.

"I think so." She said nervously.

"Listen, you are about to marry a very sweet and caring young man, whom of which loves you more than his life. Don't worry about anything, he loves you and so do I." Tears filled his eyes

"Thank you dad. I love you so much" She stuttered through teary eyes and choked up breath

If she wanted to do this she had to go now. "Okay, I can do this" she thought to herself. "Dad can you please give me a moment?"

"Of course dear. Take some time to get ready, this is a big step. Bella, remember that this is a life comment, but I know you two are right for each other."

"Thanks dad. I'm so lucky to have you." Bella went over and hugged the first man that made a huge influence in her life. "Will you promise me something dad?"

"What is it my little cherub?" He said, recalling his old nickname for her.

"Please Don't let me fall."

"I'll never let you fall, my angel. Now take some time to clear your head. Okay?"


Her loving father planted a soft kiss on her forehead and left. Bella to turned to a small imagine of Jesus and Mary. Walking over to it, she knelt down to prey. It was a tradition for all brides in Ireland to say a small prayer before their wedding. In silence she remained there for a long moment. Her eyes closed, hands folded, and heart about to burst with joy.

"Dearest God in heaven," she prayed within her deepest heart. "I thank you so much for leading me to him. I know he's the one for me and only me. I pray that I am worthy of him. Please Bless my marriage and our families! Help me to be a good and understanding wife. Most of all, give me strength to endure all hard ships that come. Amen." Crossing herself, she stood up and smoothed out her dress with care. She was now ready!

Hello Directioners!!!! Tell me, are you liking it so far? Tempted to read more? Let me know below. Don't forget to check out the first book, New Girl.

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