Not Mine To Love

Renée is a poor farmer's daughter, she has grown up covered in mud and has never known any different. That is until she is sent away to court to find a suitable husband. She intends to keep her heard down and learn how to serve and run a household of her own, when she catches the interest of a young man in the court, someone who should know better than to go pursuing young serving woman.
After much persuasion Renée falls for Léon, brother to the Duchess Marie, and cousin to the King of France himself. Their passion fueled by love and the fact they can never be together.
For the Huntsman Competition


3. To my dearest Christian,

To my dearest Christian,

How are you sweet brother, I pray you are well, and Mamma and Papa and well the entire family. I hope you are all thriving under the warm summer sun.

The sun shines hot in Paris, but nowhere near as brightly as it does in Vivarais, I do miss it so. I miss everyone at home; the familiar town seems so far from where I am now. My old life seems like years away from how I am living now.

How I have had to adapt quickly to life in Paris, for it is far different from the lives we live in Vivarais. Though I cannot complain for I am forever learning new and invaluable skills. I was worried when I first came to court, our modest lives are nothing compared to their flash Parisian lifestyles. I have been fitted with a new gown, made of the finest silk, I am sure money can buy. I have new shoes made especially for me as well. It is the first time I have ever had such fancy clothes; I have never looked nicer and more respectable.

Though I try not to indulge the banquets we feast upon are so very glutinous, I fear I may have nearly doubled in size when I return home to you at Christmas.

I have not received any news about a husband, I have spoken to the Housekeeper, she seems rather kindly and she says a beautiful girl such as me will find a husband in the Parisian court in no time at all.

Though I am enjoying my new life in Paris, I cannot help but miss the smell of freshly baked bread that Mama would prepare every morning, I miss my life, often I wish I could be back at home with you and our dear family, but I know my duties as a woman and therefore I will not return until I am successful. Which should not be too long, I hope.

Though until I do return I am having such fun in Paris, they do know how to live well. As I have mentioned they host banquets for all servants, we eat alongside the Duke and his family. It is so magical, there are many dances, I was asked to dance by one of the stable boys, but I turned him down. Thankfully he did not seem too disheartened as he asked my friend Sabine; she danced with him for hours.

How I hope to return home to you soon.

Yours truly


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